MZA’s Empire
(MZA is my initials and nickname)

tournament in: Bayone comics, Bayone

tribute mons x5
Blue Eyes White Dragon x3(Emperor of the empire and general)
Tyrant Dragon x 2 cower down to his power

non tribute mons x16
Paladin of White Dragon x1  (my baby dragon will get BIGGER)
3Cave Dragon - (Strongest of the army but has weakness)
3Lord of d. - (strengthen my army oh holy one)
1Exiled Force
1Fiber Jar - (turn the tide of this war my sacred jar)
1Cyber Jar - (turn the tide of this war my sacred jar)
1Sinister Serpent-  (recycling helps the environment)
1Wotbf-  ( now ill get lord of D.)
1Sangan-( now ill get Fiber Jar)
1Luster Dragon x1-(the fronline of my army)
1Spear Dragon x1-(weaker and stronger than luster)
D.D. Lady x1(a warroir from a demension is essential for an army)
Twin headed Behemoth x1(two heads are better than one)

Magic x18
Monster Reborn x1(if you kill us were MARTYRS)
Raigeki x1(our god will strike you down!)
Dark hole x1(your forces go down too)
Pot of Greed x1(Greed will strengthen our empire)
Harpies Feather Duster x1(destroy their defenses)
White Dragon Ritual x1(more priests!)
Mage Power x1(the power of my preists will help me)
United We Stand x1(“we have a better chance of surviving if we work together”)
Change of heart x1(i guess your comrade was a traitor)
Graceful Charity x1(help the POOR)
MST x2(more weather YEEESS)
Flute of Summoning Dragon x3(my lord help us to win this war)

Traps x2
Burst Breath x1(a dragons mirror force)
Wabaku x3( mystical force protect us)
Imperial Order x1(i shall have order in my empire)   
Rageiki Break x 1(blow your card to smitherines
Sacuretsu Armor x1(armor is good for my calvery)
duel 1 MZA vs HANS*

this due was very close i bought him down to like 1500 life while i was at 6800. he powered up his mon big time
and brought me down to 3000. the duel was close at me 700 him 1200 and he wone cause i had no monsters in
my hand or field.

duel 2 MZA* vs HANS*

i totaly raped him when i brought out my flute combo and won the duel when his life was 6800

duel 3 MZA** vs HANS*
i dont really remember what happened but he was so pissed off he was cussing. we dont take it harshly since
were friends
Duel 1 MZA vs JOHN*

this dude was pretty good he brought out kaiser glider (I FREAKEN NEED THAT) and equiped it with a
meteor crush and a magic that negates flip effects. my flute was just not comen and i lost
0 -- 4500

duel 2 MZA* vs JOHN*

john could be named a victim or in acoma cause what i did to his life points could have given him a heart
attack thanks to my dragons
8000- 0

Duel 3 MZA** vs JOHN*

he had a bad hand and i had a flute combo so you now what happened



Duel 1 MZA vs SOME DUDE*
this guy was pretty good everytime i had a flute combo he counterd with either a ragieki, dark hole, and
mirror force.  i had nothing else and he yata locked me

Duel 2 MZA vs Some dude**

this guy really pissed me off i had my flute combo on the field with lord of d equiped with a united and mage
power and he brought out CHAOS EMPEROR DRAGON and i lost by direct damage!


oh well it was a good time and i had a lot o fun....

to dragon decks!
for a hell of a time
for my brother bringen me
for kicken my friends butt

to boring beatdown decks were people have the same cards in there decks
to feeling the wrath of CHAOS EMPEROR DRAGON
for not buying anything

feel free to make any kind of comment but
dont bragg about me to get all those staples im not wealthy king

any donations to my empire would be nice