Sup, names Josh Biesiada, u may remember me from the last tourny report that I did awhile back.  My deck hasn't really but hear it is:

Freed the Matchless General

3x GForce
2x Dark Blade
2x D.D. Warrior Lady
Don Zaloog
2x Marauding Captain
Exiled Force
Cyber/Fiber Jar

6 staples
3x MST
2x Reinforcement of the Army
Graceful Charity
Premature Burial
Painful Choice
The Warrior Returning Alive
Heavy Storm
Snatch Steal

Mirror Force
Magic Cylinder
Imperial Order

Side Deck
Vampire Lord
Spell Canceller
Reflect Bounder
Solemn Judgment
Card D.
Spell Shield Type-8
Sasuke Samurai
Jowgen the Spiritualist

Before the tourny began I had some practice duels, I also traded a TP4 Sea Snake for his Dark Blade.  We had or deck check and me and a number of my friends just sat and talked till the start of the tourny.

First Match- Rohan vs. Hector (one of my friends)
The first duel didnt go my way from the start, it didnt help that Hector is always in the semis along with me.  I wasnt getting the cards that I needed  (after the match I talk to him and he wasnt getting the cards he wanted either) but he beat me any way.
Rohan- 0
Hector- 4200 or so
The next duel went the same way for the both of us.
Rohan- 0
Hector- 6200
so I lost the first match, no problem theres still the losers bracket.  What am I talking about im in the losers bracket =(

Second Match- Rohan vs some kid that is always there
This was an easy duel from the get go, he had go cards but when the Marauding Captain combo is out its hard to beat.
Rohan- 7400 (ya he got an attack in before the combo)
Kid- 0
The next duel was easier than the first one, Captain came out and kicked butt.
Rohan- 8000
Kid- 0

Third Match- Rohan vs kid I got Dark Blade from
I got mad at the kid because when he found out i was playing him he sided deck in two Kinetic Soldiers so he can take out my Warriors which u cant do before a match any way.
It didnt matter much because his deck didnt even have a theme  and it was easy to beat him.  It was the same way through the second duel so im not even going into it (he didnt even get the two Kinetic Soldiers he put in.)
Rohan- 8000 both times
Kid- 0 both times

Forth Match- Rohan vs Villa Park
I knew i had to win this match above all the others that i had to play because im not a fan of VP.  The kid had a deck that looked like it had just been put together before the tourny by buying packs and slaping a deck together.  Put simply i had the match done within a couple turns.
Rohan- 8000 both times
VP- 0 both times

This kid was better than the last ones but the match was over before the fifth turn.  Whats the fun in that.  To make a short story shorter I won the losers braket (ya).

ok now for the pros and cons of the tourny

Winning third place
having everyone that faced me go "oh no not him"
Getting a Different Dimesion Dragon in my free pack
Getting a Battle Footballer to finish up my Machine Deck
Whoever thought up of Halo

Kenetic Soldiers and all that use them
winning the losers bracket
being in the losers bracket

well thats it I wish i had remembered to write one two weeks ago because i won the tourny.  If you have any questions comments about my deck write me at  im always open to any hints