Frank’s Jam Deck


Omni Comics & Cards $5.00 entry fee

Connecticut Bristol


# Of people 28 (I think)


          Hello everyone, this is my 5th tourney report. My very interesting deck has gone through many changes so I think I’ll start off with that.


Frank’s Jam Deck



1.     Revival Jam x3 (heart of my deck)



1.     Painful Choice (drawing card)

2.     Graceful Charity (drawing card)

3.     Exchange (fun card)

4.     Power Of Kaishin (Jam’s power-up card)

5.     Upstart Goblin (drawing card)

6.     Umiiruka (Jam’s power-up card)

7.     A Legendary Ocean (Tornado Wall move)

8.     Umi (Tornado Wall move)

9.     Heavy Storm (a card to destroy Jam Breeding Machine when it’s necessary to)

10. Dian Keto The Cure Master x3 (life point recovery card)

11. Infinite Cards (fun card)

12. Graceful Dice (Jam’s power-up card)

13. Mask Of Brutality (Jam’s power-up card)

14. Monster Recovery x3 (drawing card)

15. Giant Trunade (brings back Swords Of Revealing Light to my hand to start the stalling all over again)

16. De-Spell (a card to destroy Jam Breeding Machine when it’s necessary to)

17. Pot Of Greed (drawing card)

18. Tribute To The Doomed (a card any deck can use)

19. Jam Breeding Machine x3 (Jam’s friends)

20. Heart Of Clear Water (just to keep a monster on the field)

21. Horn Of The Unicorn x2 (Jam’s power-up card)

22. Card Of Safe Return (drawing card)

23. Megamorph (Jam’s power-up card)

24. Mask Of Dispel (fun card)

25. Raregold Armor (Jam Defender for all monster cards)

26. Swords Of Revealing Light (stalling card)

27. Dark Hole (card any deck can use)



1.     Torrential Tribute (a burst of water)

2.     Jar Of Greed (drawing card)

3.     Life Absorbing Machine (to get life points back for paying)

4.     Jam Defender x3 (Jam type card)

5.     Gift Of The Mystical Elf x2 (life point recovery card)

6.     Tornado Wall (strategy used with Umi)

7.     Bad Reaction To Simochi (combo with Upstart Goblin)

8.     Graverobber (fun card)

9.     Gryphon Wing (card to destroy my friends Harpie’s Feather Duster)

10. Magic Jammer (card any deck can use)


Well I would just like to say that my Jam Deck is somewhat famous. I asked the first kid I dueled in the tourney if he goes to Pojos (because he fixed his deck) and he said yes, so I asked if he reads the tourney reports and he said not a lot, then I asked if he saw that Jam Deck on Pojos and he said he thought he did. Well this made me happy. Even though my deck doesn’t win a lot, people still continue to read the reports. Well, from now on I won’t go to, to many tourneys, so there may not be anymore tourney reports from my Jam Deck and me, so this may be the last one. Now on to the tourney.  


Round One: I faced a guy named Tim. He said he played a Control Deck. We started a little after the tourney began because of what I mentioned earlier. (He fixed his deck) He went first so he set a monster and played The Forceful Sentry. My Revival Jam was sent back to my deck and then I shuffled my deck. He set a magic/trap card and ended his turn and I went. I drew; I now had Revival Jam, Horn Of The Unicorn, Graverobber, Dian Keto The Cure Master, and Gift Of The Mystical Elf in my hand. I summoned Revival Jam and attacked his set monster. It was Sangan. I used Dian Keto The Cure Master and set Gift Of The Mystical Elf and ended my turn. He drew; he used fissure and my Jam got destroyed. He summoned Don Zaloog and used Monster Reborn and brought back his Snagan. He attacked with both and he used Robbin’ Goblin so I had nothing in my hand.

He ended his turn so I drew. I let him go and he drew. He attacked with both monsters and I lost the card in my hand. This kept happening (I drew, he went, he attacked, and I lost the card I had in my hand) until he added one more monster to his army, Breaker The Magical Warrior. Then he attacked and I lost. The next part of the duel I choose to go first. I don’t remember every card in my hand except for a Graverobber. I set Graverobber and ended my turn. He went and played Painful Choice. He chooses Vampire Lord, The Forceful Sentry, Confiscation, Sangan, and Monster Reborn. Here is where I learned that since Vampire Lord was discarded and not destroyed he didn’t come back. I choose Monster Reborn and the rest went to the graveyard. I used Graverobber and asked to see his graveyard. I took his Painful Choice and used it. I choose Umi, Revival Jam, Jam Breeding Machine, Horn Of The Unicorn, and Raregold Armor. He chooses my Jam to go to my hand. The rest go to the graveyard. Here is where I tell him I only have three monsters. He thought the Jam Deck I talked about earlier was someone else’s. Well I summoned Revival Jam and he used Trap Hole. I let him go. Well he just kept summoning monsters and attacking so I lost. What else is new?


          Well I would just like to say thank you for taking the time to read this report. (This may be the last time I send in a report to Pojos) My email and im is still I hope to hear from all who have read this report. Well, goodbye.