Deck name - Souther Hospitality =D (Its from da dirrty south)
City and state - Murfreesboro, TN (DA BORO)
Date: Febuary 8, 2004 Sunday =D
My name - (you should know it) Timothy Williams aka G-rade (my name on UD site)
Store: Outer limits comics
People: 22 i think?
Pack Breakdown
1st - 10 packs and 1 tp pack
2nd - 8 packs and 1 tp pack
3 n 4 - 3 packs and 1 tp pack
Everyone in top 8 = 1 tp pack (really killed our prizes x.x otherwise...)
OH and its official tourney lol
Hey wassup everrybody, this is G-rade aka timothy williams doin another report for Outer limits (holla). I was tryin somethin new today after winnin so much FINALLY official so ima try to get to state and all just for fun and show em how we do str8 from da Boro and cashville. Also, me and my friend Sammie share cards, so we have 2 decks and both of us enter, so when we get to finals since i have more points he gives me the win in finals =D so it's pretty fun to have more of a chance of winning but anyways heres the info, oh and we get more packs lol.
Well heres the deck its a deck i was playin around with Beat/Yata/Scientist/Mirage Knight fun fun fun
Monsters: 22
Magical Scientist x 1
Apprentice Magician x 2
Mystic Tomatoe x 3
Goblin Attack Force x 3
Sinister Serpent x 1
Don zaloog x 1
Spirit Reaper x 1
Witch of da black forrest x 1
Cyber Jar x 1
Mirage Knight x 1 (da pimp! lol)
Jinzo x 1 (I sold my 1st edition one so i using a tinzo lol x.x)
Giant Orc x 2
Yata Garasu x 1
Spear Dragon x 1
Tribe Infecting Virus x 1
Injection Faerie lily x 1
Magix: 19
Mystical Space Typhoon x 3
Swords of Revealing Light x 1
Poison of the old man x 1
Mage Power x 1
Mirage of Nightmare x 1
Heavy Storm x 1
Monster Reborn x 1
Delinquent Duo x 1
The Forceful Sentry x 1
Change of Heart x 1
Graceful Charity x 1
Pot of Greed x 1
Snatch Steal x 1
Harpies Feather Duster x 1
Raigeki x 1
Premature Burial x 1
Dark Hole x 1
Traps: 9
Magic Cylinder
Imperial order
Judgment of Anubis x 2
Mirror Force
Ring of Destruction
Waboku x 2
Call of the haunted
Dark Flare Knight x 2
Ryu Senshai x 1
Dark Balter the terrible x 1
Fiend Skull dragon x 1
Pretty big deck, very solid when ur not fulling around with the fusions but i made it in 1 night after thinking and getting bored of beatdown and i have to say, im proud =D lol anyways lets get the report started!
1st Round, Me vs Ben
Now some of you may know ben from Pojo's boards he says hes on there he plays yata but imo hes not all that great but hey its not what i think its what happends ey? He has a talent for getting lucky as you'll see in this report =D.  Well it starts off i go first, bad memory but i ended up winning the first one, next game towards the end of the game i start messing around and i let him change of heart my orc then he attks my witch of the black forest i cylinder he barrels im like woah but anyways yea its 1-1 at this point, Next game..Wow..Can you say horrible hand? No yata or anything he just got the better hand and played better than me what can I say, hes known for getting lucky.
Him - 2-1 he wins
During this round: Me and this dude play i was like have i played you at books-a-million before? He says yea i think you were running a differant deck, I trampled him 2-0 scientist prevailsssss...
Round 2: Me vs Eli
Eli had quit but hey he keeps coming back lol so lets see what i had instore for him.
Game 1: Good game, he pulled out early skill drain when it was just an assortmant of cards that he had in his deck so i eventually won with a Spear dragon attking, and attking lol Him - 0 me -???
Game 2: Umm in the end he got feild cleared and got me by like 100? Iunno still good tho the V-lord kinda got to me lol so yea oh well cant win them all Me - 0 Him - ???
Game 3: Foggy memory, all i remember is i win with his feild being clear lol so yea it was probably bad =D I win 2-1
During this round:
I see this kid and his mom and dad play yugioh they're all pretty darn good (v-lords and rings and stuff just like me and blake and sammie) So i play the kid cocky, very cocky (reminds me of me =D) I remember we played before tourney he said "Ready to meet your doom" im like woah now lil man lol our match was interrupted by tourney and it started before we got to finish (I was gonna win i could tell lol i had imperialed his charity and stuff) But anyways we played, He had a nice Zombie deck i was quite impressed it went 3-1 in my favor, I had asked him how he made his decks he said "I just think of them after tournements" I was like wow talented lil kid i use YVD lol =D
Round 3: Me vs Some dude he was cool tho
Umm we had played before too, i showed him fusion deck before we played he was like "Yea, i remember it lol" Game 1 was pretty ugly i ended up winning pretty easy Game 2: i ended up with 5200 and he was at around 300 I ringed a bazoo i beleive for game. Hes a good person has lotsa good cards, just cant quite get all the skills a highly experianced duelist has yet. I win 2-0
During this round: Sammie gets WHOOPED by Blake, blake got somethin like 4 monsters on cyber all 1900's and sammie didnt get jack, Blake summoned another one lets see..1900 x 5 That was game, then blake wins again 2-0 I felt bad for sammie, even tho hes prolly better (sammie is) But hey stuff happends =D
Round 4: Me vs Kids dad (the one with zombie deck)
Wow, all i can say, we had played before tourney i won 1-0 he said he was holding back tho i killed him to quick to see how his deck works which i was kinda suprised i had heard he had a needle worm and since we've only had 2 officials (this is our 3rd) noone had any good tp cards other than rares so it was cool to see a real needle worm =D. Game 1 - I ended up Yata locking him even tho he had a sinister serpent (i had don zaloog already on feild along with injection faerie lily)So he just gave up.
