Victor Rezabala

Gamers guild spring lake, nc


power of fiends

# of ppls:11-12

prizes:1st 30 2nd 20 3rd 15 4th 10 in store credit


boy was I feeling really good today, I felt lucky today.

My deck:



2xdark necrofears

vampire lord

4 or lower:

3xgiant germs

3xgiant orc

3xarchifiend soldier





cyber jar





Mage power

Forceful sentry

Snatch steal

Premature burial

Harpies feather duster

Giant trunade


Imperial order

Magic cylinder

2xthunder of ruler(these really help out)



sakuretsu armor


round1 me vs forgot his name, he used an exodia deck

duel 1: I crushed this kid with my necrofears. He stalled for awhile with gravity bind but when I got out jinzo it was game.

Duel2: this boy hit me good with the butterfly dagger combo and got his set of exodia out in like 3 turns.

Duel 3: I crused this kid when I flipped jar and got his head in the graveyard. It was all cake after that.

Record 2-1

Round2 me vs will b(a hard one)

All im going to say is in both duels he killed me. He beat me like I was a beginner in dueling.

Record 2-3

Round3 me vs cliff

Duel1: I killed his deck with my v.lord  and jinzo. I got rid of all his monsters and magics.

Duel2: same as duel one I killed him real bad. My necrofears took control of this duel with the UWS and mage.

Record 4-3

Round4 me vs matt(a little but skilled kid)

Duel 1: the thunder of rulers helped me buy 2 turns. Then I used swords twice with the giant trunade. It got me 5 turns to get the cards I needed to win.

Duel2: it was giant orcs all game I hit him with all 3 with UWS for the win.

Record 6-3

I make the top 4 as the 4th seed.

Finals round 1 me vs Nathan(matts brother also little but skilled)

Duel 1: he creamed me with his spears and don zaloog. When I need a monster I didn’t come. He won and I started shaking.

Duel 2: I won this with my combo with dark hole reborn jinzo, summon dark necrofear, premature V.lord and played orc with a mage for the win.

Duel 3: it was back and forth and he had 900 lp left and I had 2800. I set germ and he summons spear. I lose 1800. I bring 1 more out and I sac it for jinzo. I premature a germ and attack with both for the win.

I watched will b and elliot play to see who I face. I end up playin elliot.

Duel 1: I creamed him with a archifiend with a mage. I than play necrofear and attack for the win.

Duel 2: the same as duel 1 so I killed him and for the first time I win 1st place.

Me being nice me and elliot split the money and we pay for the wrestling tourney that’s on Sunday which cost 25 dollars.


Winning for the first time

My deck and my aunt bringing me.


Losing one round and that’s it.

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