Steven C.
T&T Toys
Duluth, Georgia
February 15, 2004
Started at 2pm
Around 30 contestants
Five dollar entrance fee
Strike of the Crow
Hand Disruption Deck
Monsters [16]
Witch of the Black Forest
Mystic Tomato
Cyber Jar
Exiled Force
D.D. Warrior Lady
Sinister Serpent
Archfiend Soldier
2x Spirit Reaper
2x Don Zaloog
2x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
Magic [17]
6x Staples
Heavy Storm
Graceful Charity
Nobleman of Crossout
Snatch Steal
Premature Burial
Forceful Sentry
Delinquent Duo
3x MST
Traps [7]
Mirror Force
Torrential Tribute
Call of the Haunted
Imperial Order
2x Time Seal
Alright, this is the deck I entered in the tournament. I was hoping to make at least a few changes before the tournament, but no one would trade me the cards I needed. My friend, Dylan, and I arrived at the store at about 1pm. We signed up and browsed the cards they had for sale. There was a Yata-Garasu for thirty dollars and I was tempted to buy one for my binder, but I decided against it.
Then we met a few people and did some practice duels. In one duel, my opponent was beating me 9,500 to 1100. There was no way I could defeat hime by life points, so I had only one option. Two turns later, after Don and Delinquent Duo did their job, I Yata-locked him. He made me play it out, so I Monster Reborned a Jinzo a few turns later to complete my victory.
At about 2:10 the tournament started. The pairings were announced, and sixteen people (including my friend and I) had a bye. So after about 45 minutes and a tag-team duel, the second round began.
Duel 1, Round 2
I was paired against Anthany, a guy about my age who was running a Gravekeeper deck. I had previously used the GK's about two months ago, so I had some experience with them. He didn't talk much throughout this match so neither did I. I pretty much controlled this duel after an early Delinquent Duo. He did manage to get a few shots in on me with a GK Spear Soldier beating up me Spirit Reaper, but that was about it. I finished him with a Tomato, Witch, and Archfiend Soldier.
Duel 2, Round 2
He never really had any breaks this duel. Early on I used a HFD to destroy one Necrovalley and Forceful Sentry sent another one back to his deck. Then Jinzo swept in and had some fun, destoroying a pumped up GK Spy. I think that he destroyed my Jinzo and did some mass damage somehow. Then I  CotH'd my Jinzo and finished him off with the Psycho Shocker.
Break between rounds
 I was feeling very confident after this victory, knowing that I had finally won for the first time in four tournaments here. I had accomplished my goal, and now it was time to do some trading. I couldn't make any changes to my deck right now, but I still picked up a Mirage of Nightmares and Fiber Jar. Then the pairings were announced, and I was dueling a kid a year or two older than me, who said to just put "You" for his name.
Duel 1, Round 3
 I believe I won the toss and elected to go first. He was runnning a very good control/beatdown deck. To start things off, we traded Delinquent Duo's and killed each other's hand. Then we swapped a couple blows back and forth and he was winning the Life Point battle by 1200. Next he brought Yata into his hand w/ a Witch and I found myself with an empty hand. I still got to draw on my next turn, but it wasn't anything that could save me and the next turn I was locked.
Duel 2, Round 3
This duel was fairy close the whole way, as we both did some damage significant damage. Thus far, he had 6000 (gaining LP from Snatch Steal) and I was at 4800. I had stolen a Witch from him and also had some other monster. Then he activated Imperial order and royally screwed my over. He took back his Witch, destroyed my monster somehow, and left me with a hand full of magics. The next turn I drew yet another magic card, so I just set them all down and tried to bluff my way out of this. My bluff nearly worked as he took about 2 or 3 minutes trying to decide if he should pay for IO or not. But he did pay, and continued on to take out the rest of my LP.
The Aftermath
 So, I was eliminated. My TP4 had a rare Giant Red Seasnake, which is pretty good because water monsters will be getting a big boost in the next set. My friend was also eliminated this round, so we called my dad and he came to pick us up. These next few minutes would probably be the best of the entire day: I did some last minute haggling and managed to get a TIV out of somebody, as well as buying four packs for a cheap $14 and getting Zorc and Cost Down. J So I was very happy as we left and overall it had been a good day.
Props & Slops
+ Winning my first match in a tournament here
+ Some good trades (getting MoN, Fiber Jar, and TIV)
+ Pulling Zorc and Cost Down in packs
+ Everyone being very friendly
- I wasn't able to stay as long as I would've liked
- One of my friends didn't come
Well, I hope you enjoyed my report! If anyone in the area is reading this, or you need to contact my for any other reason, give me a shout at