Maju's Hidden Power
Hobby Ton USA
Lincoln, NE
About 40 people and $3.50 entry fee

Monsters: (16)
Man-Eater Bug
Sasuke Samurai
Witch of the Black Forest
Tribe-Infecting Virus
Dark Blade
Archfiend Soldier
Spear Dragon x2
Giant Orc x3
Great Maju Garzett x2
The Fiend Megacyber
Magic (Spell): (16)
Nobleman of Crossout
Dark Hole
Pot of greed
Graceful Charity
Butterfly Dagger-Elma
Mystical Space Typhoon x2
Heavy Storm
Monster Reborn
Gravity Axe-Grarl
Change of Heart
Confiscation (In 2 weeks I traded it for Imperial Order)
Delinquent Duo (Traded with Con. for Spear Dragon)
Different Dimension Capsule
Trap: (10)
Magic Cylinder
Royal command
Drop Off
Bottomless Trap Hole
Dark Coffin
Magic Jammer
Skull Lair
Sakuretsu Armor x2
Total:42 cards
The Tournament
Round 1:
I played a older kid about 14. I won and he was a little ticked.
Round 2:
I played a little laid not to much younger than me. He was sad he lost, I fell sorry for him.
Round 3:
I played some smart mouthed little kid who couldn't stop bragging about his title in another state! So I took him down fast and hard.
Round 4:
In is now the Finals, Man that went fast! It was a kid I play almost every week. He has an Exodia deck that will never stop me( On February 15. Gage bet me,Darn). I took him down with honor, Using the heart of the cards.
Round 5:
I was a little extatic that I was in the top 2. I had just played this guy yesterday, He whooped me then and once more. We both shook and opened our packs.
NOTE: Round three was actually a bye round so it should go R1,R2,R3 BYE,R4,R5,R6
I finally got second, but out of my five packs I got crap. The rarest was Asura Priest. But Justin, who won, Got Yata and other super and ultra rares. I was filled to the top with rage.
-My deck
-Me for getting Second
-my dad for taking me
-getting crap
-My friend getting his cards Stolen
-People who laugh at Yu-Gi-Oh players
-Rich Kids
If you have any questions, deck tips, strategies, or advice, E me at