Tourney Date: 6/12/04
Format: Swiss
Entry Fee: $5
Attendance: 24 in open, about the same number in juniors
It was my first tourney at Primetime in almost a month, and I'd been gone for about 2 months before that. Obviously, I had some catching up to do. But I thought my deck was up to it.
Epiphany of Chaos v2.0
17 Monsters
1 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End
1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
1 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
1 Breaker the Magical Warrior
1 Archfiend Soldier
1 Witch of the Black Forest
1 Sangan
1 Jinzo
3 DD Warrior Lady
1 Thunder Nyan Nyan
1 Magical Merchant
1 Magician of Faith
1 Yata-Garasu
1 Tribe-Infecting Virus
1 Sinister Serpent
18 Magic
3 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Pot of Greed
1 Graceful Charity
1 Monster Reborn
1 Change of Heart
1 Dark Hole
1 Raigeki
1 Harpie's Feather Duster
1 Delinquent Duo
1 The Forceful Sentry
1 Nobleman of Crossout
1 Painful Choice
1 Snatch Steal
1 Premature Burial
1 Heavy Storm
1 Mirage of Nightmare
5 Traps
2 Waboku
1 Imperial Order
1 Call of the Haunted
1 Mirror Force
Before the tourney, I paid my $5 to enter, and another $5 for 2 Berserk Gorillas. I helped Cody and James set up the tables. Then the shop owner, Bill, came in and did pairings. David explained to me that we would be playing Swiss this week. I liked the idea of getting to play at least 5 matches, so I was on board with it. To top it all off, my chances of getting top 2 in my group were good.
Round 1
vs. Alex Garcia (Warrior beatdown)
Duel 1
And wouldn't you know it, first round I play the hardest guy in my group and the one guy who seems to beat me every time I face him lately. Anyway, the game started well when I had Duo opening hand. A little later, he attacked me directly with a GAF and Mage of Faith, but I busted out my whoopin' stick to win it.
Me 8000>7000>4400
Alex 8000>7200>5100>3000>1200>0
Duel 2
He managed to hit my life points in this duel as well, but in smaller increments. He got BLS out on me, but I Snatched it, and that won it for me.
Me 8000>6500>6400>6000
Alex 8000>3100<4100>2200<3200>0
Round 2
vs. Joseph (XYZ/chaos, I think)
Duel 1
Not much happened in this duel. He attacked me directly with and X-Head, and attacked my Tribe next turn with a Reborned X. On my end, I had a field day with attacking, and I eventually summoned a bunch of monsters and did overkill damage to him.
Me 8000>6200>6000
Joseph 8000>5100<6100>4500>1400>600>0
Duel 2
All I remember is that it was a close game, and that I pulled out BLS to win.
Me 8000>6700>3500>3300>2800
Joseph 8000>7300>5500>3000>0
Round 3
vs. Geoff (Machine burn/XYZ deck)
Duel 1
Coming into this match, I expected an easy win against the beatdown/Exodia deck this guy is somewhat famous for using, but I guess not. Thanks to Magician of Faith, he used Painful twice in this duel, and it helped him more than I thought possible. And what really annoys me is that he used a Hinotama on me turn 1.
Me 8000>7500>5900>5100>3400>2400>900>0
Geoff 8000>4300>1300
Duel 2
I have no memory of this duel, except that I won.
Me 8000>7400>6200>5400
Geoff 8000>5800>1900>0
Duel 3
Geoff took 1000 from my Sangan early on. Next turn, I was somehow able to summon a bunch of monsters. I Snatched his Jinzo, tributed something else for mine, and special summoned BLS. GMFG.
Me 8000>7400>6500>5700>5300
Geoff 8000>7000>0
Round 4
vs. Joe (pretty generic beatdown)
Duel 1
I got him down to 400 thanks to BLS, but he cleared it away with Tribe and came back to win.
