Deck theme: Attack of the fairies

Tournament Report: Georgia regionals aka Battle of Atlanta


Main deck list:

Tribute monsters: 2

Airknight Parshath  (my deck master)



Monsters: 16                            Magic:15                                  Traps:9

Hysteric Fairy x 3                     Mystical Space typhoon            Imperial Order

Dancing Fairy                           Pot of Greed                            Skill Drain

Banisher of the Light                 Graceful Charity                       Waboku x 2

Injection Fairy Lily                    Monster Reborn                       Gravity Bind

Cyber Jar                                 Book of Moon x 2                    Sakuretsu Armor x 2

Fiber Jar                                   Scapegoat                                Mirror Force

Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu           Heavy Storm                            Call of the Haunted

Tribe-Infecting Virus                 Change of Heart

Yata-Garasu                             Swords of Revealing Light

Magician of Faith                      Dark Hole

Witch of the Black Forest         Harpie’s Feather Duster

Sangan                                     Snatch Steal

Sinister Serpent                        Raigeki

Penguin Soldier             Premature Burial


Total Cards: 42

Side Deck: 15

Airknight Parshath                    D.D. Warrior Lady                   Magical Merchant

Book of Moon                         Thunder of Ruler                       Mystical Space Typhoon

Robbin Goblin                          Zolga                                        Cestus of Dagla

Wave motion Cannon x 2         United We Stand                      Soul Release

Painful Choice                          Asura Priest



The best duelist from the Art Institute of Atlanta (Brian, Jay, Chris, and the Q (me)) came together to represent as the school’s top duelists. We spent the previous night at Brian’s house to contemplate on our deck plans. Brian ran with hand destruction and yata as his deck master. Jay ran with a fiend deck with Dark Necrofear as his deck master. Chris ran with a direct damage deck his deck master being Lava Golem. We dueled against each other and practiced against a mock scientist deck to see how we would fare. Each of us had side decked many cards just in case of that cheap measly combo. After midnight we called it a day and awoke the next day and arrived at Venture Mall to compete against the rest of Atlanta.


The Drop Off:

Upon arriving at the tournament I realized that I was in for a bit of trouble. There were many duelists from the previous tournaments where I would lose a lot. It was all good though because they were in for a ride for their lives.


Round 1: Fairies vs. Surprise

What a crazy surprise I encountered indeed. This girl Alyson had first played Ojama Trio on three of my zones. My first reaction was simple, get penguin soldier to lift the tokens until hysteric fairy came into play. It was a success but then she had another surprise. She flipped over two needle worms smiling at me and said “surprise!” I am so lucky that I had a fiber jar in my hand at the time. I summoned airknight and commenced to giving her my “surprise” of fairy meteor crush. It was a term she wasn’t too familiar with until she realized all to late when she tried hopelessly to play scapegoat…. What can I say except goats make good fairy food.


Me: 8000 (never got touched)

Her: 8000- 6100- 4200- 2300- 400-0 (mmm fairy food)


Round 2: Fairies vs. Beatdown

This guy ran  your run of the mill beatdown with all of your favorite supers, ultras, and secret rares. I took him down to as little as 1100 with airknight charging and even almost got him in a yata lock. But instead of attacking with Jinzo first, I attacked with yata first. A mistake that cost me the game, because he drew Graceful Charity and got his Snatch Steal and took my Jinzo and whooped me into submission. We shook hands and agreed that it was a hard earned battle.


Me: 8000- 5700-5200-3800-0

Him: 8000-6200-4300-1100


Round 3: Fairies vs. yet another Beatdown

This guy was really not that much into the tournament after he lost twice already and told me that if he lost this time he would drop from the whole thing. I told him to take advantage of the swiss style and keep going but oh well. I got to go first and predicted that I needed to use more strategy instead of power. We exchanged blows for a while and then I managed to clear his field and summon the good nurse Lily and when he saw her he gave up instantly. I thought he still had a chance, but he saw the lifepoints and knew I would summon yata in the next turn so he gave and I won.


Me: 8000-7300-6600-5800

Him: 8000-6200-4400-5400- surrendered


Round 4: Fairies vs. Hand Destruction

All I could say is people need to stop looking on websites and copying deck lists from people. He had his fun with nobleman of crossout and dropoff. That is the lamest trap I have ever encountered. Anyways he won and had the gaul to try to shake my hand for that cheap mess. I just looked at my deck and plotted revenge for the next duelist to experience

Round 5: Fairies vs. Hand Destruction Beatdown

This big guy was running a lot of the fabled staple cards that “supposedly” gave victory. All I could do was secretly laugh as thanks to the last duelist I came prepared for this battle. I added in Wave Motion Cannon from that duel and let it rip. I let the gravity bind sit for a while and laugh in contemplation as he had already used up his trap removal on my Wabokus. The last thing he saw was tribe infecting virus riding on a cannon.


