The Legend of the Shadows Deck
Matthew "The Shadow" Sita
Starcity Games
Richmond, VA
February, 21st, 2004
about 300 people!

     Boy, do I miss writing here at Pojo.   It's been about 9-10 months since I've made a decent killer deck report (May 2003).  Well, there's a lot that I can say, but I'll just say the stuff that was important during my absence: I won the KB tourney 10 time in a row with my new deck archetype: WARRIORS!, so now, The Shadow was known as The Warrior of The Shadows.  I was rollin' heading to even at the World Championships, where I was known to a lot of people that I had the best Warrior deck in the world (kool), but just like any other person, they always want to see a hero fail, and even possibly die.  This is what happened to me and my Shadow Warrior deck, well, let me show you what WAS of my Shadow deck: Warrior Style.

     Shadow Warrior deck

Monsters (16):
2 Don Zaloog (Don...Don-Don Don...Don...Don-Don Zaloog!)
2 Goblin Attack Force (It's a 2300 Warrior...why not?)
1 D. D. Warrior Lady (Plan on gettin more)
2 Marauding Captain (One of the Main cards 2 NE Warrior deck)
1 Jinzo (Be shocked by the Android Psycho!)
1 Freed the Matchless General (You wont believe how many times he has helped me.)
1 Fiber Jar (Fear the Medamucil)
1 Cyber Jar (Lights out...1...2...3...BOOM!)
2 Blindly Loyal Goblin (Meh, better than Gearfried)
1 Reflect Bounder (Gotta luv em, gotta hate em.)
1 Tribe-Infecting Virus (COUGH-COUGH!)

MAGIC (I'll NEVER say "Spell" (Stupid M:TG)) (16):
1 Raigeki (ZZZZZZZZAP!)
1 Dark Hole (<insert witty remark>)
3 Mystical Space Typhoon (It's pretty windy...)
1 Heavy Storm (...but not was windy as this!)
1 Harpie's Feather Duster (Sweeping time!)
1 Monster Reborn (Time 2 Raise the Dead.)
1 Change of Heart (I luv u...I HATE U!!)
2 Nobleman of Crossout (Knock-knock...who's there?  Nobleman of Crossout...Nobleman of Crossout who? NoC ur Witch.)
1 Pot of Greed (Ahhh...fresh Greed!)
1 Graceful Charity (Oh, thank-you 4 bein so Graceful!)
1 Premature Burial (It's time 4 u 2 wake up...NOW!)
2 Reinforcement of the Army (Burn my deck! (not literally))

Traps (8):
3 Waboku (They help me out.)
1 Mirror Force (REFLECT THE ATTACK!)
1 Magic Cylinder (and now 4 my next trick, life point burning)
1 Ring of Destruction (don't u like my ring? BOOM)
1 Call of the Haunted (reviving = good)
1 Imperial (free Jammer...WOO-WHOO!)

16+16+8=40 card deck

     Of coarse this deck was made to attack while defending by letting my MCs (Marauding Captains) to protect & defend my monsters while my bigger monsters and Warriors attacked.  The Regionals were by the way, a 7 Round Swiss format, but unfortunately, I only stayed for 4 of them.  Well, let me begin my story.  On a once ordinary Saturday the 21st, I got myself prepared for the big Tourney.  Since I've been anticipating for this day to happen for about 1 and a half months to come, I've been training since I was only being the youngest judge known around VA (Well, I AM only 16), and I never got a single Round of practice for a while, so I trained for about 2 weeks for this, and I was ready.  My Uncle Mike arrived around 8:30 2 take me to the Regionals.  Alex could've been a contender there, but he had a funeral n I was basically duelin' solo (scary, eh)?  The ride was about a good hour n a half and when I saw that the tourney was gonna b at a Holiday Inn, my mind was thinking "What is goin' on here?  Why is it in sum hotel n not at a big stadium?" (Usually, the big tournies I go 2 are @ like stadiums and other big areas.)  Well neways, I was ready for nething 2 happen and as soon as I walked into the tourney area, I saw my archrival, SAM!  Sam and I are usually back in the day, bitter enemies and rivals, and now, we were both gonna b in the tourney, along with a couple of other familiar faces like Sam's unfortunate genetically messed up brother, Nathan.  Nathan is basically an annoying little chubby lookin rat with literally a rat tail (Seriously man, try my new hairdo: a red-haired mullet! lol). There were also the father-son team of Blain and Tyler.  Blain and Tyler were once, along with me one time along with Sam, very good Pokemon players, and now, they are known as one of the best father-son teams I've ever seen, the other, who were ALSO there, Dead Fishman and Uncle (that's their trademark names).  They are both very good players, and to tell the truth, I myself still haven't been able to defeat Uncle (so yea, u can say that I had 2 say uncle n submit).  I saw that most players played the same thing: Either a REALLY good Zombie deck, a hardcore beatdown deck, or a Magical Scientist deck (all 3 r evil, as my ex would say, right Yvette)?  I knew this was gonna b hard, so I just sat in a seat in a dark, shadowy corner (well, I AM The Shadow), and did a little prayer.  Well, enough talk!  Time to show u wut happened to our hero!

