Subject: mix deck Matthew Toy wiz collectible inc NY

entree fee-$5

prize-1st place 9 dc packs, second place-g dc packs, 3rd place-2 dc packs


#16 participant in the tournament

this is my first tournament report

this is the same tournament as my friend Krishna but I got 3rd anyway heres my deck


guardian sphinx x1 (got no card to replace it)

skilled dark magician x1

archfiend soldier x1

tribe infecting virus x1 (hate scapegoat)

barrel dragon x1 (wins me duels)

battle footballer x1 (vlord)

gagagigo x1

blindly loyal goblin x1 (change of heart, snatch steal, creature swap)

jinzo x1 (duh)

bazoo the soul eater x1

fiber jar x1 (saves me so much)

giant orc x2

witch of the black forest x1

penguin soldier x1

dark ruler ha des x1 (anti witch, sangan, fiber etc.)

spear dragon x1

exiled force x1

magician of faith x1

jowls of dark demise x1 (dont know)


mask of the accursed x1 (life point damage)

nobleman of crossout x1 (no sinister)

raigeki x1 (duh)

pot of greed x1 (drawing power)

card destruction x1 (anti yata)

axe of despair x1

snatch steal x1 (small price)

heavy storm x1

dark hole x1

tribute to the doomed x1

monster reborn x1

swords of revealing light x1 (stop attack)

nobleman of extermination x1

scapegoat x1

change of heart x1

mystical space typhoon x1


imperial order x1

spellbinding circle x1

trap hole x1 (stop before it starts)

waboku x1

solemn wishes x1 (life point gain)

magic cylinders x1 (winner of duels)

I know I have some old cards, but I just need to get a few new cards, anyway, I went with my annoying friend Krishna, and my two other friends hasan and jonathan. we almost missed the tournament but we got there on time. I entered the jr tournament and got two packs. I got vampire lord and some other bad card. The tournament didnt start for a while, and everybody wanted my vampire lord. I didnt trade it. my friend Krishna was annoying me about being a weak duelist. I hate him so much sometimes.

first duel

this was a really easy duel. he was a beginner. I went first. I got battle footballer, spear

dragon, jinzo and nobleman of crossout and something else. I played battle footballer and ended it . he played feral imp and attacked. he ended hi turn. I offered footballer for jinzo and kept killing him with jinzo, until I beat him. then he started doing all the wrong things, the second duel was the same. it was the same as the first. I kept blasting away with archfiend and skilled dark magician.

second duel

this was a bit harder. I got orc, archfiend soldier, dark ruler ha des, and swords of revealing light, and some other stuff. I went first. I played swords and orc in attack mode. he played a monster in defense mode and ended his turn. I offered it for ha des and attacked. it was man eater bug, but no. he played another card and ended. I played archfiend and do due ha des it worked. then ha des attacked. he was at 5550 and I was at 8000.he played fissure and destroyed my archfiend. he ended it with played a defender. I played gagagigo and attacked with ha des. then gagagigo attacked points. then he played fiend megacyber, but took it back. this kept happening till the end. I just let it happened until he finally played it for the heck of it and won. The second duel was even easier. I got raigeki jinzo and change of heart. he played a monster and ended. I drew monster reborn. I changed of hearted his monster and sacrificed for jinzo. it was a la jinn. I attacked. he played fissure and attacked with a hysteric fairy. I drew archfiend and played monster reborn on jinzo and played archfiend. attacked with archfiend and jinzo. I won next turn.

3rd duel

this was the semi finals. I was finally facing a good duelist. he yata locked me pretty fast. that annoyed me. I hate yata so much. the second duel was slower. I got spear, blindy loyal goblin, sphinx and so on. I drew gagagigo and played it in defense mode. he attacked with gemini. I played goblin and axe which I drew, and attacked. he drew change of heart, I could tell and played a monster in defense. I played spear and attacked and did some damage and then goblin attacked. he got nothing but a monster in defense. I got skilled dark magician but he played ring. darn. I attacked and he played waboku. double darn. he played raigeki and played archfiend and attacked. then I basically kept losing it. he played vampire lord and then I lost 3900, the nest turn he played a goblin attack force and won it. I got real mad but kept a happy face on. my friend annoyed cause he won. I hate when he does that, and he does that a lot.

3rd place duel

this was pretty good. this gut beat my friend before and he was rooting me on. I drew ha des, swords, archfiend, orc and snatch steal. he played a monster and 3 face down. I drew nobleman of extermination and played it, I got a trap hole. I played orc and attacked, but met a sakuretsu armor. he played a goblin and attacked. I was at 5800 and he was still perfect. I played archfiend and attacked but there was another sakuretsu armor. he ended his turn. I drew jinzo, boo yah. I played change of heart on orc and sacrificed it for jinzo. he got all mad. I attacked and ended my turn. I was real happy about this. he had no monsters yeah. I played a spear and attacked with both. I did it again in the next turn. the second duel I got ha des and the same hand as last time. he went first and played a monster and 5 facedown. I drew heavy storm and destroyed his sakuretsu and bottomless trap holes. I played change of heart sacrificed for ha des and attacked. he played a face down and ended his turn. stupidly I played swords and it was fiber. darn. I still got a pretty good hand. jinzo, change, raigeki, archfiend, and blindly loyal goblin. I played archfiend in attack and ended my turn. he played 3 cards face down and a monster in defense. I got tribute and offered blindly loyal goblin from my hand and destroyed it. I offered archfiend for jinzo and attacked. he was already at 3150.he had no monster but he played another face down m/t. I got skilled dark magician and played it and I attacked with them. he let me attack with skilled dark but used scapegoat on jinzo. this didnt matter to me. I drew orc and played and played raigeki and won the duel. jinzo rocks. I was so happy. 3rd place, best ever, im gonna go again and get 1st.

Overall, this was a real good tournament. I got skull archfiend of lightning and something else. I almost got a breaker for it, but he asked another kid, and he said no, darn. I lost it then. oh well. I traded vampire lord for mirror force. I know it seems like a bad trade, but I never liked vampire lord. My friend who got 1st was so annoying, and his brother said he lost on purpose. sure. he annoys me too. my friend Krishna said I got 3rd because I faced weak duelist and vampire lord for mirror farce was a stupid trade. I hate when he does that. he's so annoying. other than that, it was a pretty good tournament.

   Now time for props and slops


krishna's mom taking me

my friends jonathan and hasan coming

getting 3rd

getting mirror force

getting skull archfiend of lightning

getting there on time


my friend Krishna bugging me about trade

his brother bugging me

me losing in the semi finals

getting rares only in two packs

spending too much money there

Krishna bugging about not bragging which I did not do by the end

Krishna buggin me about getting 3rd

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im matt valdespino