Airknight's Revenge
 Chris (
 Paramus NJ
My Deck
2xDon Zaloog
1xD.D. Warrior
1xSpirit Reaper 
1xSinister Serpent
1xArchfiend Soldier
Trap Cards:
1xMirror Force
1xCall of the haunted
1xTorrential Tribute
1xImperial Order
2xDrop Off
1xForceful Sentry
1xDelinquent Duo
1xMonster Reborn
1xChange of Heart
1xDark Hole
1xMirage of Nightmares
1xNobleman of Crossout
1xSnatch Steal
1xPremature Burial
1xGraceful Charity
1xPot of Greed
1xHeavy Storm
1xHarpies Feather Duster
First match, Airknight ( vs Light deck
This match was a long one, so i can't remember that much, what i do know is he overran me with his light monsters with field powerups, i tried gaining advantage with mirage, but i couldn't draw mst, and when i did, drop off.  my only real offense was when i snatch stole his parshath and kept it a few turns.  eventually,he sent out a mudora powered up and a soul of purity, i lost due to time restraints
Losers Brackett, Match 2, Airknight vs Last Turn deck
Oh well, at least i was still in the tourney.  Anywho, i drew, got confiscate, forceful, change, jinzo, and yata.  I passed on my first turn, he goes, plays lilly, and attacks.  Ouch, that didn't work at all, i draw, get mirror force, play change on his lilly and sac for jinzo, which i sacked him with for 2 turns before he put a card in defence, but by then i had set a spirit reaper and had a parshath ready to go.  the duel ended with me getting both my tributes onto the field and ramming him.
Match 3, Airknight ( vs Gravekeeper
Before the match began i watched this previous match, a gravekeeper vs warrior match, so mass swarming ensued.  So we begin the match, i go, get yata, nobleman, breaker, duster, and torrential.  so i go, set torrential, play breaker, and end.  He takes his turn and sets 1 m/t before playing necrovalley and setting one facedown card.  As i take my turn it occurs to me that his facedown should be a gravekeeper guard, and with nobleman in my hand, i was all for crossing it out, which i did.  i then proceeded to wipe out necrovalley and his facedown, rite of spirit.  As i ended my turn he proceeded to pack up his deck and attempt to leave.  When i asked him why it became apparent that he had only 1 necrovalley on the field and couldn't carry on, or something to that extent.  oh well, victory to me.
Final match, Airknight ( vs Ritual deck.
This duel was over in about 5 moves, the duel started with me going first, playing forcefull and delinquent, then setting a drop off and imperial, and playing Don. he draws, i drop off.  he tries playing pot, i imperial order it. he ends with nothing on the field and 2 cards in his hand.  next turn i draw and pull yata, ouch.  the duel ended with a yata lock.
so i accept winning the losers brackett(Pretty repetetive isn't it?), get 2 packs of PG, get nothing, and leave until next time
Myself, for doing much better in this tourney
Airknight, even though almost noone plays this card anymore
T-Virus, this is a really fun card
Getting nothing in packs
People who complain too much at tourneys.
Until next time, when i unveil my beatdown domination