Deck Name: Wrath of the Sea Deck
Duelist Name: Ryan Allison
Collecter's Liar Lynchburg, VA
Date: 6/6/04
50 duelists
The Legendary Fisherman
Catapult Turtle
Mother Grizzly (*3)
Amphibious Bugroth MK-3 (*2)
Magical Scientist
Injection Fairy Lily
Cyber Jar
Tribe Infecting Virus
Sinister Serpent
Cure Mermaid
Witch of the Black Forest
Penquin Soldier
Mermaid Knights (*2)
A Legendary Ocean (*3)
Pot of Greed
Graceful Charity
Painful Choice
Card Destruction
Last Will (*2)
Mirage of Nightmare
Mystical Space Typhoon (*3)
Harpies Feather Duster
Dark Hole
Change of Heart
Monster Reborn
Premature Burial
Imperial Order
Mirror Force
Gravity Bind (*2)
Spell Shield Type 8
Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell
Torrential Tribute
Call of the Haunted
Side Deck:
Fiber Jar
Aqua Spirit
Exiled Force
DD Warrior Lady (*2)
Heavy Storm
Seven Tools of the Bandit
Ring of Destruction
Magical Cylinder
Mage Power
Fusion Deck:
Dark Flare Knight
Thousand Eyes Restrict
Dark Balter the Terrible
Punisher Eagle
Its tournament report time! As expected I had a very good day.
Just a duel for fun) Me vs A guy with a Exodia and Chaos Hybrid Deck
His deck workes surprisingly well. Since both deck ideas both focus on speed he decided to make a hybrid and it did surprisingly well. I was expecting Exodia but when he pulled out Black Lustier Soldier on me I was really surprised. Anways in like 2 turns he got my life points down to 1700 and he already had 3 pieces of Exodia in his graveyard and the last 2 were in his hand. All he needed was back up soldier and we both new it. Luckily I was using my Butterfly Dagger Deck against him. I pulled off the infinite draw combo then used graceful charity to throw Fire Princess in the Graveyard then I played Monster Reborn to get it on the field...after I played Morale Boost it was all should have seen the look on his face, it was priceless. Everyone around me couldn't believe I had such a great comeback from behind Victory. Anyways on to the real tournament...
1st Round) Me vs a Final and Fiend Deck
I basically wiped the floor with this guy. I've seen his deck before so I knew how it worked and everything. He got out Dark Ruler of Hades early on but I stopped his attacks with Gravity Bind. Later I started getting in some direct attacks with my MK-3's when I got A Legendary Ocean on the field. He then played Final Destiny Board so I knew I had to kill him fast. Luckily I drew my Mother Grizzly. I suicided it into his Dark Necrofear to pull out my Catapult Turtle. Then I played Last Will and special Summoned Magical was all over from there.
Final Score Me 1200 LP, him 0
2nd Round Me vs Warrior/ Beatdown Deck
Needless to say this round was a joke. Beatdowns are great and everything but they are useless against Gravity Bind. I used Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell on his MST so that really ticked him off. Then I attacked directly for 4 turns with my MK-3s...I love those guys...Then I used Levia Dragon's effect to get in a direct attack for the win. The 2nd round was a little bit harder b/c he got a few good attacks in, but then I pulled out Cure Mermaid and Gravity I just let sit there for about 4 turns. Once I raised my life points I finished him with scientist and turtle again.
Round 3) Me vs Hand Control and Chaos Hybrid
Now I knew I had to be careful here. I easily won the 1st round with the scientist and turle combo...anyone beginning to see a pattern here...its easy to pull off because my deck has so much speed to it and Legendary Ocean doesn't hurt it either...I lost the 2nd round because he liked played Chaos Emperor Dragon then Yata locked me...I was ticked. The 3rd round I won because of my Catapult Turtle, but this time I didn't need Scientist. I got in a direct attack with my Legendary Fisherman, Catapult Turtle and my Injection Fairy Lily. Then I offered my monsters for the win.
