hey watsup..  the name is Chris nickname Birdman .this is my 2nd report this month , this tournament was larger than the last , about  35 people showed up...but for some reason only like 18 people wanted to play after the owner said it was 8 bucks to play and there were only prizes for 1st and 2nd placebut in the end only 16 where willing to pay to play....the prizes werent all that great 1st would get 25 dollars in store credit and second would get 20 but if the last two come in a compromise they can split the prize..
Anyway heres my deck--
Don zaloog x2
Gemini Elf
Spirit Reaper
Witch of the black forest
Mistic Tomato
Tribe infecting virus
Exciled force
Breaker the magical warrior
Injection Fairy lily
cyber jar
sinister serpent
Kicco the ghost destroyer
Bazoo the soul eater
Monster reborn
Change of heart
Dark hole
Harpies Feather Duster
Pot of greed
graceful charity
Mistical space typhoon x2
Premature burial
Snatch steal
book of moon
Delinquent duo
the forceful sentry
Imperial order
ring of destruction
Mirror force
Call of the haunted
drop off
ok this tournament was standard 2 out of 3  ,like i said 16 where dueling so by standard elimination that means you gotta win 3 matches and your guaranteed at least 2nd place...so lets dp it...
Round 1
Birdman VS  Steven ( Stans younger brother) 
            ok first im like , Crap , Steven got into Yu-Gi-Oh! before stan, he taught him how to play,
though i think Steven is not as good as Stan steven still played good. 
ok lets start , his deck is very similar to his brother running the time seals and drop offs along with giant germs mistic tomatos and pyramid turtle for SPEED...anyway he started by setting a monster and 1 card face down, my move i set a sangan and a scapegoat facedown , his move he set another monster so on my turn i used activated a delinquent duo and that met an imperial order, then i summoned a gemini elf and attacked a f/d monster it was pyramid turtle he got patrician of darkness his turn he paid for imperial order  killed the gemini and set 1 more monster i was not thinking at the time so what i did was i sacrificed sangan for jinzo and got witch of the black forest and attacked his patrician however forgot his effect he redirected it to the face down monster it was a pyramid turtle he got vamire lord his move he  paid set 1 more monster and ended.. my turn i was about to use pot of greed but i couldnt his order was still active so i ended his turn he paid and flipped his 3rd pyramid turtle and attacked jinzo for a suicide he got spirit reaper i knew i was screwed...so my turn know i still had jinzo but its USELESS because he will only redirect my attck to his stupid spirit reaper so i had to wait...at this point i was wondering where in the HELL is his hand control? but it turns out he switched the deck before the tournament getting me off guard...anyway i had nothing and had to end his move FINALLY he stops paying he paid  2100 and 1200 from the suicide attack so hes got 4700,  he did nothing my turn i used pot of greed and actually pulled...NOTHING....so i set witch..his move he did nothing...so on my turn i also did nothing it went on like this untill he got pissed and attacked withc i got cyber jar...at this point  i had imperial order face down so i set my cyber jar his move ...he di nothing again...so i used Cyber jar and blew everything up...i got monster reporn premature burial and raigeki and other 2 i forgot....wow NOW i get raigeki...anyway he got like 2 monsters i killed the with raigeki...i summoned yata-garasu i monster reborned his vampire lord and prematured my jinzo  he was left with 100...so he set a monster...my move i attacked...it was cyber jar he got 1 monster to my 3 monsters his monster was a spirit reaper i was like WHAT ?...so i attacked it so it could be face up and it was his move...sadly he got back his vampire lord..used raigeki and attacked but met the scapegoat from the beggining of the duel...so on my turn i summoned the one the only tribe infecting virus i discarded  yata-garasu . i killed zombies so both his vampire lord and spirit reaper died and i attacked and left him with negative 1500...