Swiss Round 1

Shadow Warrior Vs. a 10-year old named John (regular level beatdown)

     Duel 1: I can only say this in a matter of words: Cybered, Captain, Don, 2 GAFS, Tribe, clear field, over 10,000 damage!  Game.

     Duel 2: It was basically a few jabs and then the big General finishing uppercut (or as I would like 2 call it, the Shadowcut!).


     Well, he did get a little upset, but I told him that it was only the first round and he can make it up in the other 6.  He then agreed to wut I said and thanked me 4 cheering him up (no problem, dude)!

Swiss Round 2
Wins: 1 Losses: 0


Duel 1: All I can say is that I hate Vampires...

Duel 2: I basically put the stake in the coffin on his plan in this one and gave him sum good old Jinzoization!

Duel 3: I was on the verge of making him deck out by reborning his Reaper until he used CoH on it n Knocked me Out! (Again, stupid Vampire!).  I also tried 2 foolishly finish him with Fiber Jar, but he Call of the Haunted his Vampire that he Charitied out...

     Now I was thinking like wut I was thinking b4, I am a little rusty n didn't get enough training, so I did sum practice duels, n then I thought that it was my deck bcuse I was now on a very bad losing streak n 2 top it off, at the WRONG TIME!

Swiss Round 3
Wins:1 Losses:1

Shadow Warrior Vs. Matt (coincidence since we have the same name) (another hardcore deck)

Duel 2: Freed and Jinzo combined their power to knock him down

Duel 3: This was MY fault!  I had a face down MST n then all of a sudden, he Prematures Jinzo n I 4get about my MST n he kills me (along with you-kno-who again...I HATE VAMPIRES!)

     Okay, now I was in a bad mood, I'm having one of my worst days ever when it cums 2 this game!  Now my Swiss Record is 1-2!  In order 4 me 2 hit the Top 8, I have 2 win the next 4 Rounds...

Swiss Round 4
Wins: 1 Losses: 2

Shadow Warrior Vs. A deck with a lot of LOD rares (but it's still a beatdown)

Duel 1: Okay, All I have 2 say is this: Reborned Jinzo + Ha Des + 3400 Injection = 2nd Turn Kill!

Duel 2: I now also hate Ha Des bcuse of its effect, along with Injection!

     I was right now completely soon as I turned in my results sheet, I checked in my name to the Dropout list and left...If that isn't a death of a once noble hero, then I don't kno wut it is.  I'm right now gonna start all over again, starting on getting sum new cards (coughVampirecough), and start off like the way I once was: the Legendary Matthew "The Shadow" Sita.  Well, it's time for my 10th Props & Slops:

-to my Uncle Mike for taking me 2 Richmond (Thanks again)
-I was able 2 see my old friends and rivals again (Sam, Blain, Tyler.)
-well, at least I won a match (lol)
-to John for keeping his kool after our match (he ain't so bad 4 a 10-year old)
-o how much I luv that chicken from Popeye's

-Nathan had 2 cum (1 day, I'll cut off that stupid rat tail)
-I just had a VERY bad day! (4-6 ain't that good 4 me)
-Nathan again cuz I just can (lol)
-Obviously, there wasn't a Popeye's around that Holiday Inn (BOOOOOO!)
-me 4 not making a report for about 10 months!!!

     Well, I didn't really had that much 2 think about 2day.  I have decided to dismantle my deck and start fresh.  Well, until next time, C YA!

     Did I fool you?  No?  Dang.  Well, it IS my 10th Tourney Report!  I'm not done!  Like I promised, I'm gonna go back 2 all of my LoS Tourney records n duels n add them all up:

Part 1: 6-5
Part 2: 8-6
Part 3: 8-4
Part 4: 15-3
Part 5: 9-2
Part 6: 9-3
Part 7: 14-4
Part 8: 16-3
Part 9: 23-4
Part 10: 4-6

Overall: 112-40 Winning percentage: Around 74%.

     I have to say that this is an appropriate win-loss record for a player of my status, but I really did learn sumthin: It doesn't really matter how much u win or lose, it all matters how much fun you have, like me having a great time playing with all of my old friends like Alex, Blain, and Sam, and newer challenges that will soon come, like Jerome, and Ian.  I hope that you all enjoyed my 10th Anniversary!  If u have ne questions, comments, or nething except 4 spam, or trash mail, E-mail me at or IM me at SpedyMatt.  Here's hopin that there will b a new Shadow and also another 10 reports!  Just don't 4get this: When there's light, there's The Shadow.  Have a Nice Day!