4th Round Me vs another Chaos Deck
Surprise surprise. I can't believe how many people play this deck and refuse to try anything else. This deck was good, but it lacked speed. He was playing all of the wrong cards like DDWL and Reflect Bounder and Breaker. I'm sorry but if you are going to play Chaos at least have the brains to put some fast cards in like Giant Germs and Magician of Faiths with a few Apprentice Magicians. Needless to say I finished this duel in just a few turns
5th round I got a bye because there was a tie for 2nd so they had to duel to see who would duel me. It was a Zombie vs a Burn Deck actually. I was surprised to see something creative actually go so far. I could have sworn the Zombie was about to win because of his Spirit Reapers and Vampire Lord, but then the guy with the burn deck made an awesome comeback. He Tributed his opponents monsters for Lava Golem then played Mask of Restrict to make sure his opponent couldn't tribute it. Then he played Fire Priness and Solemn Wishes! Needless to say I really loved his deck. It was all over in just a few turns...
The Finals
Me vs Burn Deck
Luckily I saw him duel so I didn't get any surprises. He started playing Fire Princess and Solemn Wishes with Gravity Bind and hurt me a few times. I was about to hurt him with my Levia Dragon but he played Mask of Restrict before I could summon it...So there went my Dragon and my Turtle Combo...Unfortanetly for him my deck excels with Gravity Bind. Once I drew my Legendary Oceans I started attacking with my MK-3's...see isn't it great to have a back up plan. By now he already had a lot of life points though. Once I drew my MST i threw him a surprise by destroying his Solemn Wishes...he obviously didn't see that coming...he could have sworn I would go for Gravity Bind...I don't know why, but oh well. I just left that there because it wasn't going to help him any. I then played my newest card Mermaid Knight for the win. For those of you who don't know Mermaid Knight is a common in the new booster pack Ancient Sanctuary...and yes our store did have them in early. Its level 4 water with 1500 attack. Its effect is if "umi" is on the field it can attack twice in the same battle if you play it with a Legendary Ocean and Gravity Bind it will get a 200 att increase from ocean and be lv 3. A direct attack would equal 3400 damage...did I mention I love this card too.
It was an unofficial tournament because its a few hours of a drive to the closest official one, but the power behind my opponents decks were still incredible...I've played in official tournaments before and it was about equal in difficulty. Since its unofficial they do allow you to play japanese cards that are out already and they did let me use mermaid knight. For a fair warning Ancient Sanctuary cards can not be played until Mid June at All official tournaments so you still have to wait a few weeks if u want to make a Sanctuary of the Sky deck.
 For my victory and for the runner up. We showed everyone that originality and strategy beat power and what everyone else is playing everytime.
For myself for getting some awesome trades. I got Guardian Angel Joan, Black Tyrrano, Black Lustier Soldier, Dark Magician of Chaos, FINAL, Strike Ninja, Dark Mastor Zorc, Insect Princess, and Last Turn!
That I kicked butt with my Butterfly Dagger Deck in a few fun rounds
That I actually made a decent insect deck...couldn't help it I got bored...Its really good by the way. You can play painful choice with 3 Skull mark ladybug's of death for 3000 lp's. it has Gravity Bind and Messanger of Peace for protection with my flip effect monsters...scarabs and locusts...I play 2 parasite paracides and 3 poison of the old mans for some burn damage. I have 3 Neo Bugs for some beatdown monsters, and of course I can't forget Pinch Hopper. I also play the DNA Surgery with my 2 Insect Princesses. The only thing that bothers me is that I usually win with it by my opponent decking out...they play so much speed then I throw in a Morphing Jar # 2 and its all over...o well no complaints here.
My youngest brother got a few trades in for his Dark Paladin deck. Its actually really good. He plays Skilled white and Skilled Dark Magicians with Apprentice Magian, Old Vindictive Magician and Magician of Faith. He has a few one hit combos with it too. If he plays poly he will att with Dark Paladin then play De-Fusion for the kill. If he used Fusion Gate he will play Dimension Fusion and attack with all 3 monsters for the win too.
Cons: I had to trade away one of my Airknights and my Dark Ruler of Hades ...that my other brother didn't enter with his life point deck because he would have been great. (Yes he does play Immortal of Thunder with Barrel Behind the door and some Stealth Birds...very deadly)
No one will trade their Yatas or Vampire Lords or Chaos Emperor Dragons. I mean they are great cards and everything, but they aren't invincible (as I clearly and I offered them fair trades for them.
Questions? Comments? Ideas Combos or Deck Strategies?
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