Super Exodia Deck
Jeff Kerr
Altered States Shoppingtown Mall
March than, 2004
20 or so Participants
Top 8 get store credit based on what place they got
8th-5th:get 10$
3rd and 4th:about 15-20$
2nd :25-30$
1st :35-40$
All prizes are store credit not cash, and can not be used on yugioh cards (yes I know its stupid)


This is my first time posting on pojo though I have been to very many tournaments.


Now onto the deck list
Exodia partsx5
Spear Cretinx1
Fiber Jarx1
Nimble Momongax3
Magician of Faith x2
Mystic Tomato x2


Magic: 12
Pot of Greed x1
Monster Reborn x1
Graceful Charity x1
Raigeki x1
Harpie's Feather Duster x1
Painful Choice x1
Dark Hole x1
Shallow Grave x3
The Dark door x2 (no messengers)


Gravity Bind x3
Waboku x3
Jar of greed x3
Backup soldier x2
Imperial Order x1


Total: 40


I didn't use my side deck much at all so I won't even post it.


I got to the tournament just about 5 minutes before it was going to start.  So I wanted to see if anyone wanted to trade before we began.  I traded my Vampire Lord of which I had very little use for a Noblemen of Crossout, Marauding Captain,Freed the Matchless General, and 2 other cards that I traded for Exodia Necross.  I was so mad that this one kid wouldn't trade it just because it is a super short print but it didn't matter in the end because the tournament was about to begin.
Oh yea this is swiss style tournament with a top 8
Round 1 Jeff vs. Kid with very good cards but doesn't really know how to use them
I give Props to this kid ( forgot his name). He had aloft of cards like Snatch steal and stuff though he had no Duo, no mst's, though it was a good match
Duel 1:This one was short because I drew the right cards at the right times,  I think it was 8 or 9 turns (for me that is short) Me:5400 (lot suicids) Him: Lose to Exodia.
Duel 2:Him haveing no mst's was a bad thing because my stall cards were working TO well. It got to the point that we were going Draw,glance at our hand , go.It was very boring, it was the first time I had gotten exodia from just drawing in along time.  I still give props to this kid for putting up a good fight! Me:8000 Him lose to Exodia.
Record 2-0
Round 2 Jeff vs. Mike Q.
I must say that I very depressed when  this happened.  Mike was one of the 4 best in the store and won alot of his duels so I knew I was most likely going to lose.
Duel 1 : At one point in the duel I had 3 parts in my hand a set sangan and a spear cretin in face up defense mode with a dark hole in my hand and he had a Kycoo I think on the field. I thought about it for a long time and thought there was no way to assemble exodia that turn. So I play dark hole I get 4th part get magician of faith with spear cretin and he got DD lady. I had to set parts so he won.Me:0 Him:about 8000 maybe little less.
Duel 2: This duel showed me what happens when Mirage Of Nightmare Goes wrong.  I think 15-20 cards were discarded untill he go the mst he needed. In the end I was so desperate for lp damage I put a elma (side decked)  on the leg of Exodia and attacked him directly . I yet again lost Me:0 Him : I want to say 6500?
Well after the defeat of the century I was kinda depressed but I wasn't about to give up
Round 3 Jeff vs. FINAL kid
Now this is a deck you don't see every day, I wanted to see if Exodia is more powerful then FINAL ( though I knew Exodia was better , well at least I think)
Duel 1 : He got Destany Board out first turn but also set another card.  Kinda puzzled my but ok...... I fliped Fiber when he had FINA on the feild and smacked him with tomato.  I got all crap so I end up using Fiber again within 2-3 turns and some how got exodia out.  Me:4000 (yet agian suicide) Him: Lose to Exodia
Duel 2: Like round one my stalls were to go because he had only 1 mst.  I stalled so long that I just eventually drew Exodia for game.Me:3???(smacked me with a jinzo early) Him: Lose to Exodia
Record: 4-2
I was very happy because if I won my next match I would be in the top 8!
Round 4:  Jeff vs. Guy who was kinda good
Match 1: I don't know what happend but I got a sangan out, ketp reviving it and eventually got Exodia.  Wish I could use more details but the duel only lasted about 5 or so minutes. Me:6000 Him : lose to exodia
Match 2: I had one part in my hand, a set sangan, I just set a bckup soldier last turn ( it was turn 2) and I drew a painful! It was stupid though cause I forgot about backup for like a turn or 2 after he destroyed sangan ( I couldn't do it before because I only had 4 monsters in the grave -_-), but I won in the end anyways. Me:8000 Him Lose to Exodia.
I was into the top 8 and I was so happy, until I found out that I was dueling Jake.
Top 8 Jeff vs. Jake
Well I knew it was over before it started but I tried...........
Duel 1: I Draw NO MONSTERS! I was mad and he go out Jinzo so my Wabokus were usless.  By far the worst game I had ever fought in my life..... or so I thought Me:0 Him:8000
Duel 2: Just as bad as the first, me having no monsters, him having Jinzo and owning me...........Me:0 Him:8000
Well I almost hope I duel Jake next tornament so that I can show him and everyone else that my deck can do alot better then it did today.
Now Time for Props and Slops
Props to,
Me for doing good
Trading for a few cards I needed
Jake,Mike,Andy, Josh,and Jerry  for being there to give us the rulings on cards
Mike and Jake for being the top 2
Theives, they are evil, vvvvvvveeeerrrryyyyy evil
John for saying that his Nimbles Momongas were better then mine (He is lying , mine are wwwwaaaaayyyy better)
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