one goal in mind today. That goal was to beat John for beating me last week. There were some KSO'ers at VS like Ben (Uber Kremmit), Cody (Milkmaid), Patty (Pattybakersmith), Alex (DTTT), Mike (Bigspooky), Jake (Jakerake), and me CJ (ThatTanDude or TTD). Well onto teh deck.

TTD's Army 41 cards total

Monsters:18 Total 
2xSpear Dragon (LOD)
2xGoblin Attack Force (PSV)
2xMarauding Captain (LOD)
1xVampire Lord (DCR)
1xJinzo (PSV)
1xSlate Warrior (WC4)
1xSinister Serpent (SDD)
1xFiber Jar (LOD)
1xD.D. Warrior Lady (DCR)
1xSangan (MRD)
1xWitch of the Black Forest (MRD)
1xExiled Force (LOD)
1xBreaker the Magical Warrior (MFC)
1xTribe-Infecting Virus (MFC)
1xCyber Jar (MRL)

Magic: 16 Total
3xMystical Space Typhoon (SDP)
2xReinforcement of the Army (LOD)
1xSnatch Steal (MRL)
1xDark Hole (LOB)
1xPremature Burial (PSV)
1xScapegoat (SDJ)
1xMonster Reborn (LOB)
1xRaigeki (LOB)
1xGraceful Charity (SDP)
1xHeavy Storm (MRD)
1xPot of Greed (LOB)
1xHarpie's Feather Duster (SDD)
1xChange of Heart (MRD)

Trap: 7 Total
3xWaboku (SDJ)
1xCall of the Haunted (PSV)
1xRing of Destruction (PGD)
1xMirror Force (MRD)
1xImperial Order (PSV)

Onto teh report!!

Ryan calls teh names and I pull nothing worth a penny in that pack. My first opponent is John (guy I wanted to beat)...ironic huh?

Round one:
TTD vs John (Machine)

Match one
He wins teh coin toss so he chooses to go first. He plays UFO Turtle in atk no magic or traps facedown. My turn I topdeck Snatch Steal. I snatch his Turtle and tribute it for Jinzo, Jinzo hits him for 2400. His turn he plays Exiled Forces my Jinzo and ends his turn. My turn I play Cyber in def. His turn he attacks Cyber. I draw Breaker,Scapegoat,Raigeki,Waboku,and Pot of Greed. He ends his turn. My turn I Raigeki his stuff Monster Reborn Jinzo,Reinforcement of the Army on Marauding, special summon Marauding with Slate Warrior and attack with all for game.

Final Score:

Match two:
He chooses to go first. Nothing to say here I had Exiled in atk he busts out Barrel Dragon uses two Limiter Removals on it and attacks for game.

Final Score:

Match three:
This was for all teh marbles. Once again nothing to say Vampire Lord owned him!! WHOOO GO ME AND MY VAMPIRE LORD!!!

Final Score:
TTD-Lost Paper
John-Lost Paper

Round 2

TTD vs a guy from Springfield, I think.

Match one
He wins teh coin toss and goes first. I can't remember what happend during teh duel but I finished him with a Spear.

Final Score:
TTD-Lost Paper
???-Lost Paper

Match two
I don't rember what happend but I know how I won this one. He had Skull    Archfiend out and Cyber with Mage Power and 3 other m/t's facedown. I Waboku his attack. My turn I topdeck MST. I MST his Mage Power and Ring his Cyber Jar for game.

Final Score:

TTD vs Cody (Milkmaid)

Round 3

Match one
He wins teh coin toss. He goes first. Nothing to say he just killed me.

Final Score:
Cody-Lost paper

Match two
I choose to go first. Cody attacks my Cyber Jar. I draw out 4 mons against his 2 or 3. Next turn I Raigeki and attack for game.

Final Score:
TTD-Lost Paper

Match three
The winner of this match meets Bigspooky next round. Nothing to say I ran my hand out and he locks me.

Final Score:

Well time for props n slops...

Lance (my Vampire Lord)-Just for being awesome
Slate Warrior-Welcome to teh team
John-Winning teh tourney after being gone for two weeks.
Me pulling another Judgment of Anubis

Cody losing to Mike.
Me losing to Cody

That's all. If you wanna chat,talk about my deck,or whatever IM me at OMSskater08. Peace.

                     ~TTD was here........