Dark Fiend Deck
Location: Danger Room Anderson, IN
Prize: 1st place- 3 Booster Packs of their choice
            2nd place- 1 Booster Pack of their choice


Levels 5 +
Dark Necrofear
Summoned Skull
Dark Ruler Ha Des

Level 1-4
Witch of the Black Forest
Mystic Tomato X2
Archfiend Soldier X3
Giant Orc X3
Tribe Infecting Virus
Breaker The Magic Warrior
Exiled Force
Magician of Faith

Harpie's Feather Duster
Monster Reborn
Change of heart
Dark Hole
Pot of greed
Mystical Space Typhoon
Swords of Revealing Light
Premature Burial
Snatch Steal
Heavy Storm
Axe of Despair
Graceful Charity
Black Pendant X2
Mage Power

Mirror Force
Magic Cylinder
Imperial Order
Call of the Haunted
Sakuretsu Armor

Deck Results:

It was a cold Monday in February and I had a Fever on this day so I decided to go to the tournament anyways.  Just for the heck of it.  Well enough talk about this.  Here are the results:

Round 1
Me Vs. some little kid who likes to use Painful Choice and Giant Germs

I drew my first hand and I got Giant Orc, Heavy Storm, Archfiend Soldier, Dark Necrofear, and a Dark Hole.  He went first and he just set a monster face down and ended his turn.  It was my turn and I drew a Monster Reborn.  So I activated Dark Hole, Reborned his La Jinn (The set Card), summoned Giant orc and Attacked him for 4000 lps. His turn, he activated confiscation and took my harpie's Feather Duster.  Man, that pissed me off.  Oh well I had this match set because I drew the axe and equipped to another Giant orc that I summoned on the field.  I attacked with Archfiend, and Blasted his lps all the way to 0.
Duel 2
It was basically the same thing.  almost the same cards I drew
Me- 5600
Him- 0

Round 2
Me Vs. the annoying rich snotty kid

My fever was getting a little worse, but I didn't let that get me down.  So when I dueled him, I expected him to win but it seems that Harpie's Feather Duster Saved my a** in both rounds.  He just used Wave Motion Cannons and set his monsters face down.  Bad move for both duels.
Duels 1 and 2
Me- 8000 (Never touched my lps)
Him- 0

Round 3- Semi Finals
Got a Bye

Round 4- Finals
Me Vs. Grant (He runs Fiends too)

These both rounds sucked.It was just both of us killing each other with Archfiends and Orcs and Using Breaker all the time.  But he got the best out of both duels.
Duels 1, 2, and 3
Me- 0 , 300, 0
Him 4500, 0, 7500

-Getting 2nd
-My friend Matt for letting me use Harpie's Feather Duster and Dark Ruler
- Got a Dark Master Zorc out of the Pack

-Fever got the best of me on the final round
-Not much people came