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This week it was snowing and there was only like 7 or 9 people at the tourny. I got the bye and i only had to play 2 people. Cory (the guy that always beats me) lost to the guy that got 2nd. The first guy that i played he won the first game and then me the 2nd 2. I got him in a lock both times. The 2 and last person i played had a beatdown/control/skilled drain. He ran all the control except don but reapers. And he used alot of gaf, spear etc. Then he used skilled drain.........soo i was like wow. He killed my v lord like 4 times out of the 2 with his gaf. Cory side decked to his beatdown because his control wasnt working. My control just got lucky because my scapegoats saved me. Along with torrential, and then i top decked noc when he had a face down fiber. Leading to a lock. The 2nd game i was going to side deck for my zombie deck but i was like hmmm nah. So i got lucky agin and i took alot of lp. He had 500 left and gaf and skilled drain, i top decked change of heart and that was game.
I got a dragon seeker from my tp4 pack and 14.25 store credit.
getting a bye
Only playing 2 people.
Finally getting 1st since the last time was about 2 times ago.
Not having to play cory
Everything in my deck working.
I just now put magic drains in my deck. They work real well. I took exciled force and noc out for 2. Email me or somthin if you want to help my deck out with your taste and rant my deck also. Later 

5+ Monsters (2)


Vampire lord*


Monsters (14)         

tribe infecting virus*

2x D.d warrior lady**

breaker the magical warrior*

yata-garasu *


2x mystic tomato

spirit reaper *

magical scientist

witch of the black forest

sangan *

sinister serpent *


Magics (17)

harpies feather duster *

3x mystical space typhon *

heavy storm *

mirage of nightmare

monster reborn

premature burial *

pot of greed

graceful charity *


dark hole

change of heart *


snatch steal

delinquent duo

forceful centry


Traps (8)

ring of destruction *

imperial order *

call of the haunted *

mirror force *

2x magic drain

2x torrental tribute


Total cards: 41

Total monsters: 16

Total m/t: 25

Total 1/e: 23/41


Side deck: for zombie 15

5+ monsters (2)

2x Patrician of darkness

Monsters (8)

3x pyramid turtle

royal keeper

3x spirit reaper

fiber jar

cyber jar

Magics (5)

3x book of life

card destruction

swords of revealing light


My side deck turns my deck into a zombie deck.

If you have any suggestions or any questions just email me at


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