Name: Ferali

Deck Name: Medium Swipe

Place: Aarschot, Conect'r

Entry Fee: 5

Players: About 20 I think.



This is my third tourney report. And like in the two last ones, I still live in europe and the only sets released there are SDY, SDK, LOB, MRD, MRL and PSV.

I came with a friend, he's pretty good. Before the tourney started I bought 2 packs of PSV, I opened the first one... Gravity Bind. Oh well, on too the next pack, I opened it and... Goblin Attack Force. My buddy also bought a pack and pulled a Call of the Haunted! Since he already had one I got to borrow it for the tourney. So I put GaF and CotH in my deck and went to sign me up.


Now, here's my deck, Medium Swipe, a weird name I know. Bu I couldn't think of anything good :p


Deck: 42


Monsters: 19

1x Barrel Dragon (nice ATK, nicer effect)

1x Summoned Skull (lovely ATK for only 1 tribute)

1x Jinzo (do I have to tell?)

3x Magician of Faith (bring back those staples)

3x Nimble Momonga (swarm + effect)

2x Harpie's Brother (1800 ATK)

2x La jinn (1800 ATK)

1x Goblin Attack Force (Go my goblins, go!)

1x Mask of Darkness (aah, mirror force)

1x Sangan (search'em)

1x Witch of the Black Forest (search'em)

1x Cyber Jar (nice for tight spots)

1x Man-Eater Bug (eat'em up!)


Spells: 14

2x Tribute to the Doomed (doomed I tell you, doomed!!!)

1x Nobleman of Crossout (cyber jar? morphing jar #2? too bad)

1x Delinquent Duo (nice hand destruction)

1x The Forceful Sentry (read above)

1x Confiscation (read above)

1x Snatch Steal (I just love to steal)

1x Heavy Storm (gone, all gone, mwahahahaaa)

1x Swords of Revealing Light (3 attack free turns)

1x Monster Reborn (I want that back)

1x Pot of Greed (greed is good)

1x Change of Heart (as I said, I love stealing)

1x Dark Hole (all gone)

1x Raigeki (never liked lightning as much as now)


Traps: 9

1x Imperial Order (the king has spoken)

1x Mirror Force (hehe, gotcha)

2x Solemn Judgement (a costy judge)

1x Solemn Wishes (nice lady gives LP)

2x Waboku (no damage, weeeeee =D )

1x Call of the Haunted (I want that back)

1x Dust Tornado (substitute for MST)




Now for the tourney, there where 4 duels, no single elimination.



Duel I -Medium Swipe VS Pretty good deck-


Match one

Man I pulled crap. I only drew monsters and the only traps I drew where Waboku, wich saved me 1 turn, and Solemn Judgement. But my opponent seemed to draw all the good stuff, so he dominated me.


Match two

Again, I drew crap, weird... My oppnent drew pretty much the same he drew last match (suspicious not?). SO again, he dominated me :(


Lost: 0-2




Well, not a good start. Between duels I got a little bored and bought another pack of PSV, opened it and... JINZO!!!

Man, this is the second Jinzo I pulled out of a pack. I'm so lucky =D these boxes must have been blessed.




Duel II -Medium Swipe VS n00bie deck-


Match one

Big time n00b, I owned him. At a later part of the match I got a barrel dragon out, effect failed so I used Tribute to the Doomed on his only monster and discarded Jinzo. I then called Jinzo back with Call of the Haunted and attacked for the win.


Match two

Ownage! During this match I found out he used Gaia the Fierce Knight -_-'

There's not much of this match worth mentioning, I won ofcourse :p


Won: 2-0




Well, that went better. When I was waiting for next pairings to be called I went to buy another pack. These boxes truly are blessed. ANOTHER JINZO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!




Duel III -Medium Swipe VS Good Deck-


Match one

This one was a tricky little bugger. He almost depleted my deck with Card Destruction and Morphing Jar #2, but I barely won through reborning my Barrel Dragon.


Match two

He tried to deplete me again, but this time I was prepared. I got him in a tight spot and the cards in his hand and on the field where apparently useless at the moment cause he didn't do anything + he drew no monsters. I had a Harpie's Brother and Witch of the Black Forest on the field. He had 3200 LP left, so I threw in a Magician of Faith in ATK position and attacked for the win.


Won: 2-0




I bought another booster, but it was just a mad sword beast, oh well, I'm satisfied with my two jinzo's and GAF.




Duel IV -Medium Swipe VS another n00b-


I'm gonna give a 3 match descrition, as there isn't much worth telling.

He healed much and had ALOT of tribute monsters... and not even good ones (except for Summoned Skull). He used an Earth deck with 3 Blue-Eyes' (WTF??) and 2 or 3 Summoned Skulls and 2 Labyrinth Walls. I beat him the first match. The second match he won because of me not drawing monsters and the third match I tottaly owned him be reborning his Blue-Eyes, Call of the haunted on my Jinzo and summoning a GAF. Ouch, that's gotta hurt >:)


Won: 2-1





Well, later it turned out I was 5th, my friend was 3th. Although I don't understand cause we had exactly the same stats, he won twice with 2-0 and once with 2-1 and lost once with 0-2. I had exactly the same but still ended up 2 places behind him...

U pulled crap in my prize packs.


Later my friend traded his CotH to me for a Solemn Judgement and a Nobleman of Crossout.


Now, for the Props and Slops:




For my friend's parents for bringing us.

For me, pulling 2 Jinzo's and a GAF.

For me getting 5th.

For my friend getting 3th.

For my friend, trading his CotH with me.



For getting crap in my prize packs.




For questions, hate or love mail, email me at