Me: 8000-7700-6400-4500-4200

Him: 8000-7000-5200-2800-2500-900-0


Round 6: Fairies vs. Warriors

This guy was one of a set of twins and his brother was watching the whole duel with a look of confidence. He got me real good with the first round with Marauding Captain and Crew, but then I noticed something, he wore out his whole hand within the first couple of turns. I quickly redid my whole strategy to clear his field and lock him from drawing. I switched into my side deck and used my banisher of the light to prevent him from regaining anything from his graveyard. I love this card truly. His whole squad of warriors tried to attack and got mirror forced and all out of play. Upon my next turn he was yata locked….game over.



Him: 8000-7400-6800-6300-6100-5500-4400-2800-2600-1000 locked and destroyed.


Unofficial round: Fairy intermission

Fairies vs. ???

This time I was in between battles and then this guy mysteriously challenged me like a mid-boss type of thing. His deck had a lot of old goodies in it like Harpies brother. He used Skill Drain when I summoned Airknight. He tried to attack with Blue Eyes White Dragon Bzzt Gravity Bind ended all of that. So there we remained….locked while he gained life points with solemn wishes. I however had a wave motion cannon building to destroy him. Before I could launch it for game the judge announced the pairings were up for the next match. We shook hands and he departed.


Round 7: Fairies vs. Fiends

This guy ran a nasty fiend and Zombie deck that demanded my respect. He fought hard to kill off my dancing fairy and prevent my life gain but my traps get him second-guessing. He then managed to get Vampire Lord on the field with the sword of Boau. Unfortunately Mirror Force awaited this attack and so he left the field. I Fiber Jarred to attack him with lily who had a lot of life points to pay for his doom.


Me: 8000-7000-8900-6900

Him: 8000-6200-4800-2900-end


Round 8: Fairies vs. Warriors

The judge of the flower shop tournament was my next opponent. He ran warriors fast as well…as his hand!!! I loved it. He fought and fought to prevent yata from the inevitable doom of the lock but unfortunately when he ran out of traps it was Airknight Parshath and yata locking his fate…game over.


Me: 8000 (never got touched)

Him: 8000-7800-7600-Yata, Yata, Yata, Yata, etc.


But like a proper Boss character, he wouldn’t go down easily. He then challenged me with His Fiend deck.


Unofficial round: Fairy intermission

Fairies vs. Fiends

He put up a very valiant effort with Kuribohs and Giant Orc. I was plummeting in life points very quickly until I turned the game around with fiber jar. You see he kept tributing three fiends from the graveyard from play in order to special summon Dark Necrofear. But after the third time he did it he realized that I was forcing him to have nothing. He even managed to get her and Dark ruler Hades on the field but when he attacked I book of mooned hades to get Fiber Jar’s effect. I then managed to get Graceful Charity and dump Lily in the graveyard and summon Hysteric Fairy. When I attacked the witch of the black forest with Hysteric he said he’s going to get Kuriboh. But then he realized that he already dumped them out of play and I took the win with Lily.


Final Round: Fairies vs. Beatdown

This guy’s name was Ken and he used some very strange cards like Fissure to clear your field. I quickly put him into a Penguin lock to damage him with my witch. He then got tired of it and used nobleman of crossout on my penguin soldier. I used much strategy to get him down quickly. He got me the first round. The second round Airknight ruled the field. The third round was what got the whole tournament in an uproar. Everyone was watching because we both managed to flip our cyber jars. The judge ruled that the first one to do damage was the winner. I attacked… Waboku. He drew a card I Waboku. I attack with yata, and Mirror Force. He drew a card and I Waboku. He then used Harpie’s Feather Duster and I chain with scapegoat. He uses Dark hole and had only one card in his hand. I play Graceful Charity and dump lily and Banisher of the light. I play pot of greed and then call of the haunted on Banisher of the Light. I then reborn lily and attack. He couldn’t Kuriboh because of Banisher of the Light. GAME!!!!


Me: 8000-6000

Him: 8000-4500 GAME


Conclusion: I placed 8th in all of Georgia and Jay and I agreed that we were equals and also agreed that we would take a break from all of this. He is the king of fiends but I rule the angels/fairies….end.


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