Springfields Finest

Chief Wiggums Hand Ownage

A World of Books, CA

Febuary 15th, 2004


Obelisk the Tormentor x 3

The Winged Dragon of Ra x 3

Slifer the Sky Dragon x 3

Skull Servant x 3

Jinzo x 3

Vampire Lord x 3

Yata-Garasu x 3


Mystical Space Typhoon x 3

Pot of Greed x 3

Graceful Charity x 3

Dark Hole x 3

Raigeki x 3

Change of Heart x 3

Snatch Steal x 3

Monster Reborn x 3

Premature Burial x 3

Heavy Storm x 3

Harpie's Feather Duster x 3


Imperial Order x 3

Mirror Force x 3

Call Of The Haunted x 3

Ring of Destruction x 3


James (Homer, the leader of Springfields Finest) quit Yu-Gi-Oh! today..Quite homo, but he had too. =/ Damn..This will probably be the break of Springfields Finest..It started in June-July and lasted until now..Not bad, if you ask me. He sold a lot of cards and made $175 in one day, probably more.


I tried Mystic Tomatoes again.


Round 1 – Chief Wiggum Vs. No One

2-0:Chief Wiggum



God, this guy keeps trying to beat me, but he fails!


Bye for Final 4 last week.


Round 2 – Chief Wiggum Vs. Some Dad (Juan?)

2-1:Chief Wiggum



1st Duel:I got owned first match by his Despairs of the Dark. He kept using Book of Life and removal. =/

Inbetween Duels:Side Decked out Three Mystic Tomatoes.

2nd Duel:Close match. Magical Scientist attacked his Spirit Reaper in attack with Dark Balter the Terrbiel, Ryu Senshi, and two Dark Falre Knights..He was at 100, if I had another Flare Knight I woulda won. *Shrug* He Scapegoat Locked hisself and I took it.

3rd Duel:I owned him. Simple as that.


Round 3 – Chief Wiggum Vs. Steffon (Avalanche)

2-1:Chief Wiggum



1st Duel:He beat me pretty bad, so I was starting to think negative.

2nd Duel:I forgot how I won..I think I locked him?

3rd Duel:I had decent control, no one was topdecking which was good, I think… I locked him though =)


Round 4 – Chief Wiggum Vs. Alex (Avalanche)

2-1:Chief Wiggum



1st Duel:He got out Spinx and Don Zaloog and owned me. :l

2nd Duel:Pretty good beatdown here, with Sangan I think..

3rd Duel:Went by uber-quick..Locked him, I think?


Round 5 – Chief Wiggum Vs. Jake




1st Duel:Oh god..I got owned so bad..=/

2nd Duel:I keep playing sloppily against him. :/ Handless and owned. Dammit.


This week – 5th round

Last week – 4th round

Two weeks ago – 4th round

Three weeks ago – 4th round

Five weeks ago – 5th round




I’m the guy with the Chief Wiggum sleeves.



Me making it 5th round.

Joseph winning.

Taco Bell.

James quitting..=/

Getting my Cylinder from Reggie. :D

Messing with my phone :D


Eff You Sephirothck See Kay At Hotmail Dot Com