Anarchy's Deathwish V2.075
Comic Warehouse
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
February 7, 2004
30-40 Participants
The Deck...
[2] Archfiend Soldier
[2] Don Zaloog
[2] Searchers
[1] D.D. Warrior Lady
[1] Exiled Force
[1] Pyramid Turtle
[1] Breaker
[1] Tribe
[1] Yata
[1] Sinister
[1] Reflect Bounder
[1] Jinzo
[1] Vampire Lord
[7] Staples [Geki, Reborn, Dark Hole, Duster, Pot, Change, & Graceful]
[3] Pre-Negators
[3] Typhoon
[1] Mirage of Nightmare
[1] Premature Burial
[1] Painful Choice
[1] Snatch Steal
[2] Torrential Tribute
[1] Ring of Destruction
[1] Imperial Order
[1] Mirror Force
[1] Waboku
[1] Call of the Haunted
Round 1: Me vs. Kid w/ Random Stuff
Ugh. A first round newb.  Oh well.  The matches went quickly.  Bing Bang Boom type things.
Round 2: Me vs. Kind w/ Random Stuff
Once again the matches went quickly bing bang boom style.
Round 3: Me vs. Sean w/ Beatdown
Here we go.  In game one, I got setup quickly, had good control of hand, etc.  I field controlled a bit.  It was quite amusing.  It was a good duel for me, I got a really good hand.
In the next game, I had a decent hand but managed to get a few searchers and beatdown Sean.  Sean was at a bit of a handicap as he was playing someone else's deck [pretty much].  Hopefully we'll have his Warriors before Regionals. [He's part of the team I'm part of :D]
Round 4: Me vs. Aaron w/ Scientist Teched Beatdown [[[Semi-Finals]]]
He is part of Team Pimp.  It's a little "rivalry" we have going at our store [Team Ultima] vs. [Team Pimp].  We're better =D.  Anyways the first duel was lengthy.  We went hit for hit, until the end when he started Scientisting to get my life points lower.  Although he got his low too.  I got him down to 400 and then just hit him up for the last 400 lp.  In the next one, we started the chopping of the life point trees once again.  This time I killed a Sangan, he fetched Scientist, I had Vampire Lord on the field.  I was kind of wondering why he didn't D.D. Warrior Lady, but it worked out in the end.  He won the second game.  In the third game, I went for Hand D. and just annialated his hand.  I got him down to two or three cards.  He used two and had one left and then got his Sangan effect.  I just used Delinquent Duo bringing my life points down to 1900 and he was at around 4000-something.  I ended up getting a Yata-Lock off.  Good Game.  and onto the Finals.
Round 5: Me vs. Nam w/ Scientist Teched Beatdown [[[FINALS]]]
Another member of Team Pimp.  The first duel went quite quickly.  Hit for hit, until I got off Vampire Lord, D.D. Warrior Lady and a Pyramid Turtle and hit him up with them twice.  Good Game.  In the next one I hit his life points only a few times.  He ended up getting out a couple monsters and he managed a Yata-Lock.  He thought they weren't luck wins...tututut.  Anyways in the third duel, I hit him up quickly with another "decent" hand.  I got his hand down to one card and he had a Mystical Space Typhoon or another magic facedown.  I began a Yata Lock but he had one card left in hand.  He ended up reborning Vampire Lord, I reborned D.D. Warrior Lady, removed the monster and Yata'd for the win.  After match you must say, "GGNORE ESSAY VATO!"
Props & Slops
Props to Vampire Lord for being so seksi.
Props to my gf Hannah for being so seksi.
Props to my dad for driving me to tourney.
Props to Final Fantasy: The Crystal Chronicles
Props to Vice City for being cool.
Props to my eBay Feedback rating
Props to John for getting his cards back...[well...almost]
Props to the Toronto Regional [w00t]
Slops to dirty rooms
Slops to homework [even though I have none...well none due for Monday anyways]
Slops to n00blars
Slops to Shane for saying that I was only thinking about quitting Dot Hack because John was doing it
Slops to National Invitations not being Pre-Paid.
Slops to Brock Lesnar [Here comes the lame]
~Matt Bishop
Pokemoncardkid [he...lives...FOREVER]