Primetime Sportscards
Zion, IL
9:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
$5 entry fee
It being the last week before Bill was going to let IOC become legal, I guess I got those Chaos monsters just in time. Anyway, here's the deck.
Monsters (17)
2 Spear Dragon
2 Goblin Attack Force
2 D.D. Warrior Lady
2 Archfiend Soldier
1 Gemini Elf
1 Jinzo
1 Airknight Parshath
1 Sinister Serpent
1 Tribe
1 Witch
1 Cyber Jar
1 Breaker
1 Kycoo
Magic (17)
7 staples
2 discarders (no Confiscation)
1 Nobleman of Crossout
1 Heavy Storm
1 Premature Burial
1 Snatch Steal
1 Book of Moon
Traps (6)
2 Waboku
1 Ring
1 Mirror Force
1 Imperial Order
1 Call of the Haunted
With a low turnout today, I expected to win, or at least make it to finals. The Alexes, Enrique, and Alessio were the only good players there. To see how well I did, read on... IF YOU DARE...
So anyway, I bought the Chaos monsters before the tourney, paid my fee, and Bill went to the movie theater to call the pairings. I was faced off against an opponent I had previously butchered.
Round 1
Me vs. J.K. (Exodia)
Duel 1
He went first, discarded Thunder Dragon, and revived it with Premature. I summoned Spear, set Waboku, and attacked for 300. He summoned an arm of Exodia and attacked into my Waboku and ended. I shifted Spear, summoned Kycoo, and attacked for 3500 and removed his piece and the Dragon. He couldn't defend with anything and I won.
Me 8000
J.K. 8000>7200>6900>3400>0
Duel 2
I was killing him pretty steadily with Airknight leading the charge. He had Witch and Sangan out and summoned Cannon Soldier. That should have won him the game because he only needed one piece, but I bought some time with Book of Moon. It wasn't enough, though. He won by Exodia.
Me 8000
J.K. 8000>7200>5900>5100>3600>2200<Exodia
Duel 3
He got Gravity Bind out early. A few turns later, with 3 pieces already in his hand, things were getting desperate. If I didn't draw something good, I would lose again. Then, the heart of the cards came through, and I drew Heavy Storm. I nuked his Bind and won a couple turns later.
Me 8000>7200
J.K. 8000>7700>7400>4700>0
Round 2
Me vs. Eric (budget beatdown/Amazoness)
Duel 1
This kid was deceptively tough to beat. He had a bunch of low-cost cards such as Gagagigo, but also some rarer ones like Injection Fairy Lily. He kept talking about his combo with Lily and Trap of Board Eraser, but he never activated it. Anyway, this duel was tough. He got me down quickly by clearing my field and attacking with Amazoness Paladin and Gagagigo. His Lily came out to play in this duel, but it didn't do anything for him thanks to my Waboku.
Me 8000>6250>4450>1450
Eric 8000>7900>6000>5500>2500>0
Duel 2
This was the ultimate comeback. He got me down to 550 while we were topdecking. Then, I summoned a monster, and he just couldn't defend. I later summoned more monsters to the field and massacred him.
Me 8000>5100<6100>5100>1400<2400>550
Eric 8000>6500>6450>4550>1150>0
Round 3
Me vs. Kevin (beatdown with equips)
Duel 1
Sure, he had equips, but he never got an opportunity to use them. Anyway, we were pretty much exchanging hits until we were both right around 2000. I just attacked and took out all his monsters and his life points, then I killed the rest of his life with Ring. His Lily came out to play, too, but it left nary a scratch.
Me 8000>6100>5100>5000>3100>2100>200
Kevin 8000>6100>2400>100>0
Duel 2
This was just a massacre. The only damage I took was from his Spear attacking my Kycoo and my own Premature Burial. He tried a last ditch effort by summoning something with his own Premature, but it was all for nought.
Me 8000>7900>7100
Kevin 8000>6400>3700>2900>0
Round 4
Me vs. Alex Gonzalez (beatdown)
Duel 1
This was an even duel. Although he wondered in disbelief how I had won so soon, I reviewed it for him. I attacked for 3600 (don't remember what with), then 1900 with Spear, then he gained from Snatch, then another 1900 with Spear (by then Snatch was gone), then yet another 1900 with Spear for the game. He didn't care, though. He knew I'd won.
Me 8000>7000>4400>3200>2900
Alex 8000>4400>2500<3500>1600>0
Duel 2
He hit me early with a 1900 and Tribe, but that was all the damage he got. Kycoo and company owned him.
Me 8000>4500
Alex 8000>6100>3500>2700
Round 5 (finals? I'm not sure if it was.)
Me vs. Alex Garcia (beatdown)
Duel 1
How Alex ever managed to beat Alessio, I may never know. But whatever. Anyway, this was a very intense duel. In the end, he won by summoning many monsters in one turn.
Me 8000>7300>5400>3200>0
Alex 8000>5700>4900>3000
Duel 2
This one wasn't bad. The only damage I took was from a direct attack with Tribe and GAF attacking my Tribe. Towards the end, I attacked with GAF and would have won, but he used Mirror Wall. That bought him an extra turn, but it didn't save him.
Me 8000>6400>5700
Alex 8000>7700>6900>4600>2300>1150>0
Duel 3
I Snatched a monster, then he played Swords. With no removal handy, I couldn't keep him from gaining some LP, and he won.
Me 8000>6500>4600>3600>2900>2800<3800>0
Alex 8000>6500>5700<6700>5900>3900
Afterwards, there was a double elimination thing going on, but there isn't much to tell about that. I lost to Alessio 2-1. Anyway, the now retired Golden Duelist had entrusted his deck to me today so that I could sell some of its cards to Bill. He bought 20 cards from the deck for $50. Bill also gave me a dollar in exchange for the Giant Red Seasnake that I pulled from my tourney pack. And now, the good old props 'n' slops.
to Bill for holding those Chaos monsters so I could buy them. (You're such a sweetie. I heart Bill! Okay, I'll shut up.)
to me for going 9-3 (my best tourney ever)
to Bill again for paying 50 bucks for 20 cards. (sucker!)
to Alessio for being an impressive duelist, despite his small stature and young age.
to this one kid I saw after the tourney who gave me his Thunder Nyan Nyan.
For once, there are none.
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