Match 2 round 1
Birdman VS Steven
ok now that i knew he what he was running i knew what to do,  i started by setting a mistic tomatoe and ended...he set a monster and ended i drew and played change of heart it was spirit reaper so i flipped it along with my mistic tomatoe i attacked and discarded...sinister serpent...Great...then i sacrificed his spirit reaper for my jinzo...his move...he set a monster and ended...my turn i summoned don zaloog and with jinzo attacked..it was pyramid turtle he got spirit reaper, so i ended he set another monster which i attacked it was sangan...he got pyramid turtle...he set a monster and on my turn i did nothing...his turn he flipped pyramid turtle and suicided it with my jinzo, ...he got patrician of darkness....this seems familiar...xcept this time i was ready for that combo...so he killed my don zaloog my turn...i snatch stealed his spirit reaper...killing it , i summoned a spirit reaper of my own and i killed patrician attacked with the reaper and finally discarded something it was a monster reborn....and attacked him with mistic tomato....
so the lifepoints so far are...
Birdman---> 7400
ok so on his move he summoned bazoo he removed a spirit reaper and 2 turtles he killed jinzo...on my turn i summoned a tribe infecting virus and selected beast i attacked with the reaper with tribe and with the tomato...
his turn he sets a monster and he has nothing in his hand  i looked at his graveyard and laughed...he seemed very confident but he should know...nobody can bluff me without noticing his eyes kindve twitched so i summoned yata-garasu and with my spirit reaper i killed the sinister serpent... and attacked him with 1600 and 200 which is  excactly what he had left 1800...so far...
Birdman   2-- 0
ok after this round i had sometime till the next round you see the store owner only begins the next round when everyone is done but there was a guy running final countdown with gravitybinds messenger of peace swords of revealing light and lots of wabokus and high deffense monsters...so needless to say, this duel took a long time...but the owner told me i was dueling  Francisco "c" ......anyway my friends told me he ran Exodia Necross deck...so i made modifications adding 3 soul releases and removing some cards i didnt need...so finally the dude with the final countdown won...
stupid 20 turns...
Round 2 
Birdman VS  Francisco "C"
My first thought during this duel was "what happened to Francisco "A" and "B"...he said nothing he started with painful choice got 4 pieces of exodia and a waboku....o...k....i chose the right leg to stay...his turn he used some coffin card i forgot the name that let him discard monsters he chose the leg and sumthing else...anyway he set a monster and ended...on my turn i used pot of greed and got a cyber jar which i set...his turn he did nothing on my turn i flipped it and got all magix particularly my graceful charity...which i used and whith that got soul release i destroyed my sinister serpent and don zaloog...i used soul release to remove the pieces...he said that i won...
 match 2 round 2
this went by FAST i got an instant yata-lok on him he had nothing but sinister serpent and 3 pieces of exodia in the graveyard...i cant remember the cards he used...duel went by too fast...
So far
Birdman  4--0  
Round 3___Semi Finals___
Birdman VS Daniel
        ok I kno daniel hes cool and everything hes a great  duelist ...and he runs a beatdown deck...we started he began by summoning a gemini elf , and a card face down...i set witch of the black forest  and a imperial order facedown his move he summoned a
breaker the magical warrior destroyed imperial order then used nobleman of crossout witch is gone he attacked for 3500 damage my turn i drew pot of greed and used it...i got sinister serpent and scapegoat...i set scapegoat. ..his turn he tributed his breaker for jinzo with jinzo attacked i played scpaegoat he kills two with jinzo and gemini ...i got 2 left my turn...i play mistical space typhoon on
his face down  which was also a mst...i used change of heart on gemini elf and sacked it for my jinzo i used monster reborn on his gemini and snatch stealed his jinzo...i attacked ....so far...
Daniel --1300
ok his turn he gains 1000 , he plays dark hole and premature burial on his jinzo monster reborn on mine and he summons sinister serpent...
he beat me...
Match 2 Round 3
this duel started with a delinquent duo by me and then pot of greed...i destroyed a monster reborn and he destroyed change of heart..i set a waboku and a sangan...his turn he played mst i activated it he summoned gemini elf and ended i summoned witch of the black forest and flipped my sangan i used snatch steal and attacked for 4000 damage his turn...he gains 1000 he plays dark hole...i get sinister serpent and yata-garasu...he summons a gearfried and attacks...my turn i play ring of destruction facedown and a spirit reaper in deffense his turn he attacked spirit reaper my turn i summoned yata he quickly looked at his hand he still had 2 cards but that was gonna change i set drop off  just  in case...i used ring on gearfried , i attaked killing one card in his hand ...goblin attack force...and not allowing him to draw so his turn he sets a monster...i was like whatever so i summoned don zaloog and attacked it was sinister serpent he drew and it was pot of greed which met my drop off...i got the yata lock the next turn...
