Blinding Light

Matt Loyd

Game Plan Games & Videos

Cheyenne, Wyoming

8 participants

Entry: $5 w/ free pack of your choice

Prize: 1st place-2 packs of choice

2nd place-1 pack of choice

Sorry about the lack of reports, but I haven’t had a tourney in a while. I got an Airknight Parshath, Torrential Tribute, and Magic Cylinder before the tourney, and that’s about it. On to the ever-fantastic deck…

Main Deck

Monster Cards

Airknight Parshath x1

Asura Priest x1

Cyber Jar x1

D. D. Warrior Lady x1

Exiled Force x1

Hoshiningen x2

Hysteric Fairy x3

Jinzo x1

Magician of Faith x1

Shining Angel x1

Soul of Purity and Light x2

Thunder Nyan Nyan x1

Tribe-Infecting Virus x1

Witch of the Black Forest x1

Magic Cards

Axe of Despair x1

Change of Heart x1

Dark Hole x1

Graceful Charity x1

Harpie’s Feather Duster x1

Luminous Spark x2

Mage Power x1

Monster Reborn x1

Mystical Space Typhoon x3

Pot of Greed x1

Raigeki x1

Snatch Steal x1

Swords of Revealing Light x1

United We Stand x1

Trap Cards

Imperial Order x1

Magic Cylinder x1

Ring of Destruction x1

Spell Shield Type-8 x3

Torrential Tribute x1

Waboku x3

Side Deck

D. D. Warrior Lady x1

Fiber Jar x1

Sangan x1

Vampire Lord x1

Z-Metal Tank x2

Heavy Storm x1

Nobleman of Crossout x2

Premature Burial x1

Tribute to the Doomed x2

Ceasefire x1

Dust Tornado x1

Shadow Spell x1

Tourney Match-ups

1st Round:

Dana vs. Uriah

Patrick vs. Ryan

Nathan vs. Me

Lucky vs. Irma

I had to face Nathan, and for being a nOOb, he sure was hard to beat. I guess I just wasn’t used to my new deck yet.

1st Duel: This one was in the bag. I hit him early with a bunch of Fairys and finished him with a Soul. He never touched me.

2nd Duel: Sad. Sad, sad, sad. I couldn’t draw a monster for my life. For a while he just pecked at my LP with Kuriboh. Then he played some big monster and finished me.

3rd Duel: He killed himself this time. I got a nice lead, then my field got cleared somehow. He could have got my LP down really low, but tried to get more damage, summoned another monster, and paid the price. Out came Torrential Tribute and blew all his monsters away. His LP was low enough for me to play a Fairy and kill him.

2nd Round:

Dana vs. Patrick

Me vs. Irma

Irma is a judge and runs a wind deck. It’s not perfected well because she likes to play Magic: the Gathering better. It’s still a good deck though.

1st Duel: This actually turned out to be pretty easy. I got out a nice little first turn combo that about cut her LP in half. Graceful, remove 2 mons for Soul, Fairy, attack. She didn’t really have anything to play, so next turn I played a Hoshiningen and finished it there.

2nd Duel: Almost a repeat of the first.


Dana vs. Me

Dana is one of the better duelists and is no picnic to duel. I was glad to see him since he had been gone for like a month. This duel determined the leader of the season.

1st Duel: I can’t remember this too well because they were so intense. I ended up winning this duel with I think a Fairy.

2nd Duel: I don’t remember this match at all. He ended up winning with a Ha Des.

3rd Duel: Once again, I can’t remember a thing. He tried to kill me with a Ha Des, I Cylindered, and he killed himself with a Seven Tools just for laughs.

Yay, I won the tourney! Not much to say, got a Dark Master-Zorc in my prize packs. And now, my (dundundundun) Props & Slops.


Me for winning the tourney

Me for getting a Zorc, Airknight, and Cylinder

Dana for being there

Dana for beating Uriah

My opponents for great matches

Alex, Dana, Levi, Patrick, and Ryan for the sick 3-on-3 duel we had after the tourney

Uriah for trading me goodies

Dana for trading me another Tribe-Infecting Virus for my other deck

Anthony for not being there (lol)


Guardian Angel Joan for costing 11 bucks

Uriah for bugging me all day about Reflect Bounder

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