A Final Change



Greentree Sportscards

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

February 14, 2004

About 35-45 participants (guessing)

Prizes:  First - $15.00 store credit, Second - $5.00 store credit, winner of loser’s bracket - $5.00 store credit


Since everyone else is just too lazy, I am gonna continually be the store representative from Greentree.  All right, this deck I have tested long and hard and I think it may do well today.  Here it is (please don’t steal my idea!!!):


A Final Change




16 Monsters:

1x Jinzo

1x Vampire Lord

1x Yata-Garasu

1x Don Zaloog

1x Spirit Reaper

1x Gemini Elf

1x Luster Dragon

1x Skilled Dark Magician

1x Breaker the Magical Warrior

2x D. D. Warrior Lady

1x Tribe-Infecting Virus

1x Sinister Serpent

1x Fiber Jar

1x Sangan

1x Witch of the Black Forest


18 Spells:

1x Raigeki

1x Dark Hole

1x Harpie’s Feather Duster

1x Heavy Storm

1x Pot of Greed

1x Graceful Charity

1x Change of Heart

1x Monster Reborn

3x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Snatch Steal

1x Premature Burial

1x Delinquent Duo

1x The Forceful Sentry

1x Swords of Revealing Light

1x Painful Choice

1x Mirage of Nightmare


6 Traps:

1x Mirror Force

1x Imperial Order

1x Ring of Destruction

1x Call of the Haunted

2x Waboku


I’m not gonna even list my sidedeck; all it has are my XYZ cards, Scientist, and Exiled Force.


Fusion Deck:

3x Dark Flare Knight

1x Fiend Skull Dragon

1x Ryu Senshi

2x Dark Baltar the Terrible

1x Thousand-Eyes Restrict

2x Super Roboyarou

XYZ stuff…


I got to the tournament a little late, walked in, ad paid my $5.00 registration fee.  Surprise surprise, I was handed a free LOD pack from him in addition to the Dark Crisis one I selected.  How thoughtful.  I pulled crap in the Dark Crisis and my third Reinforcements of the Army in the LOD.  Oh well, it was free.  I went over to put my stuff down by the Kramers – THEY WEREN’T THERE!!!  Wow, this is like the first time in a year…


I had a warm-up match with Steven Dayoub, and tested my XYZ deck…  Turns out, it sucks this time too.  Meh, oh well.  I residedecked it and never planned on taking it out again.  I crushed him the next duel and was killing him in the third, but pairings were being announced.  I found that I was paired up against some little kid, and because we were one of the last pairings called, we didn’t have a place to sit.  Bear with me, because I didn’t take any notes.


Match One - Me v. Little kid (normal Beadown)

Now I am not starting a trend here, but I don’t want to bore you all with gory details.  He didn’t put a scratch on me. All he had were those annoying Penguin Soldiers helping him.

End result:  me – 8000, him – 0


Duel Two

Started and ended like before…  This time, I lost 1000 LP due to a Del Duo early in the game.

End result:  me – 7000, him – 0

Winner:  Me



Match Two – Me v. BYE

Luck was with me.  I made a couple awesome trades with the kid I just beat like my extra TIV + Delinquent Duo for his Metalmorph.  Lets see…I either play Dayoub or McHale…  Both duelists are pretty tough, especially McHale, so I figured I would have quite a fight to put up.  Surprise, Dayoub won.  Woo, cool.  I get to play him next.



Match Three – Me v. Dayoub (average Beatdown)

He is a good duelist with some good cards, but frankly, I don’t think he played some of them correctly.  We started off the first duel with a bang, me hitting him for 1900 with a Gemini and ending.  After that, he was able to get rid of it and attack me, at which point I suicided my Luster into his Luster (both were First Edition too, I think…).  I think he played Cyber Jar, because at one point, our hands were both close to eight cards.  At this point, I think he managed to set a Fiber, and during the following turn, I attacked it with some monster (don’t remember).  The fiber start left me with a Waboku and a Pot of Greed, so I ended up having the same number of cards in my hand.  From here, I was able to hit him with some heavy monsters, and the score was around 2500-3000 (in his favor).  He set a monster and ended.  At this point, I had DDWL and a faceup beaststick.  There really was no reason for him to set a monster, unless…maybe it was Fiber?  I draw…RAIGEKI!!!  Play it, attack, game.

End score:  me – 2500, him – 0


He went to sidedeck some stuff, but he changed his mind halfway through.


Duel Two

Just complete pwnage on my part.  I think I hit him for at least 3000 before he got a scratch on me, and even then, he didn’t manage to take field or hand advantage.  After a few turns stalling with Spirit Reaper (on his part), I was able to Tribe Virus him, and then, on the next turn, sack for V-Lord.  Now, he was handless, fieldless, and topdecking.  He set one monster and ended.  I took my chances on this one.  If it was Fiber, he could have a potential chance at winning.  There is no way someone could be that lucky…  I summoned SDM, attacked with it…it was Archfiend Soldier.  Attack with V-Lord, game.

