“A Unique Hand Control”


Greentree Sportscards

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Participants (estimate):  45

Prizes:  1st - $10 credit  2nd - $5 credit  Winner of loser’s bracket - $5


My deck is kind of weird, but it truly works.




16 Monsters:

1x Jinzo

1x Vampire Lord

1x Yata-Garasu

1x Spirit Reaper

1x Don Zaloog

1x Magical Scientist

2x Slate Warrior

1x Breaker the Magical Warrior

2x D. D. Warrior Lady

1x Tribe-Infecting Virus

1x Sinister Serpent

1x Fiber Jar

1x Sangan

1x Witch of the Black Forest


18 Spells:

1x Raigeki

1x Dark Hole

1x Harpie’s Feather Duster

1x Pot of Greed

1x Graceful Charity

1x Change of Heart

1x Monster Reborn

3x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Snatch Steal

1x Premature Burial

1x Delinquent Duo

1x The Forceful Sentry

1x Swords of Revealing Light

1x Painful Choice

1x Mirage of Nightmare

1x Scapegoat


6 Traps:

1x Mirror Force

1x Imperial Order

1x Ring of Destruction

1x Call of the Haunted

2x Waboku


Sidedeck (15):

1x Exiled Force

1x Don Zaloog

1x Spirit Reaper

1x Ryu Kokki

2x Book of Life

2x Pyramid Turtle

1x Gemini Elf

1x Luster Dragon #2

1x Skilled Dark Magician

2x Drop Off

1x Airknight Parshath

1x Zombyra the Dark


Fusion Deck:

3x Dark Flare Knight

1x Dark Baltar the Terrible

1x Ryu Senshi

1x Fiend Skull Dragon

1x Thousand-Eyes Restrict

2x Super Roboyarou




Before the tournament started, I bought four Invasion of Chaos packs, and pulled Insect Princess and Freed the Brave Wanderer.  Oh well, I guess luck wasn’t with me…  After I tried and tried again to trade for either of the Chaos monsters, RJ started calling names.  I was paired up with Nick.


Match 1.1 – Me v. Nick (Warrior/Beatdown)

Well, it started off with me playing a couple defensive maneuvers and him emptying his hand to bring out some of his Warriors.  Midway through the duel, he left himself completely handless and I had Yata and a Sinister Serpent facedown.  The only problem was that he also had Blindly Loyal Goblin on the field.  I draw…Painful Choice.  I play it, taking Dark Hole, Raigeki, Monster Reborn, Vampire Lord, and SNATCH STEAL.  What was I thinking?  Of course, he picks SS, and stupidly, I play it.  Ewww  After this, all I drew were support spells but no destructive ones, and he just kept pounding away at my LP with the Warriors he topdecked.  He was consistently gaining LP too, so I was screwed.  There was no excuse for my losing this duel, except for stupidity (which is a terrible excuse).

End result:  Me – 0, Nick – 5800


Match 1.2 – Me v. Nick

Complete hand annihilation.  I got a much better hand than last time, and within a few turns, I left him handless.  I managed to bring out Yata on the fifth or sixth turn, and locked him.

End result:  Me – 6200, Nick - LOCK


Match 1.3 – Me v. Nick

I would like to say that I won this duel, but I didn’t.  I couldn’t draw any monsters at all!  Fortunately, I was able to hold my ground with Sinister Serpent for a while, but I think he got Lesser Fiend out and removed SS, so I was unable to protect my LP.  I was able to set a Scapegoat later on and stall for two turns, but I couldn’t seem to draw any destructive spells or any good monsters, so I was screwed.  I had absolutely nothing, and he had a FULL field of monsters (GAF, Lesser Fiend, Hayabusa, Marauding, and Amazonness Paladin).  He annihilated the rest of my LP. 

End result:  Me – 0, Nick – 8000

Winner:  Nick


Oh well, I was out, but fortunately, there was a loser’s bracket, so I told them I lost and went to play Luke for the first match of the bracket.


Match 1.1 – Me v. Luke (Trample/Burn)

He was explaining to me his Tower of Babel and its usefulness, but I realized that if you had to wait that long to do that much damage, it would be MUCH easier to just have a Ceasefire or something.  He won the dice roll, so he set a monster and 2 m/t and ended.  I knew that he and his deck were flip friendly, so I Feather Dusted his Waboku + Cylinder and Dark Holed his Koala.  I set a Witch and ended.  He summoned Spear and assaulted, so I grabbed a Slate.  I summoned the Slate and attacked.  It went like this on for a while until I regained field advantage and sent him topdecking, but he never got anything truly useful.  He lost to Vampy.

End result:  Me – 4800?, Luke – 0


Match 1.2 – Me v. Luke

Basically the same as last time, but I established field advantage much earlier, and saw my Vamp Lord coming back very often.  I left him handless in 3-4 turns, brought out Jinzo to counter his facedown m/t, but it was a Scapegoat…  Grrrr  He was able to stall for one more turn, but I brought out Yata and hit him for a nice lock.

