Hey i am writing my first tourney report
                                                                   Burner/control burner boy
                                                                   Alternate realm ny 2/??/04
Tribute mons-

4 star or lower-
2 Gaf
1 Spear dragon
1 skilled dark
1 kycoo the ghost destroyer
2 des koala
1 sangan
1 witch of the black
1 fiber jar
1 mof
1 exiled force
1 twin headed behemoth
1 cyber jar

1 change of heart
1 pot of greed
1 g charity
1 mask of accursed
1 raigeki
1 feather duster
1 mon reborn
2 mst
1 heavy storm
1 premature
1 dark hole1
1 fairy metor crush

2 solemn judgements
1 drop off
2 ceasefires
3 wabokus
1 secret barrel
1 imperial order

I am reporting a tourney report from alternate realm

We arrived at about 11:50. The tourney started at 12. I signed up and i got crap in my pack. Then i decided to go get a magcians force pack got a xyz dragon cannon. Traded a little and did some pratice duels. Then the tourney started.

1st duel: Burner boy vs newb beatdown
              The first round was quick. I wiped him badly. I remeba my first hand i had skilled dark spear witch of the black raigeki solemn judgemnet. I had summoned spear and set solemn judgement. He goes and summons a 7 colored i play solemn judgement. He just ends. The rest of the duel i just used my skilled and spear to beat him down

2nd duel: the next duel was the same

2nd round: Burner boy vs newb
These two duels were just a blur all i remeba was him not even touching my life points.
i won both

3rd round: Burner boy vs this kid steve with a water deck
                   1st duel was easy. I took out some of his life points with spear.Then we just kept setting mons. Then i drew ceasefire.good. I set it then ended. Chained to his draw phrase. All the mons me and him set were effects so i won that duel easly.
                The second duel he just forfeited.(figures)

Final round:Burner boy vs Exodia kid
                   Now this kid was tuff.The first duel was mad funny. On my first turn i had set a cyber jar. Then he summoned a gemni and attacked it. We both picked up the 5 cards. 4 of his cards were exodia pieces. He ended my turn i draw played pot of greed got raigeki and kycoo the ghost destroyer. Play raigeki then sumoned kycoo the exodia pieces from play. he quit.
            Next duel i crushed him so badly.

I got 2 packs or winning since it was only the 12 and under tourney. I got  guardian grarl in one of them.

Winning the tourney
For my dad driving me
To the exodia kid for not being a sore loser
taco bell
making new friends

for not being able to enter the older tourney
for only getting 2 packs for winning

This was a fun tourney but was not at all challenging