Name: victor rezabala

Deck name: power of fiends

Location: gamers guild Spring lake, NC

# of peps:12



this is my 3rd tournet report and juz 2 say someone stole my mirror force and T. Tribute

so I had to get something to replace them.

My deck


2xdark necrofears


4 or lower:

3xarchifiend soldier

3xgiant orc

3xgiant germs





Cyber jar

Shadownight archifiend(juz til I get a slate warrior)


6 staples

feather duster



offering to the doomed

premature burial

ax of despair



Imperial order

Magic cylinder

2xsakuretsu armor(mirror force replace, it helps)

2xthunder of ruler(good stall-replace for T.Tribute)




we played 4 rounds of swiss, top 4 1st gets 40 2nd gets 30 3rd 15 and 4th gets 10. All in store credit.

Round 1 me vs new kid chris

Duel 1: I juz killed this kid with both my necrofears and jinzo. His cards were real outdated. I don’t think he had anything past metal raiders set.

Duel2: it was the same as duel 1 except I used my orcs and soldiers to kill him


Round 2 me vs will B(this is like the best kid there almost every week he makes top8or 4

Duel 1: I murdered this boy with my soldiers til the end. He had 1 don zaloog and a witch. He had 800 life points left and I had 1600. I draw and play germ, I suicide it with his don and then reborn it and suicide it again for the win.

Duel 2: I got a crappy hand and he juz crushed me with a don, jinzo, and a GAF.

Duel 3: I loved my opening hand. Right off the back he lost 1500 lp with the germs. I than play duster and dark hole. I summon necrofear, giant orc with UWS and kill him for the win.

Round 3:me vs willie(the other, harder will)

Duel 1: he juz killed me with his stronger, more powerful fiend deck.

Duel 2: same as the first duel I couldn’t play any thing aginst him.

Round 4:me vs yet the last Will

Duel 1: my hand was so sorry I wished I could mulligan like in magic. He ruled the whole duel with his jinzo and don zaloog

Duel 2: I ruled this duel by getting my necrofear out early. I juz beat him down all game.

Duel 3: it was pretty much like duel 1. he beat me real bad and I had nuttin to stop him with his skill drain and the archifiends.


I end up 5-5 and I was hoping I made top 4 but by a win I didn’t make it.



Beating will B

My deck

Aunt bringing me

At least getting some new Magic the gathering cards




My friend travis not making top 4


If u wanna chat or duel e-mail and/or IM me at