End result:  Me – 6100, Luke – 0

Winner:  Me



Match 2.1 – Me v. Bradley (Control)

Well, his deck was good, except that instead of using beaststicks or hand disruptors, he used Dark Jeroids and Newdorias.  I guess he was either partial to fiends, or maybe it was secretly a Dark Necrofear deck.  He played well, but from what I could see from my Sentry, his hand could not hold in his duel.  I smacked him around a few times with Slate and soon realized that its secondary effect was static.  It didn’t matter, but he managed to lower my monster’s ATK strengths by a lot in a short time.  I was able to gain field advantage and rip his hand out for the win.

End result:  Me – 2000?, Him – 0


Match 2.2 – Me v. Bradley

I was able to take a good hit a few turns in that killed him by reviving, gaining control, and summoning another monster.  After that, I had Scientist in my hand, so when he summoned the next turn to kill both my monsters, he didn’t realize he was sealing his defeat.  Next turn, I whipped out Scientist and TER, sucked up Jinzo, attacked his Jeroid for the last 1000 that I needed to win.  Its all gravy…

End result:  Me – 5500?, Him – 0

Winner:  Me



Match 3.1 – Me v. Chuck (partially formed Chaos deck…)

Well, I could tell if he was in the loser’s bracket and he had a Chaos deck he obviously had either CED or Soldier missing, so I asked him which one.  He was missing Chaos Soldier…  Well, that fits in, because everyone at the store told me that they opened at least ten boxes and hadn’t found one Chaos Soldier, just the Dragon.  We started dueling, and a few turns in, he played Graceful, and dropped Sorcerer and a lightie (I think Bounder).  He was trying to blast me to smithereens…  I was prepared not to allow this to happen.  I got rid of his facedown Tomato with Baltar via Scientist and hit him direct for 300, setting a Waboku.  He tried to kill Scientist, but I Wabokued.  From then on was pretty much him stalling until he drew CED, but I managed to pull a Fiber Flip on him and hit him for 1100 with Witch.  Again, all he does is set monsters, so I finally brought out V-Lord and attacked, bringing him close to 4000.  We are at almost even LP, but I stole his Angel and attacked for a few turns, which brought him down.  I was able to grab the win a few turns later…

End result:  Me – 4300, Chuck - 0


Match 3.2 – Me v. Chuck

This duel went much faster, but again, he didn’t get any Chaos monsters out on me (thankfully).  I was able to attack direct a few times. He tried to employ his stalling technique again, but I was able to destroy the little searchers before they wreaked havoc upon me.  I got another few quick hits in, and its game.

End result:  Me – 7000 (from a Delinquent Duo payment), Chuck – 0

Winner:  Me



Match 4.1 (Finals of the loser’s bracket) – Me v. Jerome (another partially formed Chaos deck…)

I KNOW that he didn’t have Chaos Soldier, because he and I were trying to get the same Soldier off of Nick (Kramer).  Even though I offered him a BETTER deal than McHale did, he somehow looked past our friendship just to make me angry.  Oh well.  I think I won the dice roll, so I played Graceful + Forceful Sentry, set a monster and a m/t and ended.  The next two turns, I was able to get two hits on his LP with Don, taking out most of his hand.  It just progressed from there until I was able to Yata lock him a few turns later.  He didn’t even make me play it out J

End result:  Me - 4500?, Jerome – LOCK


Match 4.2 – Me v. Jerome

His starting hand was just sick.  He went first, Pot, Graceful, Delinquent…  I was able to take the field a few turns later, but I left myself handless and open.  Oh well…  He was able to get rid of my monsters and beat my LP out.

End result:  Me – 0, Jerome – 5100?


Match 4.3 – Me v. Jerome

I don’t really remember this duel, but on his first turn, he dealt me 5500 damage, leaving himself with hardly a hand and I had a Dark Hole.  I left him handless via Don + The Forceful Sentry to his CED, and protected with Wabokus and stuff like that, while I was able to hit away with Don until he had no LP left.  That’s what happens when you use all your resources up first turn.

End result:  Me – 2500, Jerome – 0

Winner: Me


First:  McCartney

Second:  Bernardi

Winner of loser’s bracket:  Me


Well, I collected my $5 prize to pay for an IOC pack, and again, I pulled CRAP!  AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!



Getting to go to the tournament

Jerome for being somewhat tolerable today; he did not use any cheesy technical crap

Trading for 2x Marauding Captain and my THIRD Slate Warrior later today (thanks, Matt!)



Everything else

NINE packs of IOC – 7 Rares, 1 Ultra, 1 Super (****!)

Losing to Wilimowski in the first round

Kramer for not trading me his Chaos Soldier!!!!!


I am REALLY angry about my luck today, so if you have something to say to me, approach me CAUTIOUSLY and if you are lucky, you may get a response…

-AIM = mrfilbertiert

-E-mail = pyroboy72@hotmail.com


Thanks for listening!