Maju's Forbidden Power Deck
Punk Rawkr
Hobby Town Usa
Showing Of About 40
February 8th, 2004

       Normal Monsters(3):
Archfiend Soldier--1
Dark Blade--1

       Effect Monsters(13):
Man-eater Bug--1
Sasuke Samurai--1
Witch Of The B. Forest--1
Tribe-infecting Virus--1
Spear Dragon--2
Giant Orc--3
Great Maju Garzett--2
The Fiend Megacyber--1

       Spell/magic Cards(16):
Butterfly Dagger - Elma--1
Change Of Heart--1
Dark Hole--1
Delinquent Duo--1
Different Dimension Capsule--1
Graceful Charity--1
Gravity Axe - Grarl--1
Heavy Storm--1
Monster Reborn--1
Mystical Space Typhoon--2
Nobleman Of Crossout--1
Pot Of Greed--1

       Trap Cards(10):
Bottomless Trap Hole--1
Dark Coffin--1
Drop Off--1
Magic Cylinder--1
Magic Jammer--1
Royal Command--1
Sakuretsu Armor--2
Skull Lair--1

Round 1: I Had To Play A Stock Up Little Kid About My Age And Took Him Out In My Second Record Time=0:30. Easy As Pie

Round 2: I Played A Kid Not To Younger Than Me That Was Here For His First Time. I Won But It Was A Fair Fight.

Round 3: All Winners Got A Bye To The Next Round. Boo Yaw!!

Round 4: I Played A Kid That Was A Brat In My Eyes. So I Beat Him As Quick As Possible. We Also Had Some Problems With Rules He Didn't Now That You Have Another Attack Phase After Cyber Jar Is Activated(If You Get Any Monsters.) This Kid Made Me Sweet.

Round 5: I Had To Play A Usually Exodia Opponent(It Seems Like I Play Him Every Week). It Was A Tuffy.

Round 6(Top 2): I Played A God In My Eyes. He Is The One That Sparked Me To Get Better Cards In The Beginning. It Ended In A Close Match One To One. Then He Did It He Wiped Out My Life Points. We Shook And Opened Our Packs.

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