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Well, I said to everyone that I would represent 2D this weekend by writing a tournament report. Well, I don't think I'm too good at doing this kind of this, but here is goes anyways. There were approximately 50 people playing, and in a swiss style tournament. The tournament is divided into two groups: beginner and advanced. I was placed in advanced, of course. 2/3 of the people were in beginners while 1/3 of us are considered advanced. This, however, will change VERY soon. Anyways, this leaves about 16 people in advanced, so there are only a few amount of duels, but it is the cream of the crop.

Exodia's Bistro ~ Serving Great Tomatoes, Trutles, and, of Course, Rats! 
 //  Monsters - 24
1x Right Leg of the Forbidden One
1x Left Leg of the Forbidden One
1x Right Arm of the Forbidden One
1x Left Arm of the Forbidden One
1x Exodia of the Forbidden One
3x The Bistro Butcher
3x Mystic Tomato
3x Giant Rat
3x Pyramid Turtle
3x Giant Germ
2x Nimble Momonga
1x Witch of the Black Forest
1x Sangan

 //  Magics - 12
1x Pot of Greed
1x Graceful Charity
1x Upstart Goblin
1x Painful Choice
2x Creature Swap
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Harpie's Feather Duster
2x Reload
1x Last Will
1x Monster Reborn
 //  Traps - 4
1x Imperial Order
1x Backup Soldier
2x Ultimate Offering
The basic idea of this deck is to take advantage of [The Bistro Butcher]'s effect by giving it to your opponent with [Creature Swap] and ram it with all of your searable monsters. Thus thinning your deck out by bringing out more monsters and by drawing cards, ultimately drawing all five Exodia pieces very swiftly.
My friend Erik drove me over to the Park Place Mall about an hour before the tournament started. I put in my Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! Mix CD and I got him to listen to [Overlap] by Kimeru, which is the 5th opening of the Japanese series. Great song. I think everyone should get the chance to listen to REAL anime music for a change, and be able to compare it to the music used on the English version of Yu-Gi-Oh!. No contest at all. Anyways, we got there and found another of my best friends, Zack. I traded in my Japanese [Black Magician Girl], parallel-rare [Magician of Black Chaos], and [Black Magic Ritual] for a couple of cards, of those being the last [Reload] and [Creature Swap] I needed for the deck. I got my deck ready and nervously awaited Mike, the head judge, who was bringing a couple of cards I needed for the deck as well. Before Mike came, I helped Erik with his deck...
Recently I have been getting tired of the usual "cookie-cutter" decks being abused and have tried doing a variety of decks. Last week I won 1st with a [Skill Drain]-based deck. This week, I noticed the "Searcher Swam Exodia" deck on Pojo Forums and decided to try it out. Anyways, to tie this back in, I traded a part of my [Skill Drain] deck to Erik, who was trying to figure out how the card itself worked. I showed him the 5-page ruling on [Skill Drain] on the most updated official NetRep file. He was at a loss. Heck, if most of you who are reading this read the rulings of the NetRep, you TOO would be at a loss.
Mike finally appeared and tossed me the cards. He then began announcing the pairings and I had to quickly get my deck together so I could duel. After I had everything set, I turned on my CD player and turned it on to [Shuffle] by Okui Masami, another Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! opening song. Again, everyone should listen to this song. After the song got going, I was ready to duel.
Yohan V. Boy 
My first opponent was a little kid who I have beaten may times in the past. It was very convienient for me to play against him becuase it would allow me to play-test my deck a little. Surprizingly, he happened to get a lot of good trap cards down. I was ready to bring out the Bistro/Creature Swap como on him, and I played [Harpie's Feather Duster]. Negated. The boy played [Imperial Order] and I could use my [Creature Swap]. I defended a bit and had to draw out all the pieces to Exodia... very long a boring.
The second Duel, the kid "knew" about my stategy to continuously thin my deck out using my searchable monsters because he hadn't seen any of my [Bistro Butcher]s and [Creature Swap]s. His brilliant plan to counter my strategy was to not attack at all. Okay then... I'll just draw a card, set a monster, and end my turn until I draw all of my Exodia pieces. Easy win, but again, long a boring.
