Deck Name: My Almighty Bazoo
My Name: Anthony Tedesco
Location of Tournament: BOULEVARDCARDS in Hasbrouck Heights NJ
# of Participants: 17
Cards in Deck:
1. Troop Dragon
2. Troop Dragon
3. Troop Dragon
4. Slate Warrior
5. Vampire Lord
6. Jinzo
7. Skilled Dark Magician
8. Spirit Reaper
9. Tribe Infecting Virus
10. Bazoo The Soul Eater (my favorite card)
11. Injection Fairy Lily
12. Kuriboh
13. Sinister Serpent
14. Witch of the Black Forest
15. D.D. Warrior Lady
16. Goblin Attack Force
17. Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
18. Sangan
19. Spear Dragon
20. Roulette Barrel
21. Exiled Force
Magics or Spells whatever you prefer:
1. Harpie's Feather Duster
2. Premature Burial
3. Snatch Steal
4. Creature Swap
5. Monster Reborn
6. Mystical Space Typhoon
7. Change of Heart
8. Graceful Charity
9. Heavy Storm
10. Swords of Revealing Light
11. Raigeki
12. Pot of Greed
13. Dark Hole
1. Magic Cylinder
2. Waboku
3. Mirror Wall
4. Mirror Force
5. Imperial Order
6. Ring of Destruction
7. Call of The Haunted
Okay, this tournament started by me arriving 80 minutes early as always. At BOULEVARDCARDS, there is team dueling that begins at 1:00. I entered that and achieved 3rd place with my partner Mike Gibson, but that is not the tournament I have chosen to write about. I will tell you about the singles.
 At 4:00, the singles tournament began.
    In the first match, I got this kid STEVE MAFFEI who wasn't really that bad. If he thought a little harder he might have defeated me. Well, this match didn't start so well for me. I went first and set my Ring of Destruction. I also summoned my Skilled Dark Magician. On his turn, he played Change of Heart and also summoned Opticlops. He attacked with both so I rang his Opticlops. After that, it was a pretty good battle but then he got me to my last 900 life points, while he was still at over 5,000. he tried MSTing my face down trap but unfortunatly for him I chained Waboku. My next turn I played Premature Burial bringing me down to my last 100lp, but I was able to take back my Jinzo. I also sacrificed my Troop Dragon to summon Vampire Lord. I set my Magic Cylinders Face down. I had Jinzo attack his face down Monster which was Witch of The Black Forest. My Vampire Lord attacked his Harpie's Brother. I forced him to discard a Magic Card thanks to Vampire Lord's effect. The final move of this game was when I had 100 left and he had 1600. I had Roulette Barrel in Attack Mode. He summoned Slate Warrior. He attacked and I played Cylinders causing my victory in this duel.
   In the second match, I got my good friend KENNY SALTAR. He runs an awesome burn deck. He won the first duel and I won the second. In the final duel we had he gave me a Lava Golem and played Messanger of Peace so that I couldn't attack. Lucky for me, I drew My Heavy Storm. Then I summoned my Tribe. I attacked him with Golem and Tribe. Then I discarded Sinister to destroy Lava Golem. He played a monster face down and Raigekied my Tribe. Next Turn I played Change of Heart and took his Troop Dragon. Then I summoned my ALL POWERFUL BAZOO! I reborned my Goblin Attack Force and they all attacked him. He played Gravity Bind so I Mystical Spaced it, allowing my monsters to attack him for game.
   In the Semi Finals (where I was defeated) I played ANTHONY MERENDINO. We had a really good duel. He won the first duel thanks to his Airknight attacking my Spirit Reaper. The second duel I won by Reborning my Jinzo and summoning Bazoo. I powered Bazoo up to 2500 by removing 3 Troops from the game. I attacked him with both and I won. Then in the thrid match, we were both down to 2200 life points. He had nothing in his hand, then he drew Monster Reborn bringing his Jinzo back. I couldn't play my Trap allowing him to attack me directly for the win.
Oh well, I'm fine with 4th place.
- Getting past 2 rounds
- Passing my friend Alex in points
- That Bazoo won me 2 games.
- Telling the Anthony I played in the Semi Finals that he was 1 card in his hand shorter than he should have been.
- Not getting any packs
- Seeing my Bazoo get destroyed by Dark Hole. :(
This has been a report by Anthony Tedesco of BOULEVARDCARDS