Flipping the bird!

Brandon Wright Crzy851@aol.com

Lone Star comics

Irving, TX

Feb. 14, 04

Canít remember how many people I think their were 8 but Iím not sure

Prize was $24.00 store credit and you get a pack just for entering

Ok hereís the deck






Slate warrior x3

Spear dragon x3

Breaker the magical warrior

Tribe infecting virus

D.D. warrior lady x2


Exiled force


Fiber jar

Sinister serpent





Dark hole





Feather duster

Heavy storm

Space typhoon x3


Graceful charity






Mirror force

Call of the haunted

Torrential tribute x3

Drop off x3



Trap hole x3

Solemn judgment x3

Mirage of nightmare

Painful choice



Don Zaloog x2

D.D. warrior

Zombrya the dark x2




Well the morning started good enough I got there a little early so I decided to do some trading and was able to get my self three slate warriors and switched them out for my archfiends. Well everyone was battling and trading for a while because for some reason the tourney started late I think they were waiting for someone or something oh well ON TO THE FIRST DUEL!


Brandon (Crzy851@aol.com) vs. new kid (didnít get his name)


Well I felt bad automatically because the kid walked up and already I saw that not all of his cards had slides and some of the slides were different from each other. Well so we began the duel and for his first move he set a m/t and the set a monster face down in attack mode. So I just beat him both duels and taught him in the process after that.

After the first duel of the tourneysome kid wanted to battle me for cards and Iwas bored so I said ok he wanted me to put my Gemini so I said ok if you put up your painful choice (first edition) itís the only card I wanted from him . So we played one duel and I ended up yata locking him in four turns it was great.

Record 2-0


2nd duel

Brandon (Crzy851@aol.com) vs. beat down guy (man I gotta start asking people their names when I duel them)


The first duel he had no monsters he just set for cards and ended. My turn I draw then I use feather duster he chains imperial I chain space typhoon destroy his ring, mirror, and torrential. Then I take a chance summon yata attack and he gives he shows me the heavy storm and dark ruler in his hand. The quickest lock ever! ONE TURN

Second duel I felt bad he had no monsters again and I know he was a good duelist but he was just getting bad hands. First turn he sets two cards and ends. My turn he uses drop off I discard my witch I set imperial, torrential, and ring then I summon slate warrior and he torrentials, I end my turn. He draws and says ďyesĒ finally uses feather duster I chain imperial he spaces it summons D.D. warrior lady attacks set a card ends. My turn I space his mirror then summon a spear and attack he removes them both I set a typhoon and end. He draws and activates mirage I space it summons another D.D. and attacks. I draw a dark hole ďyesĒ use it attack with yata and end. He reborns his D.D. and attack (man those things are annoying). My turn I draw a premature use it bring back slate warrior summon the bird and attack D.D. with slate he removes them both attack with yata end my turn. He sets two card my turn I get a drop off set attack with yata he folds and shows me snatch steal and change of heart.

Record 4-0


3rd duel

Brandon (Crzy851@aol.com) vs. dark magician guy


This guy was pretty good but its hard to remember everything that happened because we both dueled so quickly. First turn he summons skilled dark magician and ends my turn I set ring, and two torrentials change of heart his skilled dark use pot of greed ditch sinister and Jinzo keep slate warrior summon and attack with both and end my turn. He draws puts down mirage of nightmare and tributes skilled dark for the dark magician himself and I ring him he sets another card and ends. My turn I draw heavy storm destroy his mirror and other stuff cant remember all of it then attack for game.

Second duel I cant remember a lot about this one we were moving really fast all I know is that within the first four turns we were both top decking and I got lucky and top decked yata and locked him.

Record 6-0


Final duel

Brandon (Crzy851@aol.com) vs. George yata beat down (I only remember his name because Iíve know him for a while)


I havenít dueled George in like forever so we both thought it was funny that the one time we get to duel again is in the last duel of the tourney. Well he goes fist and uses all three hand disruptors on me ditches my slate, witch, and pot then puts my D.D. back in my deck and leaves me with Jinzo then sets a monster and sets two cards and ends my turn drop off on my Sangan. I end he draws flips slate warrior and summons yata game.

Second duel my turn I use delinquent set D.D. and then set an imperial and two torrentials end turn. He draws uses pot I use imperial he spaces it (I swear they always space this thing) then draws two cards summons witch attacks and I remove both cards and he sets three cards ends. My turn I draw feather duster use it he activates scape goats I chain torrential then summon a zombrya and set a drop off then end. His turn I use drop off he loses his spear dragon, and then sets a monster. My turn I draw a dark hole use it kill fiber jar then set Sangan and end. He draws sets another monster then ends. My turn I flip witch torrential (got rid of his spirit reaper) then get Sanganís effect, yata attack game.

Third and final duel he goes sets three cards summons a slate warrior and ends. My turn I change of heart his slate and sac for Jinzo use feather duster he activates scape goat and then I use Raigeki then attack. He turn he uses dark hole then summons a Gemini attacks then ends. My turn I summon spear attack then set call and end. His turn he activates mirage and ends. My turn I summon another spear and attack then end he draws spaces mirage then sets three cards summons Sangan I reach for my face down trap he hesitates then doesnít attack and ends. My turn I summon D.D. attack Sangan remove both attack with spear dragon he activates scape goats I still attack then activate call and attack with another spear and game.

Record 8-1(oh yeah)



-me (Crzy851@aol.com) for winning

-George for giving me (Crzy851@aol.com) one of the coolest duels ever

-me (Crzy851@aol.com) again for getting a 1st edition painful choice and 3 slate warriors


-only getting $24.00 dollars credit

-not pulling anything good out of the packs