Darkness Beatdown Overpowered
Report by: Robert Sanders
Location: Trademart @ Moline, Illinois
Time & Date: 2/7/04 11:00 AM --- 3:30 PM

      Konnichiwa, everyone!  Konnichiwa is hello in japanese, so I thought it would be perfect for a tournament report.  I apologize about not sending in tournament reports lately, but I have very little access to the internet, so I decided to use this opportunity as best as I can.  I hope that all of you haven't missed me, and I have been upgrading my deck, so I think this will be a delight to see.  Here it is:

Darkness Beatdown Overpowered
Amt. of card: 40
Monsters: 18
      (One thing to keep in mind, I am telling what my deck looks like now, but at the tournament, I had Spear Dragon and Mystic Tomato instead of Sinister Serpent and Snatch Steal.)
1x Sinister Serpent
2x Magician of Faith
1x Yata Garasu
1x Injection Fairy Lily
1x Fiber Jar
1x Cyber Jar
1x Sangan
1x Exiled Force
1x Witch of the Black Forest
1x D. D. Warrior Lady
1x Tribe-Infecting Virus
1x Breaker the Magical Warrior
3x Skilled Dark Magician
1x Great Maju Garzett (Leap of faith with MEGA-POWER!)
1x Jinzo [If you can't beat him, you'll lose the match (obviously)]
Spells (or, which I prefer, MAGICS) x16
1x Change of Heart
1x Confiscation
1x Dark Hole
1x Delinquent Duo
1x Graceful Charity
1x Harpie's Feather Duster
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mage Power
1x Monster Reborn
1x Pot of Greed
1x Premature Burial
1x Raigeki
1x Snatch Steal
1x Swords of Revealing Light
1x The Forceful Sentry
1x United We Stand
Traps: x6
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Ceasefire
1x Imperial Order
1x Magic Cylinder
1x Mirror Force
1x Ring of Destruction
      Note again that instead of Sinister Serpent and Snatch Steal, I had Spear Dragon and Mystic Tomato.  I just recieved right after the Serpent and the Steal, but I really wanted to put that in!
      Anyway, now that we have that out of the way, let's talk about the tournament!
      It was snowing in the morning, as I woke up out of bed.  I decided to get some clothes on when I had only my most favorite pair of boxers on, and it was really cold, so it took me a few minutes for me to get out of bed.  I grabbed the remote, but it wasn't in my reach, so I grabbed a stick and see if I could get it that way.  Unfortunately, every attempt kept making it move it away.  I called apon my cat to retrieve the out-of-reach controller, but all the cat wanted was either to be fed or to be petted.
      After the long hour of struggling for the remote (I am over-exaggerating) I turned it on to watch the shows I always love: ANIME!!!  Ofcourse, I don't want you to all fall asleep, so let's get to the juicy part of this report.
      As I was walking into Trademart, I noticed alot of the duelists preparing of a tournament that is only once a week.  Jeric, William (preferred to be known as the BIRD), Tony and James Rias, Broc and Tony (after I finished second round) and many other well-acquainted faces were there and they all gave me a warm welcome.  To pass over my spare time, me and James had a major debate on whether Gemini Elf was outdated or not, but I won because it is NOT!  Anyway, Tod (the owner of the store) called back only eight specific individuals, which it consisted of: Aaron V, James R, Tony R, Jeric (YEAH!!), "Tank" (preferred nickname), two other people (I can't remember their names!) and yours truly... that means me!  Anyway, Tod told us that we are going to have a bunch of random tournaments and that he was going to give off around 24 booster pack.  I was really excited to hear that, but when he said that it would go to a bunch of people, I expressed my feelings in a depressed way.  So, we had the first tournament and my first opponent was...
Round One: Me vs. Jericho Hollister (Beatdown)
      Yeah, it was Jeric, the only person I can think of to have a really good chance against me.  It was disappointing that he was my first opponent, for I wanted to save the best for last.  Oh well...
      The battle begin with both of us nervous, considering we know what kind of powers we had with our decks, and also knowing that this would be the closest fight ever.  He took the first move and set a Kycoo, but I destroyed it with one of my own monsters.  We kept battling monsters in attack mode and soon he was down to 4500 life points and I had the field advantage.  I drew up Change of Heart, used it on his monster, and flipped it for the finishing blow.
      The second battle began with two of his hand-disruption cards, Delinquent Duo and The Forceful Sentry, which rendered my hand rather useless, then he set a monster and ended his turn.  I went and played the card Delinquent Duo, ridding of a little of his hand and going into defense mode with my Witch of the Black Forest.  On his turn, he destroyed my Witch with Dark Hole and as I was searching, he summoned Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer and did a direct attack, forcing out my monsters from the graveyard.  After that, he was on the offensive and I was mostly on the defensive, but he defeated me in the end.
