Barrel Dragon Blastage
Collectors Corner_Oakland_CA.
8 people unofficial 5$
1st= 3 packs
2nd= 2 packs
get past 1st round = 1 pack
1/2 box tournament is 5$ 8 ppl, winner gets 1/2 a box (12 packs)

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probably be deleted and my name is Barry
thanks for posting my report!!

2x Barrel Dragons
1x Jinzo
2x Lesser Fiend
2x Cannon Soldier
1x Yata
1x Witch
1x Tribe Infecting Virus
1x DD Warrior Lady
1x Exiled Force
1x Mystic Tomato
3x Nimble Momonga
1x Sinister Serpent

1x Pot of Greed
1x Graceful Charity
1x Change of Heart
1x Monster Reborn
1x Harpies Feather Duster
1x Raigeki
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Premature Burial
1x Confiscation
1x Delinquent Duo
1x The Forceful Sentry
1x Limiter Removal
2x Reasoning
1x Cost Down

1x Imperial Order
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Mirror Force
2x Torrential Tribute
2x Interdimensional Matter Transporter

Last Saturday was really awesome.  I was either really tired/zoned out or in a lucky trance.
I won nearly all of my matches 2-0 except one.  Rob convinced Jason to have some 1/2
box tournaments.  So M4A1 decided to split up the crew.  1/2 went to collectors
international and half stayed at Collectors Corner (CC).  Anyways on to the report.

1:30 (1st Tournament)
1st Match (Kenji)

Well having played Kenji and knowing he had the same deck I didn’t think I would be in
trouble.  I pretty much know all of his deck by heart.  He foolishly drops his hand and I
see a cylinder and a scapegoat which probably cost him the duel.  he gives me lava golem,
but I’m not going to attack into his cylinder.  I tribute his lava golem and my sinister
serpent to summon barrel dragon and finish him from there. 

2nd Duel (Kenji)
I end up getting lava golem, but it backfires.  I clear his field, summon my DD warrior
lady and deal 4500 to finish him.

2nd Match (Shelly)
Shelly and this other dude where dueling for a long time so I was watching and scouting
their decks.  I’d beaten Shelly a couple times and noticed that he too was using the same
deck as previous weeks.  It’s so much easier to win if you know what’s in your opponents
deck.  He runs a fairy deck, but it doesn’t have many mudoras or any airknights or cestus’.
I took the 1st duel really slow, gaining 3000 with nimbles, he refused to remove any of my
monsters with his DD warrior lady.  He had attacked my nimble, tomato, witch, and
sangan.  It helped a lot because he cylinders my Barrel Dragon.  I ended up being at 8400.
I hit him w/ tribe infecting virus 3 times.  I ended by prematuring barrel to finish it.

2nd Duel (Shelly)
I brought him down in a matter of turn, I wanted to get on with the tournament so I could
have some hang out/ relaxation time, plus I wanted to eat my pizza.  Tribe Infecting Virus
and Jinzo did the job.
Him 8000>7100>3100>0

3rd Match (rich)
Rich wanted his revenge for a coupe weeks back so he was ready.  I painful choice and he
gives me Jinzo.  I set nimble and end.  He flips witch, and summons don.  He kills 2
nimbles.  I summon Jinzo and premature barrel dragon.  Barrel successfully kills don.  I
snatch witch and get him down to 1900 plus 100 from snatch steal brings him to 2900.  He
summons tribe and kills all my machines.  He starts coming back and cyber jars.  I get 4
monsters and he gets one.  He sets a lot of m/t and ends.  Johan gets in riches face and
activates his waboku.  I summon cannon and activate it he torrentials.  so he ended up
wasting 2 protection traps in one turn.  He tries to attack w/ Yata, but I ring it.  I kill him
next turn.

2nd Duel (Rich)
Rich was really pissed at Johan for wasting his Waboku last game.  He gets out scientist
by losing 2100 LP.  ring to scientist, premature and baltar.  We both end up top decking.
I set DD warrior lady.  He summons breaker and already has a tribe and tomato. 
He attacks..
-with Tribe which bounces off
-attacks with Breaker and I remove
-attacks direct for 1400 w/ tomato.

I draw...nimble Heart of the Cards was really with me and I set it.  He attacks all 3 which
gives me enough of a life point advantage to finish him off.  4600 to 2500.

