SeeD: Squall.Eyes on You.1/25/04 and 2/1/04

Return of the Standstill. Same game, jus under a different name!

Place: A World of Books

Participants: 16-20?

Entry Fee: $6

Double Report

For Bucky, who went off to college. Good luck!




Message: Eyes on You




















Creature Cells

Spell Cells

Trap/Fusion Cells

3 Cannon Soldier

7 Staples

1 Ring

3 Spirit Reaper


1 Mirror Force

2 Search (sangan,witch)

3 Metamorphosis

1 Order

2 Archfiend Soldier

2 Pre-neg (duo,forceful)

1 Call

1 Jinzo

1 Mirage

2 Waboku

1 Vamp

1 Painful

GFs (Guardian Forces)

1 Scientist

1 Premature

3 Thousand Eyes on You

2 DD Warrior Girl

2 Scapegoat

3 Balter

1 Sinister


3 Ryu-Senshi


16 Creatures

20 Spells

6 Traps, 9 main fuse

42 total

The deck list above has been slightly modified to prevent biters from using an exact dupe of my deck

OK straight to the report:


A World of Books



Yea, about that Sunday, I was there but I had to leave early so I only was there for round 1.


Round 1

Squall vs. Rodel


This guy is a cool cat. He was playing a zombie deck or a broken 3 Vamp deck.


Game 1

I had all Spells in my hand so I was screwed from the start. He was rushin through my D. all I could do was try to setup, but his beatsticks were to0 crAzY. He managed to get Vamp out and we all know what probably happened next.


>>Sideboarding, Please wait<<


Game 2

All right, I felt much better after sideboarding. I was on offense for a couple of turns. During my assault, he busted out Vamp. I responded with TER and absorbed that annoying thing and started smacking his LP. It took me a while, but I won.


>>Sideboarding, Please wait<<


Deciding Game 3


In the beginning, my DDWL was bounced back by Kelbek. Without anything protecting my LP, he got a nice chunk out of my LP. At about this time, I had to leave, because I had a basketball game =/. GG


A World of Books



I’m back with reinforcements! Mike (Seifer) and Matt “the tall guy” (bahamut) were there as well. The weather was crappy and cold. Did the weather reflect our performance? Read on >>


Round 1

Squall vs. Jake


Okay, before I get started with this match, I would like to apologize to Jake. I did not read the second sentence on those F****** roboyarou fusion things:


LOD-074 Super Roboyarou
"Roboyarou" + "Robolady"
You can Special Summon "Super Robolady" by returning this card from the field to the Fusion Deck. You cannot use this effect during the same turn this monster is Special Summoned. In addition, increase the ATK of this monster by 1000 points during the Damage Step when this monster inflicts Direct Damage to your opponent's Life Points.

* from Cartyyz LoD card spoiler*


They really messed up the following duels.


Game 1

He was playing straight up control, with Lesser Fiend in there for some extra removal and originality I guess. He started off w/ Forceful and Confiscation and jacked up my opening hand. Following up his opening moves, I cleared his field and attacked him for a lot. After my quick raid, I put all the eyes on him and played some strategic D. I ended the duel after he summoned Airknight, not knowing that it could not attack. TER set its eyes on it, took it, and won me the game.


>>Sideboarding, Please wait<<


Game 2

Eyes were all on him this game. If I can remember correctly, I got out 1000 eyes  and that was it. GG man, sry bout that whole fusion mistake


After my match, I went with Matt to watch Seifer’s match against Donald (Red XIII) of Avalanche. *Sigh* Mike got pwned. He had all spells in his hand and Jinzo. he had a Yata. Game. Now it was jus Matt and I against Avalance, Springfield, K-Force, and all the other living legends at WoB. B r I n g  I t!


Round 2

Squall vs. Donald (Red XIII) of Avalanche


Whoa. FFVIII vs. FFVII. Cool! This was my chance to avenge Mike’s (Seifer’s) defeat. I knew it wasn’t  gonna be easy, because he is an elite member of the Avalanche team.


Game 1

I started off w/ Forceful and took his Snatch away. I kept in mind that he had double Magic Drains in his hand, so I had to be careful. I played my reborn and raigeki so he responded w/ drains. That gave me the chance to use Metamorphosis and put my TER into play. I absorbed his crazy Critter and attacked. I was bum rushin’ him with his Critter until he used MST.


Mid-game, I was around 6800 and he was in the 2000 area. Then I made the stupidest mistake: I played those F****** robo fusions. After carefully reading the text, I was like X_x, dang robo bastards. After that crazy mess, he played down Breaker and broke my F/D scapegoat. I chained as usual, until I realized I locked my field up! With zero cards left in my deck, I switched all my goats into ATK position and rammed them all into Breaker. I seriously thought I had that duel. CraZy comeback!


>>>Sideboarding, Please wait<<<


Game 2

I got owned *sigh*. By this time, I couldn’t feel my hands cuz it was pretty cold. He tore my hand apart when I had mirage out, so I was out of options. He had numerous creatures on the field, and I had *drum roll please*

A F/D Metamorphosis. =(. Game.


Well Matt (tall guy, bahamut) was eliminated by Chief Wiggum, I believe, and Mike (Seifer) and I were eliminated by Red XIII.


We decided to head home because well, we lost and the weather looked like $#!T.







Introducing the members of SeeD:




On the Rankings

On the Sleeves



SeeD Commander

Squall of SeeD

Squall, Rinoa, and Seifer




Seifer of SeeD




The Silent Assassin





The Last Samurai

Ken Yoshida









Female Duelist


SeeD Gundam



The Sharpshooter





Newest Member





Mad Dog


Night Elves










LoCo BoB




Insane to the Membrane!






1.      Finally going to WoB

2.      Matt, Mike, and Sean fer going

3.      Regionals in the Bay Area. Finally.

4.      Tables. Makes the report look more organized and pretty. 0_o ??

5.      Andys cool “Bring it” thing when he ends his turn.



1.      That whacky baskeyball game

2.      Mike and me getting scrapped by Red XIII

3.      Matt for getting pwned by Springfield

4.      Getting that whole robo thing wrong (Sry bout that Jake).

5.      The sad and obvious: losin. Blah.



Next time WoB, next time..


IM: Quickstyle510