Amazonís Fury







Cosmo Queen

Mystical Elf

Spirit of the Harp


Pixie Knight x 3

Shadow Tamer

Witch of the Black Forest

Des Koala

Amazoness Tiger x 3

Amazon Archer x 2

Amozoness Paladin x 2

Amazoness Blowpiper x 3



Continuous Destruction Punch x 2

Ekibyo Drakmord

Monster Reborn


Harpieís Feather Duster

Fusion Sword Murasame Blade

Gravekeeperís Servant

Reinforcement of the Army

Premature Burial


Amazoness Spellcaster

Change of Heart

Legendary Sword

Dark Designator

Poison of the Old Man x 2

Lightning Blade x 2

Forest x 3

Sogen x 3

Yami x 2



Robin Goblin


I picked these cards because they fit my personality.  Every thing helps build up something else.


            The first person I faced was a young child no more then 10 years old.  He played a deck made between Yu-gi and Kibaís deck.  I played a combo between my Amazoness Tiger and Amazoness Paladin they both got powered up by them self and other amazons so they got powered up a lot, my Amazoness Palidin was powered up to 2100 because her and three more amazons were on the field.  This helped me over power the young kid who didnít seem to know what he was really doing.  So after beating him I went on to the next round.


            The next person I faced played a force beat down.  He tried to get out stronger monster then mine and he didnít use a lot of magic or traps.  All I really did to win this was to not let him get two or more monsters on the field.  I powered up my monsters and that stopped him from getting out his monsters.  But at one point he did get his Blue eyes white Dragon out but I played my Ekibyo Drakmord which stopped him from attacking and gave me the chance to power one of my monsters up enough to destroy the monster and that helped me win.


            The next kid I faced was named Jake he played a simple deck, mainly full of effect monsters and tried to use there effects on me also he had a lot of traps.  My Jinzo made short work of his traps and the best part was that his entire magic and trap area was full of traps when I had my Jinzo out so he couldnít play and of his magic.  Then I used my amazonís effects to power each other up and that helped my win.


            The next two duels round four and round five were a lot of the same things, they both had beat downs and the only problem was they didnít get the right cards at the right time so the were really easy to beat.  They didnít get a lot of monsters so their life points were easy targets.


The seventh duelist played a poorly made exodia deck so he didnít get any monsters out.  But the second duel against him he did mange to get all the peaces of exodia and won that duel.  But the last duel I slaughtered him.


            The last duel which was for third or a chances at first.  The first duel went well for me because I was powering up my amazons and destroying anything he played and then I won.  But the next duel I was slaughtered because I found out that the duelist that I was facing never tries to win the first duel and use that one to see what his opponents deck is like so he new what my deck did so he new how to prevent that, he had two Prohibitions so he played them and declared that both my Amazoness Tiger and Amazoness Palidin were prohibited so that stopped my chain of powering them up so I was weak and he walk right through me.  The last duel was just like the second duel and so I lost but I did come in third which was really good for me and my deck.


            I came in third and for being in only one other tournament it was really good for me.  My deck is still under construction because I am still looking for other amazon cards but I still played it.  Hope you enjoyed reading this and if you want to e-mail me here is my e-mail address


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