Subject: Control Beatdown Mix- Lakshman Manjunath, SMP SportsCards, Grapevine, Texas.


Control Beatdown Mix

Lakshman Manjunath

SMP SportsCards

Grapevine, Texas

Friday, March 5, 2004


This is my first tourney report on pojo so don’t go hard on me…


Around 36 people participated in this tournament. To seem fair, my card shop (technically, not mine) divides the people into 2 groups. One for the 12 and under, and one for the 13 and above, because usually teenagers have better cards, usually. The prizes were

1st place: 5 boosters of TPs or anything below Invasion of Chaos

2nd: 4 boosters

3rd: 3 boosters

4th: 2 boosters.

Everyone was guaranteed one booster pack.


Here is my deck:


Monsters: 17

1x Jinzo

2x Archfiend Soldier

2x Spirit reaper

1x Magical Scientist

1x Witch of the Black Forest

1x Sangan

1x Sinister Serpant

1x Yata-Garasu

2x D.D Warrior Lady

1x Exiled Force

1x Cyber Jar

1x Tribe Infecting Virus

2x Mystic Tomato



1x Change of Heart

1x Dark Hole

1x Graceful Charity

1x Harpie’s Feather Duster

1x Heavy Storm

3x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Metamorphosis

1x Monster Reborn

1x Pot of Greed

1x Painful Choice

1x Premature Burial

1x Raigeki

1x Snatch Steal

1x Scapegoat


Traps: 7

2x Waboku

1x Magic Cylinder

1x Call of the Haunted

1x Imperial Order

1x Mirror Force

1x Torrential Tribute


Fusion Deck:17

2x Dark Balter the Terrible

1x Thousand Eyes Restrict

3x Punished Eagle ( I can’t afford Flare Knights…)

3x Empress Judge

3x Roaring Ocean Snake

2x Kaminari Attack (useless fusion that I use metamorphosis on)

2x Cyber Saurus ( same)

1x Flame Swordsman


Side Deck: 15

1x Guardian Sphinx

1x Electric Snake

3x Book of Moon

1x Card Destruction

1x Magician of Faith

1x Lava Golem

1x Shallow Grave

1x Magic Jammer

1x Delinquent Duo

1x Confiscation

1x Mirage of Nightmare

2x Penguin Soldier


Before I start the duels, I just want to say that I traded this guy a holo MST for a Book of Life and a Reaper On the Nightmare, because on my next tourney report, I will have a zombie deck. ^_^


Round 1

Me vs. Kevin (Tournament WINNER)

 1st duel: He won

Today I learned how bad Time Seal can hurt you, because this guy used 3 in his deck. He started off with the usual, 1 monster in defense mode and 1 card face down. Then he used Forceful Sentry, sending back my Tribe Infecting Virus back into my deck…which really hurt. I drew a Sangan, which I set in defense mode, and a Waboku face-down. On his turn, he flipped Magician of Faith and got back his Forceful Sentry, which he used again on me…rrrr..this time he got my Change of Heart… he left it in attack mode and ended his turn. I drew, summoned D. D. Warrior lady and attacked his Magician of Faith, and he used Book of Moon on his Magician, and he got forceful…aaaaaaaaa. I had nothing in my hand now, after he used delinquent duo +forceful sentry. He owned me. Later in the duel I had about 4600 and he had 5400. He used Raigeki, and summon that stupid Bird. yata-Garasu, but luckily I used Waboku. He then used Time Seal. and all I had was Scapegoat, Heavy Storm, and Jinzo in my hand…so I set scapegoat and ended. He summoned his yata and attacked again, I used Scapegoat, and he said due to replay, he wasn’t attacking again. Now why would he do that? Anyways he used his second Time Seal, so I was stuck with those 4  goats and I ended. This is the turn point.. he summoned tribe-infecting virus, called beast and killed my precious goats… then he used his THIRD time seal…. I was stuck with Jinzo and heavy storm, and knowing he had yata in his hand, I forfeted with only 4400 left, as he had a sangan in defense mode this whole time.


2nd Duel: I won

I took out my metamorphosis for a Card Destruction from my Side Deck, and I started the duel. This duel he didn’t draw his forceful, he discarded it with his Mirage of nightmare. I used Painful Choice, brought out Jinzo, d. d. warrior lady, archfiend soldier, card destruction, and magical scientist. He laughed at me when I showed him the Card Destruction, but I don’t think I am the only one who thinks this is a really good card. he chose Card destruction, and I put it in my hand. I started to beat him down with Archfiend Soldiers and a revived Jinzo. he was at 4300 and I was at 3600. He used Mirage of Nightmare, which was not smart be cause he only had 1 MST left in his deck and plenty of cards in there, so half his deck was discarded with mirage. That’s probably how I won. I got him down to 2400, as I was at 3300. Then took place, the battle of yatas. We both had 2 cards in our hand, but I had sinister serpent in my graveyard. He summoned his Yata. attacked, then I set scapegoat ( I love this card!!!) and I attacked with mine. After MY life was 2900 and his was 2000, he summoned Yata and attacked, but I had scapegoat, and this time he said he’ll kill one. I drew pot of greed, played it, then played card destruction, and it discarded his yata, but I had summoned mine earlier. I had raigeki, Torrential, Cyber Jar, and Premature Burial. He had 2 cards in his hand, and he summoned counterless-breaker and attacked me, bringing me down to 1300!!! Luckily, he didn’t set anything. He was at 1700 from a previous attack with Sinister Serpent. I summoned Cyber Jar in attack mode, and Premature’d my Jinzo, bringing me to 500 LP. I attacked his Breaker with jinzo, and cyber jar attacked his life for the game. It was a perfect kill, no overflow.


3rd duel: he won…

Well, this last  one was a little blurry, but all I know is that he OWNED me with his Kycoo, killing my serpent and jinzo, and he had like 5000 life more than me. : P Oh and I also remember an extremely strategic move that he did, when he was in the lead. Afraid that I might attack his Fiber Jar in defense mode from the beginning of the duel, he used monster reborn and killed it with exiled force… I should have attacked it…Oh well. Congrats Kevin!



Learning a lot of stuff from Kevin (time seal)

I got to trade an Airknight Parshath and a Marauding Captain for a Fiber Jar! ^_^ I don’t care if I got ripped.

I payed $4 for a 1st edition, MINT, reflect bounder

Trading Reflect Bounder and Yata(*sniff*) for a Vampire Lord and Ryu Senshi.

Got all the cards I need for my zombie deck, including 3 Book of Life.

the judge, saying that if you book of moon a spirit reaper, it doesn’t die! ^_^ Thanks Tomas.



I lost obviously…

Kevin laughed at my card destruction…

I lost yata *sniff*

for all the 30 year old smokers who had bad breath.





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