Game 2 - Wow, long and pretty bad game for me he pulled needle worm effect twice, For the first time in real life I change of hearted a needle worm and flipped it on him (0wnage) lol but yea it was cool, i ended up losing his messenger of peace was on the feild forever but my zaloogs gave a good fight =D
Game 3 - A stunning thing happends, He says "I'll give you the win man this deck is just too slow so you win." I was like wow thanks man alot, I think it was really up in the air, hes a good guy shout out to him thanks, if i woulda lost i was outta top 8 so really nice of him to do that thanks man =D
During this round: Nothin really happend i just messed around then matches were called for top 8, I, suppringly enough was seed number 7! Which was weird cause i was 3-1 (7-4) but hey its aight so it was me vs blake =) also sammie was in there too, we were on differant sides of the bracket could I see something happening? And the kid with zombie deck played BEN i thought ben would be easy for him, but hey ben is a lucky sumtin sumtin =D lol
Top 8 me vs blake
Wow again for the 2nd str8 week me vs blake in top 8 fun fun fun, I won 2-0 last time, lets see if i keep the streak alive!
Game 1 - I start off with like 3 gobbies spear dragon and poison of old man in my first 5 so it was all good from there. He had said before this "Your deck is not enough beatdown, I'm gonna slaughter you" Rofl i laughed so hard when i whooped his behind with 3 gobbies vs his 1900's ;) I guess he'll know not to mess with my gobbies again will he =D
Game 2 - Pretty much over when it started, he was easy i whooped him with scientist he had a jinzo out hit my apprentice magician i got out a magical scientist, drew, special summoned dark flare, hit his jinzo, brought out mirage knight (Pimpness) Schooled him with it, then he drew set a f/d i drew Forgot what monster be he was low on LP so i just special summoned some fusions to negate flips and negate traps, it was game =D I knew he liked my scientist lol me win  2-0
During this round: AMAZING Ben knocks off the kid with zombie deck at 100 LP! he top decks dark hole i think and stuff hits him and its game amazing stuff, i told you the kid was str8 up lucky! it was all good i guess lol I found out i would be facing Michael, an old friend we used to go to same school so we knew each other pretty well. Sammie advances to play ben btw. We knew, if we both win, we get 20 packs (18 dcr's and 2 tp's) So we were playing our best =D
Top 4 Me vs michael
Game 1- I knock him off with injection his mom was watching I was very gentile lol
Game 2- Came down to Yata vs Yata, i had a face down mst, he had to skip draw cause of yata I had tribe + orc in my hand he had Premature + yata, he played premature i immediately activated MST to his premature he was like dang.. he took 800 and was like yea thats game man I was like yea, as soon as you get low enough ill just Giant orc attk you so yea he gave up me win 2-0
During the round: Ben vs Sammie its 1-0 sammie is up, Sammie flips fiber ben is at 5900, Sammie gets pot of greed and goblin and ring and UNITED WE STAND (W0000TAGE!) Since sammie flipped fiber he'd be attaking directly, Goblin + United attk for 3100, ben draws, sammie activates ring of destruction for game 0wnage, and ben ended up drawing a kuriboh rofl sucks to be ben guess he cant always be a lucky sumtin sumtin =D.
Me and sammie talk it over since i have more points he gives me the win im #1 in the store we get 18 dcrs and 2 tps Nothing outta tps and Skull Archfiend, Reflect Bounder, Another mirage knight, Spell Vanishing, and some other super and yes, another Archfiend soldier (our 9th at the time) So we were kinda p'oed we had bought a 36 pack, no secret we had bought a 24 pack box last week no secret, so we were like ugg here it goes another dissapointment when we opend the packs So we kept our streak of no secrets since our MFC box when we got a DMG (or was it form the 12 packs i won ;)) but yea After the tourney, I talk to Eli, he still is interested in some of our cards, I end of trading Magic Cylinder, 3 archfiend soldiers and a Spear Dragon for his bent in middle (on back only for some odd reason) 1st edition Vampire lord!! w00tage finally, Sammie had told me before, he had boughten 2 v-lords on ebay for like 54.99 they were first edition and money we had earned from selling other spare holos so 3 v-lords , its all good for real =D
Time for props and slops
Me winning
another 18 packs of nothing =D
Magical Scientist
People still being good here
Taking the win from the dudes dad
Not getting to play the kid in finals like i had wanted to
Not pulling a secret
Lady at bowling alley for getting kinda mad at me for having my hands on lacey x.x lol
Losing to bowling against 2 girls :(
Contact Info:
Aim - g rade 4 lyfe :or: t3a cups  (i get on both)
E-mail -
Well thats all fokes hope u enjoyed it Timothy williams saying goodbye =D

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