End result:  Me 4500?, Him 0



Match Four – Me v. McCartney (Warrior/Beatdown)

Ah, revenge for that close win in regionals.  We hates him.  Man, he has great cards, but doesn’t know how to use them.  After no damage either way, he was able to sack SDM for DMG (a stupid move).  He attacked my facedown Witch, and after I retrieved Tribe-Virus, I set a Spirit Reaper and a Waboku.  Just to make sure I didn’t activate that facedown Waboku, he sacks DMG for Jinzo (another stupid move).  Oh no, my Spirit Reaper stays on field.  Well, I brought out TIV next turn, broke machines, and attacked for 1900 (first damage of the game).  He sets a monster, plays Raigeki.  Ummm….ok…  I am thinking:  Why would someone Raigeki and set a monster?  I knew he had many monsters at his disposal.  It HAS to be Fiber.  I set a monster, end.  I play Waboku.  He flips Fiber…hahahahahahaha.  He didn’t seem to know its effect lasted even though it went away.  He decides to set a monster, end.  I DDWL his Witch, set a Waboku.  He Heavy Storms, I play it.  He uses Marauding to Special Summon TIV (another stupid move).  I do a miraculous combo of Snatch Steal + Reborn + Yata = LOCKAGE.

End result:  Me 6100, Him 0


Duel Two

WOW.  First hand = The Forceful Sentry, Delinquent Duo, Spirit Reaper, Pot, Graceful.  Instant ownage.  I took out all his monsters and traps, hit him with Reaper, pulled out Yata the second turn.  Left handless in two turns.  J

End result:  Me 7000, Him 0

Winner:  Me



Match 5 (semifinals)– Me v. Walker (unconventional Hand Disruption)

Well, he starts off battering me with a couple of low life monsters.  I eventually cleared his field and attacked directly for a bit.  He retaliated by having full hand and field advantage, and just consistently smacking me with his Lesser Fiend (told you it was unconventional).  I managed to scrape off a little more LP from him, but to no avail; he won the match…

End result:  Me 0, Him 4500?


Duel Two

I side decked my Magical Scientist for my Luster Dragon.  It turned to help out greatly.  Cyber boosted our hand count earlier in the duel, flipped from my SoRL.  I delinquented his hand, brought out Magical Scientist, paid 2000 to bring out two Dark Baltars (he had Witch + Sangan facedown from the Cyber).  I was at 5000, but I quickly redeemed myself by attacking directly with Scientist and Gemini.  I set a Ring of Destruction and ended.  His turn, he Heavy Storms the field.  I play my Ring on my Scientist (I didn’t want to lose additional LP…).  The score was now 4700-5500, in his favor.  All right.  Here was the part I don’t remember.  I BELIEVE that he Dark Holed, brought out a beaststick, and attacked directly.  (2800-5500).   At this point, I played Mirage, suicided my beaststick into his and ended.  He plays Breaker and attacks (900-5500).  He set one m/t and ended.  My turn, I MST from hand my Mirage.  I Dark Hole his Breaker, MST his MST, Forceful his hand (he had one card), and attack with Yata.  He conceded.

End result:  Me 900, Him 0


Duel Three

This duel I remember very faintly except for my last move.  I think I fiber-started early in the game, and hit him directly with a beaststick.  I remember losing Life Points twice due to a Delinquent Duo, and then doing it again the second time around.  He gets rid of my beaststick with Zombyra, and now has field advantage.  I set Witch and Ring.  Next turn, what does he do???  He MSTs, removes it with DDWL (good thing he couldn’t attack me directly).  I set another Trap (I think it was Mirror Force) and end.  He sacks for Jinzo, attacks direct.  Ouch.  (5600-6100).  I don’t remember much about the rest, but I somehow got him down to 3100, and he got me down to 1700, with a DDWL on his side of the field.  I change of Heart, revive Breaker with Reborn, attack direct for GAME!!!

End result:  Me 1700, Him 0


Match 6 – Me v. Bracken

At the last moment (and the best moment), he dropped out because his ride (Jesse) had to leave.


I WON!!!  Yay – time to collect my prize - $15.00 store credit.  I buy my third Lava Golem with it.  I smells a new deck arising…  Time for props and slops!!!



Getting 1st

Getting a FREE LOD pack

Awesome trades


McHale losing!!!

The restaurant adjacent to Greentree Sportscards’ chicken pieces

Greentree Sportscards’ low prices



Not being able to play Bracken…

Clancy Wiggum from Springfield’s Finest




AIM:  mrfilbertiert

Email:  pyroboy72@hotmail.com


I am always up for a friendly duel.  Send all questions/comments/hate mail/love mail/munchies to me!  I am in the market for a third D. D. Warrior Lady.