Fernando Lozano
Control/Yata Tournament Deck
Dragons Lair Tucson, AZ
3/2/04     20 participants
Swiss Style Tournament
Hello, this is my 2nd tournament report I am open to questions/comments at luckey68@cs.com . It was not a sanctioned tournament .
41 Cards :
Injection Fairy Lilly
Fiber Jar
Tribe -Infecting Virus
Penguin Soldier
Spear Dragon X2
Sasuke Samurai
Dark Ruler Ha Des
Fiend Megacyber
Magician of Faith
Witch of the Black Forest
Sinister Serpent
Mask of Darkness
Slate Warrior
Breaker the Magical Warrior
Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer

Mystical Space Typhoon X2
Creature Swap
Snatch Steal
Harpie’s Feather Duster
Graceful Charity
Heavy Storm
Dark Hole
Monster Reborn
Pot of Greed
Change Of Heart
Delinquent Duo

Magic Cylinder
Torrential tribute
Mirror Force
Imperial Order
Seven Tools of the Bandit
Waboku X2
Bottomless Trap Hole
Drop Off
Okay to start off with my deck it is a control deck. That means that it has a lot of cards that allow you to control the field such as raigeki or mirror force. The Yata part is added to it because it actually works. With my cards like drop off and delinquent duo it helps me out a lot at getting people locked. I also have a lot of counter cards so no matter what the field almost always stays in my control.

Now to start with the tournament:

Round One Me VS Andrew
Some kid that isn’t very good. He summoned a spear dragon I stanch steeled it and put fairy Lilly down atked him for 3400 and 1900. Ended up winning the round .

Round 2 me VS George
Very good guy. Actually good competition.
We started out as usual a drop off his jingo and I reborn it and atked him directly. He got rid of jingo with dark hole. Then he summoned dark tomato. I tried to torrential but he activated ring of destruction. I ended up winning though.

Duel #2 :
This was a first for me . I got him into a Yata lock early in the game and I ended up decking myself. He had 100 life points left. And I could draw no more I was so pisssed off. That was the first I had actually seen that pulled off.

DUEL # 3
I was so mad and motivated I beat him really badly.

Round #3
I played a guy that usually beats me
He uses a hybrid deck with a magical scientist a huge fusion deck and a lot of beat down cards. I put down a monster in defense and he put magical scientist and reborned an archfiend solider. Then he used the effect of the scientist to get an thousand eyes restrict. He sucked up my face down and tried attacking me with all his monsters. I pointed out that only the thousands eyes can attack. The next turn it was gone and I raigeki all his monsters. I beat him in both duels.

Round # 4 FINAL DUEL
I have had a perfect score so far but I wasn’t the only one. Richard had the same amount of points I did we had to duel for 1st and 2nd. He had a killer light deck complete with Kaiser seahorses and shinning angels. His dd warrior lady got rig of my slate warrior early in the duel. He used his kaser seahorses ability to get a blue eyes he atked my directly. He won that on

Duel 2
I got an aswome hand. I put down imperial order and an slate warrior. He tried to use graceful but I negated it. He ended hi turn without putting anything down. I paid for imperial and atked him for 01900 and 3400. He drew and still no monsters. On my turn I sacked slate for jingo and won the duel

I I ended up wining with my faithful YATA. I used delinquent duo and drop-off to get rid of all his monsters I own.
Wow I got first place and didn’t get anything out of my 3 booster prize.

I would love any Questions/comments e mail me at luckery68@cs.com or AIM me at luckey682003