      On this third round, I took the first move and started with The Forceful Sentry and Delinquent Duo to rid of a portion of his hand.  I set a monster in defense mode and a few traps to protect myself with.  We kept battling, and he eventually brought out his Great Maju Garzett with Spear Dragon as the tribute and attacked, but I countered with Magic Cylinder.  3800 damage was done to him, but it wasn't over just yet.  I drew a Change of Heart and noticing that he had nothing on the field but his Garzett, I used the good and evil spell card and finished him off with his own monster.   It was one of the toughest games ever. 2-1
Round Two: Me vs. "Tank" (Beatdown / Exodia / Anything else)
      After I reported the victory, I went over to my next opponent.  I told him about the report and I wanted to use his name, but he instead gave me a nickname, which was Tank.  Anyway, the battle began with his setting monsters, and I started with Confiscation to get rid of a threat and set a monster in defense mode.  We kept battling on and on with one going to defense and the other going to the offense, but I brought Jinzo on the field and attacked directly twice for victory.
      On the second match, he had a serious lack of monsters, and I had the little crow demon in my hand... yes, it was none other than Yata-Garasu!  He didn't have any monsters except for three Exodia pieces, but I sent down Yata Garasu.  He tried to stop it, but I had Breaker and Spear to help.  He began to get frustrated, but I just kept attacking.  I decided to let him draw for one turn, as his life points were extremely low, around 100, and I had Jinzo.  He drew another Trap card and that got him nowhere.  After that, the pizza came.  CHICKEN PIZZA!!!  BTW, 4-1
Round Three (Final Round of this tournament): Me vs. James R. (Beatdown)
      It is rather funny that I had to take on another beatdown, but I didn't care too much.  It started with both of us headbutting our life points back and forth, but it was really short as I defeated him with only 1000 life points left.  Not much to say because we just attacked with cards like Skilled Dark Magicians and Luster Dragon #2.
      On the second round, I had an advantage from the start, as I used Delinquent Duo... or so I thought... Imperial Order x_x.  Anyway, under his IO rules, I just began to hurt his life points with my Spear Dragon and my Skilled Dark Magicians, as every time he would try to stop me I had a counter.  Eventually, he brought out Great Maju Garzett with an attack of 3200 and attacked my defense monster (Magician of Faith), so I got back Change of Heart.  I drew, summoned Jinzo, and took him down with his own monster.  He did a great job with his deck, but I won this tournament ^_^ 6-1
Tournament #2
      I entered the second tournament, but I lost in the second round to Jeric (he paid his debt) and I won my first match against Archfiends that was controlled by a cool duelist (forgot his name), so there was not much to say there.  
The Aftermath
      Packs were given out and I mistakenly grabbed a LOB pack instead of a DCR pack, but I opened it up, anyway.  I do this one trick, as I count four cards, put the fifth face-down, and look at the rest before looking at the rare, but I somehow came up with ten cards in my pack!  So, I put card #5 & #6 down to see what I got and looked at the commons (they were all useless) and looked at one card to find Charubin the Fire Knight, but when I flipped over my other card, I came up with the Right Arm of the Forbidden One! ^_^  Everyone that witnessed this was shocked, and I was happy for the pack.
      I did a little trading and went on home at 3:30 PM to get ready for my date...yes, I can get girls...and to put in the new cards.  That was it, so thanks for reading.  Good luck and Happy Dueling ^_^
Pros and Cons
      Heck, I almost forgot about the most favored part!  Well, I didn't, so here it is:
^_^ Chicken Pizza
^_^ All the cool duelists were there (except for Neil... NOOOO!!!)
^_^ I won the tournament and recieved two rares
^_^ One of the rares were the Right Arm of Exodia
^_^ Jinzo saved the day
^_^ I upgraded with Snatch Steal and Sinister Serpent (still got to try out)
^_^ Tod for hosting a great tournament(s)
^_^ Jeric made it and was a great duelist
^_^ Minor headache
x_x Lost the second tournament
x_x Minor headache
x_x Neil wasn't there
x_x "Left shoe" wasn't there

      If you would like to e-mail me or anything, I will try my best to answer as soon as possible, but KuramaRoseWhip39 isn't working, so e-mail me at Great Exodia@aol.com.  I do deck upgrades and I like people to talk to.  Also, if anyone goes to www.anime-forums.com, my name there is YokoKurama, if you want to contact me quicker.  Thank you all and Happy Dueling ^_^