Match 3 round 3
before this duel got startwed i hear in the background..."Game Set And Match"...it came from stan he moved on to the finals he looked at me and said you better win...so daniel started with a deffense which met change of heart...i flipped it...it was a sign from god telling me im gonna win in one turn it was injection fairy lily ...i looked at my hand and i had an injection a monster reborn a mistic tomato  and a graceful charity..i used graceful and thre away the tomato and a exciled force i monster reborned the tomato i summoned injection...and did 8200 damage...at the cost of 4000 lifepoints...wow...not much here..
Stan did not blink he looked at me and said "Bring it"
so far
Birdman   6--1
Birdman  VS Stan
At first  i was like "wanna compromise?"  then i said i was kidding compromising would only be 2 dollars and 50 cents from losing ...he said man i need those 50 cents... i laughed... and we agreed to duel...
he started he placed a card in deffense...and a card facedown... my turn i played  cyber jar  in deffense and ended his turn he set 2 cards face down my turn i  set 3 cards facedown and evened it up at this point there were like 20 people around us..but what was scary is that noone talked...anyway i ended my turn ...he set another card and activated delinquent duo...i imperialed it he misticaled my imperial...he got out my graceful charity and i got  out sinister...my turn i used delinquent he used imperial after that i laughed and said thats a coincidence and then i misticaled his imperal i got out pot of greed he got out sinister serpent...i ended my turn...his move he flipped cyber jar killed my cyber...i piked up gemini yata and a few other cards i forgot...he got a yata and gemini a  don zaloog  another don zaloog  and  a mistic tomato he ended his turn my move he played drop off it was a pot of greed...i played dark hole and harpies feather duster he activated time seal...i played forceful sentry i think it was sinister and yata...i said " you wanted me to bring it and this is what you get i returned his sinister i summoned yata garsu i set a book of moon...i attaked with yata he summoned his yata and book of moon flipped it...my turn i drew...it  was a don zaloog i killed the yata with it he drew and ended i summoned yata-garsu i attacked with don zaloog and destroyed the card...its jinzo...i attacked with yata and beat him...
Match 2 Finals
he started with confiscation and then delinquent duo...he played pot of greed and 2 cards facedown ...then summoned a witch of the black forest in attack mode...oh by the way...he destroyed my dark hole pot of greed and riryoku...i killed riryoku..my turn he used drop off...i set a card in deffense his turn nobleman on witch...he then summoned don zaloog attacked and destroyed my exciled force...myb turn drop of...i have NOTHING...his move he plays dark hole and got his yata he plays
yata garasu and says..."this is me bringing it" he attacked me and won,...
Match 3 Finals
ok he starts and sets 2 cards face down and ends...my move i [play 2 cards and end...he summons injection fairy lily...my move i summon gemini elf...he summons gemini elf my move i summon injection fairy lily...i use snatch steal on his injection i do suicide with it and do 6800 damage his move he gains 1000 he plays mistical on the snatch steal...he playes snatch on my injection fairy lily i play book of moon...flipping it destroying the snatch steal giving m bak my lily  he then gets frustrated...so he plays his change of heart im like....damn....he attacks with both but i use scapegoat he obvously chooses not to pay...i got 2 goats left...i play dark hole...i summon don zaloog he gets introduced to torrential tribute..i end by setting a call of the haunted...his move he plays  don zaloog and attacks my life points ...
Birdman 2600
Stan   1200
i play delinquent duo and destroy his yata he kills  sinister serpent...i set 1 card face down and end it was ring of destruction...his move he played spirit reaper and attacked i had 1400 left he destroyed a harpies feather duster...my move drop off...i lost my bazoo the soul eater...i ended...he summoned another spirit reaper attacked with both i got 1000 lp left my turn i activate call of the haunted he says..."its either you or me...so why not both of us" he uses ring of destruction on my don zaloog"...we both lost or we both won?....
the store owner was stunned and said...the first tie...ever...he decided to declare me AND stan winners so we both got 25 dollars....
for an awesome tournament
For me AND Stan winning
For the owner for being cool
No clear winner
thats it!.
 till next time thanx for reading
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