Fall River, Ma.
The Hobby Stop, Local tourney.
Hand Destruction/Beatdown
February 19th, 2004.
#of people[17]

I was undefeated from rounds 2-4. and these are the final matches..
((((((((((Semi-Final Match[top4])))))))))))))))
Me vs. Some Random kid who mildly copied my deck.[beatdown/some hand d cards]

Duel [1/2]
ok, I got there, there's the usual people.. Andrew, Brad, Derek, Jeremy and everyone else..
I got their late, So I got the bye.(If there's an uneven amount of people we usally give one person a bye).
Anywayz my turn to duel. I Dueled some kid who was a frequent member to yugiohrealms. Me being an xerocreative
member, Ya we chat about the sites :P..Anywayz, He started out drew, Raigeki, POG, GC, and Monsters. I drew
Painfull Choice, Tribe, Witch, POG, Duo & Ring of d. I won the dice roll, so i got to go first. I play POG as
anyone would draw 2.(Confication, & Imperial Order.) Then I play painfull choice ( Jinzo, Injection Fairy
Lilly, Mirror force, and Mirage of Nightmare.) He gave me Lilly, so Im like ok O_O Thanks. Anywayz. I played
conf and duo.

6000/8000 Him.

I got rid of POG, GC, and One of His Monsters. I play witch f/d and Ring of d f/d. He draws, Raigeki, I get my
Breaker. He plays Gemini I flip ring. He plays One m/t f/d. He ends.

4100/6100 Him.

I Draw a don zaloog. I play it and attack -1400.
4100/4700 him. He draws nothing good. Drop off, I discard my Cyber jar :/ I play tribe and attack -3000.. and
don's top 2 effect, he loses snatch and Injection :))))

4100/1700 Me.

He Draws a spear dragon and attacks my tribe. -300 to me.
3800/1700. Im like omg. spear goes to def. :) I draw a spear LOL Game. His f/d which he never used was Seven Toolz.

Duel [2/2]
I draw 5, Crap hand. Mystic tomato, ceasefire, magic cylinder, pog and witch. Well it's not crap, i'll just have to play my cards right in order to win :]. He got a crap hand too. He plays two f/d m/t and ended. I draw MST, Im like yay! incase he has imperial order. I play POG and flips imperial, I chain with MST. I draw DUO and IO. I play duo. -1000 to me, Get rid of his only two monsters ;].

7000/8000 him.

I play witch, attack -1100


I play io, cease and cylinder f/d. He plays his own don Zaloog, and MOnster reborn, I flip IO. he has one card in hand which was raigeki. He attacks with don, Cynlinder.. -1 hand Bye bye raigeki.

7000/5500. Me.

I draw GC, I play it, ( Get Injection, Snatch and Steal and HFD.) IM like his f/d sucks cause he would have used it when I attacked with witch. anywayz I got rid of HFD, and Tomato. I play Injection and snatch. Flip Ceasefire. -1500, attack with all.

5000/0 me.

((((((((((Final Match[top2])))))))))))))))

Me vs. Brad, One of the owners/Judge.[Exodia Deck]
Anywayz Brad always wins the god damn dice roll, I get a 1 while he gets 17 or 18.. I think god jinxed the dice :((((( Anyways, Brad draws he plays pog into painfull, He summons 4 pieces and shallow grave. I give him a leg. He Plays a f/d Mon. and 4 f/d m/ts im like =)))) (Has heavy storm in hand and & mst). He ends, I drew fiber jar, Im like ehh I want to attack. I play heavy he m'jammered it. im like O_O! NOOOO!..I played fiber f/d and 2 m/t (Ceasefire & Imperial order). He plays dark hole, cause he has a f/d witch -flips imperial- hahah Stopped that. He plays a sangan f/d and ended. I draw, Flip Fiber (FJ:1).I draw Fiber and Imperial order, Waboku, and 2 torrentials. I set fiber, waboku and IO. He plays a f/d monster and pog, I flip IO, and he ends. I flip Fiber. We reset (FJ: 2) I drew the best possible hand (Don zaloog, Duo, Sentry, Drop off, and POG. I play pog Into Confiscation, GC. GC I get another don zaloog,Monster Reborn, and Jinzo. I discard don and jinzo. I play duo, sentry, and conf, -2000 to me. and I got rid of, 2 exodia pieces, Call of the haunted, and Premature Burial. I play don, Mon reborn my other don. -2800 -1 hand, top 2. He lost: Fiber, & witch. I play drop off f/d and flip it when draws.

6000/5200 me.

I draw Injection fairy lilly. I play attack -2000 to me. and -5200 exact :]]

4000/0 me.

-Brad for making an awesome exodia deck, But couldn't help but be amazed by fiber jar.
-Andrew, for A great duel.. His beatdown vs me. USually andrew beats me. But i fixed my deck, 2 torrential tribute, breaker + tribe. and I beat him in 6 or less turns in each duel.

-Josh for showing up extra late and not entering, cause I made his deck, and it's the only deck which puts up a competition towards me. But he edited it better.
-The lil kid who copied my deck and thought he was all that cause he was from yugiohrealms, Clearly XC Ownz Realms.

.Jared, Be4tingU@aol.com