jinzo's revenge
jacob kelley
wiles rd. coral springs fl.
every saturday and sunday at 1:00 p.m.
about 10-30 people


1x magician of faith
1x injection fairy lily
1x princess of tsurugi
2x opticlops
3x kuriboh
2x gagagigo
1x kycoo the ghost destroyer
2x giant orc
1x x-head cannon
1x helpoemer
1x penguin soldier
1x witch of the black forest
1x mask of darkness
1x jinzo
1x spirit reaper


1x swords of revealing light
1x axe of despair
1x scapegoat
1x question
1x raigeki
1x monster reborn
1x dark core
1x change of heart
1x giant trunade
1x mage power
1x tribute to the doomed


1x waboku
1x bottomless trap hole
1x magic cylinder
1x drop off
1x rope of life
1x ceasefire
2x trap hole
1x spell shield type-8
1x mirror force

duel 1: when i drew i got a injection, axe of despair, mage power, big bang shot, old vindictive magician. i placed old vindictive magician in face-down defense mode and ended my turn. he drew and put a card face-down and ended his turn. i drew a jinzo, i flipped my old vindictive magician to kill his card it was a mask of darkness but nothing to bring back, i sacced my magician to bring out my jinzo and put axe, big bang shot, and mage on jinzo and he was at 5300 and attacked his life points. me:8000/ him:2700 it was his turn he put a card in defense mode and ended his turn. i drew a raigeki and used it, i summoned injection and attacked with both monsters and won.

duel 2 : i drew and placed a card in defense mode and 2 cards face down and ended my turn. he drew and summoned a goblin and attached axe, united we stand, mage power, and big bang shot to it. he used raigeki and destroyed my card he attacked my life points. me:1500/him:8000
i drew and put a monster face-down and ended my turn. he drew and used dark hole and summoned archfiend soldier and attacked and i lost.

i got a pack for entering i got dark crisis and pulled a d.d. warrior lady

Jacob Kelley