[Avalanche]~LifeStream ~ Controlling…  Eliminating… Power…                                               2/29


[W]orld of [B]ooks                                              $6 Tournament w/ Tournament Pack

137 PELTON CENTER WAY                             Advance Bracket
SAN LEANDRO, California 94577

United States



                Mech Chaser        Fissure                   Sangan                   Mystic Tomato

                Breaker                   Fissure                   Monster Reborn   Mystic Tomato

                Fiber Jar                 Fissure                   Raigeki                   Mystic Tomato

                Premature Burial   Trap Hole              Rite of Spirit          Don Zaloog

                Morphin Jar          Trap Hole              Yata-Garasu          Don Zaloog

                Magic Cyliner       Trap Hole              Confiscation         Don Zaloog

                Mirror Force          Barrel Dragon       Graceful Charity   D.D. Warrior Lady

                Imperial Order       Barrel Dragon       Pot of Greed          D.D. Warrior Lady


[e]limination [1] ~ By


LifeStream chillz


[e]limination [2] ~ [This Mexican Guy]

                I started off by playing against [This Mexican Guy], this gave me the chance to avenge for [Chief Wiggum]’z loss last week.  He had a [J]inzo out and I had a [D]on [Z]aloog which was pulled out by a recently killed [M]ystic [T]omato, I knew it was time to have some fun.  I prematured my [M]ystic [T]omato and summoned my [D.D.] [W]arrior [L]ady.  I slammed the [M]ystic [T]omato into his [J]inzo and pulled out another [D]on [Z]aloog, then had my [D.D.] [W]arrior [L]ady slam into the [J]Inzo to remove it, finally my 2 [D]on [Z]aloogs hit directly to his [LifePoints] and dropped 2 random cards from his hand.  Soon it was game.


LifeStream overwhelmz the power of the [This Mexican Guy] ~ 2/0


[e]limination [3] ~ Jared

                Jared had been doing amazingly well in the last few tournaments.  Even though I had knocked him out the last tournament, I was pretty nervous playing this guy because he had knocked out [A]~Red XIII the match before.  It was time for my revenge.  [A]~Red XIII had let me use his mat and calculator for the match.  After I had lost the first duel it was time for me to remove his mat and calculator.  They had a bad aura.  I took out my cell phone and no mat, it was time to duel.  On our 2nd duel we had emptied out each others hands and we began top decking.  And soon I ended him with a 16 attacker.  On the 3rd duel I was in trouble, I needed help from [F]iber [J]ar.  After saving some revival I ended him with a 4700 hit.


LifeStream’z overwhelming Control ~ 2/1


[e]limination [4] ~ [A]~Vincent

                This was quick match.  Everything I drew was so automatic.  I had the counter to everything my opponent did.  Owned with [Yata-Garasu].


LifeStream prevailed ~ 2/0


[e]limination [5] ~ Nat

                After seeing some [crazee] action from his [Chaos] deck, I wasn’t too confident playing against it, so we split the prize 3 tournament packs each.

                However after we split, we decided to play to see who would get the points.  On our 2nd duel I had destroyed his [D]ark [M]agician of [C]hao and Reborned to the field in my control and after a few turns I ended him.


LifeStream pulls through ~ 2/0


LifeStream is VICTORIOUS ~ 4/0




[This Mexican Guy]









4/0 (8/1)


If you lack of LifeStream… you lose……



Left with 4 Tournament Packz



Name: LifeStream