Me 8000>7200>6400>4800>2900>0
Joe 8000>6900>400
Duel 2
I did some major side decking before this duel, and it paid off. My new beatdown cards totally caught him off guard, and I won.
Me 8000>6900>5900>4200>3500
Joe 8000>6800>4600<5600>5400>5200>0
Duel 3
A total massacre. The only damage I took was from Premature Burial.
Me 8000>7200
Joe 8000>7900>7100>2700>0
Round 5
vs. Luke (another generic beatdown)
Duel 1
He went first and just summoned a Gemini Elf. I summoned some 1900, Change of Hearted Gemini, attacked for 3800, set Ring, then Ring'd his Gemini during the Draw Phase. There was no comeback.
Me 8000>6100>5700>3400
Luke 8000>4200>2300>400>0
Duel 2
He had used CotH on his Witch in the hopes of using its effect again, but Magical Scientist denied him that luxury. All in all, a close duel until the end.
Me 8000>7000>5400>4600>4200
Luke 8000>6800>5200>3200>1600>0
And so, I had gone 10-2, good for top seed in my group. It would be a while before I found out my next opponent in the final 8, so I decided to free duel some guy.
free duel 1
vs. some guy (yet another regular beatdown)
Duel 1
This was easy. All my damage was self-inflicted from Ring and Duo.
Me 8000>7000>5100
guy 8000>6100>4600>0
Duel 2
I got luck at the end. I had 1000 LP left, and my Sinister in ATK mode. Luckily, he topdecked a dead card, and I won.
Me 8000>7200>4800>3800>2500>1000
guy 8000>6500>3800>3500>3200>2900>2600>0
Round 6 (Round 1 of 8-player bracket)
vs. Alex Gonzalez (control, don't know if he had chaos)
Duel 1
I usually beat Alex, or at least give him a good fight. This time, though, I was just not drawing anything.
Me 8000>7000>3400>2600>0
Alex 8000>7000>6300>5400>4600
Duel 2
This was a long duel, and I don't remember any of the details.
Me 8000>7000>5900>4800>3300>700
Alex 8000>6900>3800>3100>3000>2000>500>0
Duel 3
I had no chance in this one. He just loaded up his field and hit me for everything.
Me 8000>6600>4200>0
Alex 8000>7000>6300>6200>5400
After the tourney, there was this curly-haired kid from the junior division who was bragging about going 12-0 in his group. (He lost first round of the bracket, too.) Anyway, Bill knew I'd set the kid straight, so he told Curly to play me across the street at Wendy's.
free duel 2
vs. Curly (Chaos)
Duel 1
He got an opportunity to show off his new BLS to me in this duel. When he summoned it, I had DD Warrior Lady, Breaker with no counter, and Sangan on the field, and all in ATK mode. He decided to remove Breaker. Next turn I summoned something, removed with DDWL, then attacked directly with both leftover monsters for the win.
Me 8000>7000>5500
Curly 8000>5400>2800>1800>0
Duel 2
He Prematured his Jinzo, then put a Mage and an Axe on it, and attacked my Sangan for a ton of damage. I searched for DDWL and set it face-down, hoping he didn't draw another monster. He didn't, and he took the bait, knowing full well that I couldn't suicide my DDWL due to lack of LP. What a moron. Not only that, but when I had used Painful earlier on in the duel, I chose Sinister, Jinzo, Duo, Mirage, and I think Nobleman. He gave me Duo. This meant I had Duo and TFS in my opening hand. He talks the talk, but he don't walk the walk.
Me 8000>7000>6000>2100
Curly 8000>7200>2300>0
Tourney record: 11-4
Record for the day: 15-4
-me for having my best tourney ever.
-Bill for going with the Swiss. Long live the Swiss!
-to all the people I played against for some good duels.
-to my side deck for having the ability to do some serious m0rphage.
-to whoever decides the rarity of cards for making Sealmaster Meisei a rare. (MORONS!)
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