4th Match (Chris)
I can’t remember what happened very well.  Rich wanted Chris to beat me since he lost to
me.  Johan had already left for collectors international.  We exchanged hits, but I came out
on top.
him 8000>6800>5300>3900>3800>4800>3800>2400>1400>0
me 8000>6500>4100>4000>3700>2300

2nd Duel (Chris)
Finished it quick to get to my pizza and hang out with betty.
He confiscated.  We exchanged some damage.  He hits me with a tomato, after that I
premature for the win.
Him 8000>7000>4100>2900>0
Me 8000>7800>5600>4800

Half Box Tournament
8 people, 5$
Winner gets 12 packs.

1st Match (Tehman)
lol, Saturday Tehman was trying to recruit members for the anti-milk/wet noodle crew.
He had successfully recruited Chang for at least last Saturday.  He was still trying to work
out his burn deck.  He starts with a tremendous fire and secret barrel.  He didn’t do much
to me after that.  I change his troop dragon and bring out Jinzo.  I kill about 4 monsters,
but couldn’t get a clean hit with Jinzo and Limiter removal.  He ends up giving up because
he ran out of monsters to defend his life.

2nd Duel (Tehman)
Almost the same duel.  He plays tremendous fire, sets a couple cards and activates chain
energy.  I knew this was going be a tough duel. 
him 7500
me 7000
I use up some life setting a nimble.
me 6500

he plays change of heart and sets a card
him 6500

he hits me for 2000 with nimble and sangan
me 4500

I change of heart sangan and tribute it for Jinzo, (he chooses cyber jar)  I attack with
nimble and Jinzo, using Limiter removal.  bringing me down to 2500 and him all the way
down to 700. 

he heavy storms to kill his own chain energy.  he kills nimble with dark hole and attacks
direct w/ a flying kamakiri #2.
him 200
me 600

I use my saved graceful charity which was from the 1st draw.  I don’t get anything all that
good, all monsters.  All I have to do is summon the reflect bounder I drew last turn to
finish his kamakiri and his life points!

2nd Match (Betty)
Well I was juiced I beat Tehman in my 1st half box match.  However I had to play betty
next.  She attacked nimble, I bring out Jinzo and barrel, she tribes, but I finish it.
Her 8000>6400>3500>2900
me 9000>7400>6300

2nd Duel (Betty)
I get an early big hit and she doesn’t recover in time, even though she tries valiantly.
her 8000>4000>3000>2500
me 8000>5400

Final Match (Chang)
Chang wanted me to split and 6 packs is a lot, but Rob convinced me to go for it.  He
ends up killing me 1st round which shook me a little, but I stayed alert. 

2nd Duel (Change)
I come back quick.  He attacks a nimble which gives me 1000 life points.  Next turn I
summon Barrel Dragon he only lasts for 2 more turns.  Barrel dragon didn’t work 1st
time, but it still killed his don with its attack power. I kill his f/d with barrel dragon,
summon and attack for game!!

3rd Duel(Chang)
Chang was the only person to take me to a 3rd round on Saturday.  Chang asked me if I
wanted to split again, but I was juiced now and wanted the 12 packs.  I painful choice.
premature burial and deal some hefty battle damage with that 2600 atk RAW POWER!! 
I don’t even fool with barrels effect this turn, I nobleman and Limiter for the game!!!

I can’t believe I took 1st tournament and a half box tournament.  I gave rob my TP4 from
1st tournament for pushing me to play.
In my box I got...
Archfiend Soldier (best trade bait at CC)
Terrorking Archfiend
Different Dimension Dragon
Vampire Lord!!!

Nobody was at CC on Saturday.  Seriously almost nobody.

Winning 1st Tournament
Winning my 1st 1/2 Box Tournament
Betty staying at CC
Having fun
Jeremy for picking up pizza and a slurpie for me, blue is the best!!!!!!!!
Getting to play betty for fun which hasn’t happened for a month
Destroying almost everybody 2-0
Chang for beating Huy.

Losing one of my magic boosters at CC
beating my friends
not getting a chance to rip off any newbs...I mean trade with the kids.

Jeremy-good friend, good duelist, good at getting food.
Jr.-splitting and getting half a box at international.
Betty-cool friend, only good female duelist I know, and we got to play for fun!!!
Huy-lol, he drank too much martinelli’s and lost to Chang!!
David-makes the milk crew mad all the time by going to collectors international.
Tehman-trying to create an anti-M4A1 crew and recruiting change to play for him.
Jason and jacob-being cool and having 1/2 box tournaments.

other mentions
bandit keith, busy w/ studying.

sry if I forgot to mention you, I need to finish this soon, lots of HW.

PLEASE have your e-mail subject name have something to do w/ pojo or yugioh or it will
probably be deleted and my name is Barry
thanks for posting my report!!