Springfields Finest

Chief Wiggums Hand Ownage

A World of Books, CA

Febuary 8th, 2004





18 monsters


Mechanical Chaser x 3

X-Head Cannon x 3

Barrel Dragon x 2

Cannon Soldier x 2


Witch of the Black Forest


Tribe-Infecting Virus

Exiled Force

Fiber Jar

Sinister Serpant



18 magic


Mystical Space Typhoon x 3

Pot of Greed

Graceful Charity

Dark Hole


Nobleman of Crossout

Change of Heart

Snatch Steal

Monster Reborn

Premature Burial

Heavy Storm

Harpie's Feather Duster

Limiter Removal x 3

Painful Choice


4 traps


Imperial Order

Mirror Force

Call Of The Haunted

Ring of Destruction



I run a Control deck...That deck doesn’t look much like a Control Deck. *Cough*


I get there early, and just chat with Brandon and other people. Brandon tells me James won’t be coming..Aww, looks like I gotta own by myself. >_>


Oh well, time to OWN.


Before the match, I get my pack..I open it, check the top and I can see it’s holo. I say ‘Watch, it’s a Blast Held By A Tribute’




Blast Held By A Tribute.


I didn’t even want that crap.


Round 1 – Chief Wiggum Vs. No one


2-0:Chief Wiggum


Record: 2-0

I almost lost, but damn, came out on top. <_< Bye for final 4 last week.


Round 2 – Chief Wiggum Vs. David F


2-0:Chief Wiggum


Record: 4-0


I offered him a Lava Golem to forfeit (I got 5) and he said okay, but changed his mind..He is gonna regret not taking the Golem. ;)


He messed up a lot of times..He’s only about 12ish..He discarded Forceful from a Graceful Charity first turn..o_O I Delinquent Duo and he takes it, and leaves him handless, but when I Premature he Imperials..Right. Owned.


2nd - Locked him. Easy.


Round 3 – Chief Wiggum Vs. Kevin of Avalanche


2-1:Chief Wiggum


Record: 6-1


Kevin..He’s a cool guy, I met him a while back, I dunno how..Played SC with him and started talking to him more..I’m 6-0 with him against tourneys, let’s see if I could keep it up..


First match, he Forcefuls and takes me about, 2500 by 2500, using my Don and his Witch. Ouch. 2nd, I rip him apart..3rd, was a really close duel..Realllllllllly close..It’s hard to describe, but in the end..I..









He had on his field-

Face-down M/T

Call of the Haunted with Sangan on it


I MST his Face-down and he activates Scapegoat, I sigh thinking that I coulda won, when I realized I still had Con, I discard it with Tribe, summon Breaker and break his Call, both attack for 3200 when he was at 3000. Good game Kevin. =)


During this time, I find out Billy forfeited to Donald for $2, even after 2-1ing him, and then Julian freaking forfeits to Donald for $3..What newbies. -_-


Round 4 – Chief Wiggum Vs. Donald of Avalanche


2-0:Donald (Red XIII)


Record: 6-3


I say that Tomatoes don’t work because of Tribe/Exiled/D.D. Warrior Lady but he always proves me wrong..


First match was uber-long..At least 25 minutes. Fiber Jar at least 3 times..With a huge crowd watching, I had to pull a great draw, because I was at 600..I draw, Imperial Order. Fwarg.

Second match, I had a pretty nice hand…I coulda wiped his field, but then some dumbass kid comes and says ‘Hey, you want to trade that Raigeki?’ then I was like no. Then a minute later, I say to Voltaire ‘How loud did he say that?’ I ask Donald if he heard it, and he said yeah. He offered a restart, and I said okay. Thanks Donald. ;P I get a decent hand, but I lose control because I didn’t want to attack his Witch and Tomato…I slowly lost control, when he freaking Creature Swapped my monster for his Tomato, then attacked Tomato with Lady, got a Don, attacked me..Here is where I went wrong, and Ryan told me why I thought this..I suicided my Witch into his Don to get my effect, he had a Lady+Don and I was at 2kish, I had a Drop Off down and I get Breaker..I end my turn and flip Drop Off..I then realize what happened..Well, not really. But Ryan explained it to me, I assumed that the Lady would die also, and that I’d be able to take one more hit, because Lady removes Witch..But I attacked Don..Yeah..>_> Ah well.


4th round, semi-finals.


If Billy didn’t forfeit, he woulda beat Julian, then I’d give him $2 to forfeit, and me and Blake would be in the finals securing the tournament..But nooo. -_-


This week – 4th round

Last week – 4th round

Two weeks ago – 4th round

Three weeks ago – 5th round

Four weeks ago – 3rd round

Five weeks ago – 5th round (Win)

Six weeks ago – 4th round


Why do I bring this up? Because it makes me remember back then in June-Septish when I was garbage, and lost first round a lot, or was still in beginner/intermediate..Now, I enter Advanced and doing pretty damn good…


I'm the guy with the Chief Wiggum sleeves.


Post-Game Comments:

Donald winning.

Blake making it to Finals.

Me making it 4th round

Taco Bell.


Kevin 2-1ing me after the tourney.


James - Homer (Leader)

Reggie- Barney

Edwin - Clancy

Julian - Otto

Billy - Lenny

Gustavo - Bumble Bee Man

David - Moe

Blake - Duff Man

Ryan – Fat Tony

Jared – Krusty the Clown



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