Yohan V. Fat Mexican Guy With a Beatdown Deck
All I can say is... I love the way the look on this guy's face was when I brought out the combo on him. He had a basic beatdown deck with a lot of 1900 ATK monsters. Fun, fun... The duel was very quick with me getting the combo out in the second or third turn. However, on the second Duel, he used [Confiscation] on one of my pieces, so I not only had to draw out my Exodia, but my only [Backup Soldier] as well. Well... all's well that ends well, right?
Yohan V. Daniel Matsiko
HAHAHA. This guy is African American, however, he has an Asian-sounding name. I'm not racist or anything, just a little joke, and he knows it ^^. I remember the first Duel increadibly well. My first five cards were: [Painful Choice],[Ultimate Offering],[Exodia the Forbidden One],[Left Leg of the Forbidden One], and [Right Leg of the Forbidden One]. I then drew [Mystic Tomato]. I played my [Painful Choice] and chose [Witch of the Black Forest],[Sangan],[Monster Reborn],[Pot of Greed], and [Graceful Charity]. Daniel gave me the [Monster Reborn] and I immediately activated it and played my [Witch of the Black Forest] in defence mode. I set down my [Ultimate Offering] and ended my turn. Daniel summoned a 1900 ATK monster and attacked my [Witch of the Black Forest] with it. I got one of the remaining two Exodia pieces from my deck and put it into my hand. Daniel ended his turn. I drew... then I went about my little ritual. I put down my left leg, right leg, left arm, right arm, then head in the shape of a star, and threw my hand at Daniel's face and yelled out, "OBLITERATE!" It was quite loud, actually, and if you know me, you know I have a LOUD voice. Anyways, the entire room became quiet and looked at me, then after noticing who it was, just shrugged thier shoulders or shook their heads and continued to go about their own business. I win on turn two!
The second duel was a bit scarry and Daniel "almost" won. Emphasis on the almost. Daniel summoned his high-attack monsters while I had to defend the entire time because I didn't not draw anything that helped me. Then, I have 3000 LP and I finally am able to get [The Bistro Butcher] over to Daniel's field and  attack it with my [Mytic Tomato]. I had three pieces of Exodia in my hand, and I was determined to get the last two in this turn. I lost 400 LP, bringing me down to 2600 and Special Summoning my [Giant Germ]. I attacked, took 800 damage to make my LPs 1800 and I Special Summoned two [Giant Germ]s. It was getting close because I only had four cards to draw the last two pieces in about ten card deck. I attack with one [Giant Germ] and I loose another 800, leaving me with only 1000 LPs left. I draw two cards... nothing. I took a deep breath and declared to atatck with my last [Giant Germ]. This was an all or nothing menuever. I put my hand on my deck, closed my eyes and drew.
I opened my eyes to find... the last two peices of Exodia were in my right hand! I opened my eyes in shock. HAHA! Then I suddenly remembered, I had to do the ritual! I placed all the pieces down with power and joy and was like "WHAT NOW FOO?!" Again, I grabbed the attention of the entire room, heh heh. now I had a 3-0 record.
Yohan V. Michael
This guy is kind of like my rival. You can say this because he is placed second in the store, and I first. Also, we most always play in the final together with me beating him. However, our duels are very close, usually a 2-1 match result. Well, it was the finals and I was ready to Duel. By this time, Zack and Erik made thier way over to the table we were playing at becaus ethey had been eliminated early and wanted to watch how I was doing. Zack, on the other hand, who never eats ANYTHING, litterally, ANYTHING!!! now was munching on a super-sized BigMac meal... aw... so hungry... -_-;
Okay, on with the duel. I immediately noticed that there was something wrong with Michael. I asked him what was wrong and he said he was getiing a cold. I offered that he take a break whenever he needed it, but, of course, he rejected the offer. We began to play and I had to defend a lot. Michael pumped up his monsters, but was not able to breech my defences. Then thinking he was smart, he played [Skill Drain] on me. HAHA. What was he thinking? He was thinking that [Skill Drain] negated the effect of [Mystic Tomato] when he attacked it. After saying that it was wrong, showing the NetRep file to him, AND getting the Head Judge to come over, he finally decided to agree that [Mystic Tomato] did indeed get its effect. I drew [The Bistro Butcher], but it was a basic 1800 ATK monster with that stupid [Skill Drain] out. I had to wait to draw a [Mystical Space Typhoon] or a [Harpie's Feather Duster] to clear his M/T Card Zone so I could use [The Bistro Butcher]. After a few turns of defending and attacking between ourselves, I finally drew the [Harpie's Feather Duster] that I wanted and used it. Then I did the infamous combo and won.
