---Blankone's JPN Control Deck/Al's Sports Cards Edmond, OK---
Entry Fee: $2

1st- $9 Store Credit
2nd- $7 "
3rd- $5 "
4th- Forgot
5th- Forgot

This is my first tourney report for pojo.com so please bare with me...
(Also, if you live in Oklahoma, try visiting Al's Sports Cards in
Edmond on Sundays.)

Anyways, here's my deck... This is JPN/ENG Hybrid tourney,
which we hold every Sunday at 1:00. My deck is entirely JPN,
but I'll be using ENG names....

Monsters: (17)
Vampire Lord

Fiber Jar
Magical Scientist
Injection Fairy Lily
D. D. Warrior Lady
D. D. Warrior Lady
Witch of the Black Forrest
Sinister Serpent
Berserk Gorilla-(2000/1000 Earth/Beast **** Attacks each turn if
                 possible, if in face-up defence it is destroyed.)
Breaker the Magic Warrior
Tribe Infecting Virus
Mystic Tomato
Spirit Reaper
Cannon Soldier

Magics (19)
Heavy Storm
Harpie's Feather Duster
Mystical Space Typhoon
Mystical Space Typhoon
Mystical Space Typhoon
Mirage of Nightmares
Graceful Charity
Pot of Greed
Dark Hole
Monster Reborn
Premature Burial
Change of Heart
Snatch Steal
Forceful Sentry
Delinquent Duo
Dimensional Inquisitor-(Name a card, if that card is in your opponent's
Dimensional Inquisitor  hand remove it from the game, if it is not in
                        your opponent's hand randomly remove 1 card
                        from your hand from the game.)
Waboku-(Soon to replaced with Sixth Sense.)
Call of the Haunted
Destruction Ring
Imperial Order

3x Balter
3x Ryu Senshi
3x Fiend Skull Dragon
3x Thousand Eyes Restrict
3x Crimson Sunbird (2300 Winged Beast/****** No Effect)

Side Deck-(15)
Scape Goat
Scape Goat
Enraged Minotaur-(1700/1000 **** Earth/Beast Gives all Beasts, Winged
Enemy Controller   Beast, and Beast Warriors Trample.)
Enemy Controller-(Quickplay/Magic Select 1 of the following effects,
Cyber Jar         Change the position of 1 Face-Up monster your
Blow Back Dragon* opponent controls, or Sacrifice a creature you
Exiled Force      control to gain control of 1 of the opponent's
Creature Swap     monsters until end of turn.)
Nobleman of Crossout
Chaos Emperor Dragon-(Read DM7FGD's First Article)
Chaos Soldier-(Read DM7FDG's First Article)
Mystic Tomato
Painful Choice
Mirror Force

* Blow Back Dragon (2300/1200 Dark/Machine ****** Toss a coin 3 times,
if 2 or more are heads... Destroy 1 CARD on the field.)

I usually take out Vampire Lord for this 50% of the time.... Both are

Well yeah, it could use a little improvement... But I'm content,
hope this gives you a little insight on what JPN Duelists use...
Anyways on to the tournament!
This isn't going to be play by play, because, I lost the paper
containing my LP's as well as the opponent's... Sorry, I'll be a bit
more careful next time... ;)

Key: *-Easy **-Average ***-Above Average ****-Hard *****-Rival

When I get there, I hangout for a bit with a couple of friends...Make
some trades for my Undead/Zombie deck, and loose a Blade Knight to my
friend Jacob... XP

After that was done, the tournament was started!

----Round 1-----
Curtis *** (Deck Type-Beatdown/Control)
Blankone (Deck Type-Control/Removal)

/Duel One/
This duel was fun, he got some hits in involving Giant Orc with
United We Stand, along with a monster of mine which I think he
got with Monster Reborn or Change of Heart.... Anyways, D.D. Warrior
Lady got her effect off on his Orc, and it seemed like he couldn't
draw anything useful to him from that point on....

/Duel Two/
I think this was a case of bad luck, I got out Forceful Sentry,
along with a D. Duo and I think that's what really messed him up...
He put up a fight, and it looked like things were in his favor...
Until I played out my entire hand, which consisted of... Monster Reborn,
Snatch Steal, Change of Heart, Premature Burial, along with a D.D. Warrior
Lady, sealing the game for me... Good Game Curtis!

----Round 2----
Ryan ? (Deck Type-Dragon/Legendary Fisherman)
Blankone (Deck Type-Control/Removal)
/Duel One/
Errrm... Um... Well this duel was finished early, because, Ryan
plays his entire hand out early, and was top-decking in no time...
Yeah, Yata got the best of him... Hand management is crucial...

