Springfields Finest

Chief Wiggums Hand Ownage

A World of Books, CA

Febuary 21st, 2004


Needle Worm x 3

Cyber Jar x 3

Morphing Jar x 3

Morphing Jar #2 x 3

Bistro Butcher x 3

Hiro’s Shadow Scout x 3

Witch of the Black Forest



Mystical Space Typhoon x 3

Pot of Greed x 3

Graceful Charity x 3

Dark Hole x 3

Raigeki x 3

Nobleman of Crossout x 3

Change of Heart x 3

Snatch Steal x 3

Monster Reborn x 3

Premature Burial x 3

Heavy Storm x 3

Harpie's Feather Duster x 3

Book of Moon x 3

Book of Taiyou x 3

Gravekeepers Servant x 3


Chain Destruction x 3

Mirror Force x 3

Imperial Order x 3

Call of the Haunted x 3

Ring of Destruction x 3


Bleh, didn’t even feel like coming, uber-tired…


I didn’t look at my deck ONCE over the week..So I wasn’t even sure what I was running. :P




I was informed that SF Battlezones SeeD came to A World of Books…Like a month late... No one from SeeD even made it to the quarter-finals..Props to Red XIII for knocking out two of their members with EASE. I welcome any other stores to try and take the tournament at A World of Books.


If anyone has any Pokemon cards they don’t want, let me have them. =P


Round 1 – Chief Wiggum Vs. No One

2-0:Chief Wiggum



Oh ho ho! >_>


Bye for Final 4 last week.


Round 2 – Chief Wiggum Vs. Larry

2-0:Chief Wiggum



1st Duel:Delinquent Duo, Confiscation, and The Forceful Sentry all in my first hand, going first, with  no other draw power. I planned out my moves, but then he drew Reborn and attacked me, it was Yata or some other card. Damn, got the other card. I hope for something good and…


Bam, Raigeki. Locked.


2nd Duel:It didn’t seem like he was trying much, even though he was a good duelist…


Round 3 – Chief Wiggum Vs. Jared




Even though I scraped him last time at D&R, I wasn’t so sure this time..


1st Duel:He got out Jinzo, and used a lot of Magic…and I was thinking ‘Damn, I should run Jinzo again’ After the duel, I notice that I AM running Jinzo..o_O That’s how much I’m not paying attention to my deck.

2nd Duel:Jinzo once again. =l…


This week – 3rd round

Last week – 5th round

Two weeks ago – 4th round

Three weeks ago – 4th round

Five weeks ago – 4th round


Seems my seven weeks of ownage is..over? Ah well, eight weeks with all third round..


But I STILL wonder how I didn’t even get that much points in the West Regional..*Checks UDE Tournament page for WoB* Interesting how the dates where I won aren’t counted for…




I’m the guy with the Chief Wiggum sleeves.


Post-Game Comments:

Ryan making it to Semi-Finals for the first time, and meeting Jet Li. O_O

Ryan, and Billy losing first round.

Me and Phi (Billys brother) making it third round.

2-0ing Edmund for his Dark Blastoise, three Pokemon Breeders, two Clefaries, and two Clefables, along with Berserk Dragon…But I was a nice guy and let him keep the Berserk Dragon and gave him the Barrel for free. =P

Boring finals. =l Good shit to Jared though..If only rival teams were there instead. =P


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