Daniel started to side-deck, so being cocky as I am, I side decked a few cards in as well. I took out [Ultimate Offering] and [Upstart Goblin] for [Card Destruction] and another [Backup Soldier]. Bad idea... I started to get hit hard in the duel, so in a desperate move I played [Reload].... [Card Destruction]... then [Reload]... and I didn't get anything useful in the hands. Daniel had brought out a [D.D. Crazy Beast] that basically killed all of my monsters so I couldn't do anything. NOTE!!! [D.D. Crazy Beast] KILLS THIS DECK. Just a little note if anyone in your area starts to play this deck. I don't really care because I will probably change to another deck by next week, lol ;P. I passed, and Daniel summoned another attacking monster. I laughed and put my hand on my deck to give up.
Again Daniel side-decked, and I knew I needed to as well. I took out two [Nimbple Momonga]s for [Cyber Jar] and put [Upstart Goblin] back in. Again, there was a lot of attacking a defending going on and Daniel was building up his offensive force. I started to lose my defence force and Daniel's offensive force started to become overwhelming. I managed to get four pieces of Exodia, but I just didn't manage to get the last piece yet. I had a few monsters left and they because exhausted because I had brought all of them out... at the end of Daniel's turn, I had 1800 LPs. It all came down to one card. The last card that I could draw. Again. I closed my eyes and drew. All I hear is Zack going, "Haha! Topdeck!". WHAM! [Exodia the Forbidden One]!!! I am the winner! Since that was the last duel, I came out on top with 4-0.
I went to Mike, the head judge, and got my prize, or actually the store gave me the prize, Mike had nothing to do with it. I got $15 of store credit so I bought the Special Edition Invasion of Chaos pack. I got [Lava Golem] as my Limited Edition card (my third one...), Maddog (some 1900 attacker), [Destruction Ring], and [D.D. Designator]. Yay?
Erik, Zack, and I went up the to movie theaters to go play some DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). There we met Erik's ex-gf and her brother. Her brother was on his last song and tired, and was trying to get his sister to play the last song as a hard song for him. Instead I took his place and played Max 300 on Heavy with 1.5x and Solo. OH YEAH! Haven't played DDR in about a month and I can still get an 'AA' on it!!! (for those who think I just spoke French to them, Max 300 is a crazy song and extremely difficult to pass... not to mention get a 'AA', merci.) Well, after a fun and eventful day, I go to another store and buy 10 packs of the 309 set, Pharonic Herritage and pulled two rares and the parallel-rare [Spirit of Pharaoh]. Yay? Lol.
Well, that's about it. All I have to say is that this Exodia is not a fast as desired. however, if this deck was faster, this deck would be perfect. This deck is pretty effective anyways because people aren't used to seeing this deck. When you use [Creature Swap] and give them your [Bistro Butcher] for the first time, they are like, what the heck are you doing? It's pretty competitive, however, just not there yet. There is something lese missing to make this deck a bit more effective, but I haven't found that yet. Also, I'm thinking about keeping the changes I made with the last side-deck just to try it out. My play style is to throw away the pieces and bring them back, so another [Backup Soldier] was needed for me. That is one thing people need to understand. A deck posted on the internet my be perfect, but only perfect for a particular type of people. Other people may have a different way of playing, so other cards are required to be in and taken out of the deck in order to be fully effective in your control.
Well that's about it, for any critisism, praise, suggestions, or whatever else, my e-mail is yohanmasaki@cox.net