/Duel Two/
This one was fun... He kept bribing me so we could take a draw... :/
Anyways, Fiber Jar went off, what, 4 times in this duel! It was crazy,
but he somehow kept stalling each time it went off... In the end he
was overwhelmed by Spirit Reaper, D.D. Warrior Lady, Lily, and Cannon

----Round 3----
Jimmy **** (Warrior/Beatdown)
Blankone (Deck Type-Control/Removal)
/Duel One/
Wow, this was great! Everything either of us did was blown up,
stolen, or discarded! It was great, he had me below 1000 LP's and
we were topdecking, which was wearing us out... However, thanks to
some luck, I managed to come out with the win via Monster Reborn.

/Duel Two/
Well, I got out some early discard, along with Dimensional
Inquisitor... I removed alot of threats from his hand... Still, he
managed to come back after heavy blows, via Pot of Greed and Graceful
Charity... :/ I did in the end manage to Yata-Lock him... Great Duels

----!Al's Sports Cards Drawing!----

Well after third round, we have a drawing for packs! I got lucky,
and my ticket was called. I recieved 1 pack of Pharaonic Guardian
ENG and pulled a...
Spirit Reaper! Nice addition to my Zombie Deck!
Anywho, back to the tournament!
Dustin-**** (Heavy Beatdown/Some Burn)
Blankone (Deck Type-Control/Removal)

/Duel 1/
Wow. He did some massive damage which I guess I must have overlooked,
I lost via a Cannon Soldier with United We Stand, 3 Scapegoats, and
a Spear Dragon.... Painful! Good Game though...

/Duel 2/
Meh, this was okay, I used a alot of my resources to get him top
decking, but, it seemed like every card he drew was what he needed....
Snatch Steal, Raigeki, Graceful Charity, Pot of Greed, you name it...
Annoying thing is though, he has 3 Torrential Tributes, and used all
of them! I couldn't draw a single Mystical Space Typhoon or
Heavy Storm! Vampire Lord did help ALOT in this duel though....
He beat me... Oh well...
Yep, this is Double elimination, so I still had a chance!
Jacob >:) ****-(Weird Necrofear/Fiend Deck... Yes, very weird.)
Blankone (Deck Type-Control/Removal)

/Duel 1/
Now this was interresting.... I removed his Dark Jeroid with my D.D.
Warrior Lady, and he got a hit in with Yata.... But, thanks to D. Duo
he lost alot of hand advantage, and eventually lost...thanks to Yata.
Good Game Jacob. :P

/Duel 2/
Jeroid was removed again! My Dimensional Inquisitors were being very
annoying as usual, and Jacob lost to a Sinister Serpent along side a
Yata-Garasu... I was called things in that duel, that I won't mention...
even on the internet... (heh heh...) Good Duel Jacob..
Chris B. ****-(Rush Deck/Speed)
Blankone (Deck Type-Control/Removal)

/Duel 1/
He conceded..... I don't know why, he had to do some
Magic The Gathering Trades, and didn't want to play I guess...
Dustin-**** (Heavy Beatdown-Some Burn)
Blankone (Deck Type-Control/Removal)

/Duel 1/
This was like it should have been... Using 3 Torrential Tributes,
is a baaad idea, because Jinzo hit the field early, and he was
top-decking turn 2, thanks to Dimensional Inquisitor, D. Duo, and

/Duel 2/
I had control over this in the beginning, thanks to a hand with
Forceful Sentry, Dimensional Inquisitor, D. Duo, Mirage, and Mystical
Space Typhoon, and Fiber Jar... Nice.
----------Last Duel-------
Jimmy **** (Warrior/Beatdown)
Blankone (Deck Type-Control/Removal)

/Duel 1/
This was crazy! Left and right, we were always swapping blows!
Blade Knight here, Vampire Lord coming back nearly every turn!
Still, I had a slight bit more control over the duel than he did...
So the duel ended in my favor having only 400 LP's...
Darn Blade Knight! :P

/Duel 2/
This duel was close to the first one, except it looked like it
would end in his favor, He had Marauding Captain, Goblin Attack Force,
Exclusivity Virus... Until, by some stroke of luck I top-decked...
a lucky Raigeki and attacked for a nice victory!
That was a great tournament! Well now time for Props Slops!

Jacob- Getting me 2 Book of Life-Forbidden Magic
Jimmy- Making, somewhat of a theme deck
-Pack of Dark Crisis I got with Zork-
-Completing 2 more Decks to my deck collection
-Finally finding someone with a Parallel Rare Blow Back Dragon
-Getting an Ultimate Rare Chaos Emperor Dragon
-John lending me his V-Lord
-Getting Killed By Dustin....
-Pulling nothing out my other 4 Dark Crisis Packs
------------People to Mention-------------
Regy???? I suck at spelling names.... You know who you are.
That one guy who told me to mention him but I forgot your name....
Yes, I'm talking about you, because your brother didn't show up...

Well that's it, hopefully pojo will post this! Oh yeah, my e-mail
address is Maker20008@ol.com So if you play, AIM me sometime for a
duel... Beware though I use JPN cards. :P