Vicious Females

David Smith

Comics N Stuff

San Diego, California

June 17th, 2004

$5 Entry Fee; 1st- Half a Box of AST, and 1 IOC, DCR, MFC, & PGD,

2nd place- the other half of the AST box.

3rd & Forth- Two AST packs.

Everyone else, Tourney Entry pack.

The Deck:

3x Cyber Harpy {actually called Harpy Lady SB} (Japanese)

3x Harpy Lady Sisters

Amazoness Chain Wielder (Japanese)

Amazoness Swordswoman

Amazon Archer

Sinister Serpent

3x Dunamis Valkyrie (Japanese)

2x D.D. Warrior Lady

2x Bird Face

Witch of the Black Forest

Magician of Faith

Change of Heart

3x Elegant Egotist

Dark Hole


2x Mystical Space Typhoon

Monster Reborn

Rising Air Current

Dark Designator

Pot of Greed

Graceful Charity

Premature Burial

Harpie's Feather Duster


2x Mirror Wall

Shadow of Eyes

Magic Drain

Amazoness Archers


Call of the Haunted

Total: 42 cards

If you lose 2/3 duels at this place you're knocked out. Ouch! I decided to go here for a new tourney scene because I got tired of dueling at the same old place. It got boring because it was the same old faces, with the same old decks. And people soon remember your deck and you soon remember theirs. So I decided on a new scene of action!

So I arrive there, and see a bunch of new duelist that I've never met. And I head off to register for the tournament and find out I can use my Japanese cards! As I shuffle and cut my deck, a couple of people ask to see my cards, but I tell them, wait until the duel. Then you'll find out how you're gonna lose. Haha. So the tournament begins and I am placed up against a kid who runs

Spirit Monsters... oh boy.

David v.s. Spirit Boy! (He plays Spirit Monsters)

So I win the rock, paper, scissors part of the match and draw my cards. My deck begins showing him no mercy as I had gotten a Cyber Harpy (1800/1300: Treat this card as Harpy Lady), Rising Air Current, Mirror Wall, an Amazoness Chain Wielder (1500/1300: When this card is sent from the field to the graveyard, you can pay 1500 life points to take one monster card from your opponents hand and use

the card as your own for the remainder of the duel. If that card goes to the graveyard, return it to the original owners graveyard.), Pot of Greed, and drew my Elegant Egotist! I play Pot of Greed and draw Sinister Serpent and Dark Designator. I play Dark Designator and send Yata to his hand. He laughs

and says that was a foolish play. Okay. We'll see how foolish it is. I set my Chain Wielder and Mirror Wall and end my turn. He plays a Spring of Rebirth and summons his Yata!? Apparently his only monster. And then sets a M/T and ends his turn. I draw another Elegant Egotist, and Flip my Chain Wielder. He Trap Holes it, I pay 1500 life points and snag his Yata (only monster in his hand!) and then I play Cyber Harpy with two Elegant Egotist, bring out two Harpy Lady Sisters and play Rising Air Current, and attack for 7200. He draws and forfeits.

Me: 8000, 6500

Him: 8000, 8500, 1300- forfeit.

In the second duel, he decides to go first and finally gets some cards in his hand. He plays his Spring of Rebirth, sets another M/T and plays a monster in defense mode. I already have Elegant Egotist, Dunamis Valkyrie (1800/1050), Pot of Greed, Bird Face, and Harpy Lady Sisters, and I draw Magic Drain. I set Magic Drain and play Pot of Greed. I get Feather Duster and another Elegant Egotist. I play Feather Duster and destroyed a face down Dark Coffin. Oh wow. I discard Dunamis Valkyrie and play Bird Face in attack mode! I run right into his face down Giant Soldier of Stone. On his next turn he plays another Spring of Rebirth, but I activate Magic Drain. He discards an Axe of Despair. What a joke. And sets another card. He then sacrifices his GSoS for Great Long Nose. *Sarcasm* OH WOW! He attacks Bird Face and I get Cyber Harpy. He ends his turn and gains 500 lifepoints. I draw Amazoness Chain Wielder and summon Cyber Harpy. I play one Elegant Egotist and bring out Harpy Lady Sisters and set my 2nd Elegant Egotist, he activates Solemn Wishes. I end my turn. He draws and summons Inaba White Rabbit. He attacks. Wow. I am really taking a beating. He sets an M/T. and ends his turn. I draw Shadow of Eyes, and Summon Chain Wielder and play Elegant Egotist. I attack him with all 4 and he activates Begone, Knave. I end by setting SoE. He draws. Gains another 500. Plays White Rabbit. Attacks. Returns. Okay, so I draw Graceful Charity. I discard my two Harpy Sister's which are of no use to me. Play MST on Begone, Knave. Summon Amazon Archer. Play Scapegoat and fire all 4 of them, and then attack directly. He draws. Gain LP. Summons Great Angus (wtfreak!?), attacks. Ends turn. I draw MoF. Set it facedown. He draws. Plays SoRL. I take back Elegant Egotist. He attacks. I draw another MST! Hah! I destroy SoRL, Summon Cyber Harpy. Play Elegant Egotist. Get out the third Sisters. Attack w/Sisters. Then Cyber Harpy. He draws. Forfeits.

Me: 8000, 7600, 6900, 6200, 5800,

Him: 8000, 8500, 9500, 8500, 7050, 5750, 4300, 4800, 5300, 2900, 1700, 2200, 250-forfeits

Okay so after that "duel" I sit and wait for my next opponent, I shuffle and cut my deck over and over thinking about whom I might have to play next. I was gonna watch a couple of duels but I decided not to. That's not my style of play. I don't need to watch another person's strategy in order to win. So as they finish their duels, It's time for mine. Boy was I lucky this time.

David v.s. Some kid with Exodia.

He lets me go first, even though he won the R, P, S. Cocky. I set Scapegoat and Amazoness Archers, Summon Amazon Archer. He draws, sets two M/T. Ends turn. I draw PoG. He plays Magic Jammer. Discards Sinister Serpent and literally drops his Left Leg of the Forbidden One. He says something along the line of, "You won't win. Not against Exodia." I activate Scapegoat, and fire the goats.

He plays Waboku; I say he still takes damage. He says I am cheating. I call over a ref. he tells the kid I was right. We continue our duel. I summon Amazoness Chainwielder. He complains about it being Japanese, and wants it removed. I tell him it's perfectly legal and the description of the card, how to acquire of one and if he wants to challenge it. He does, he finds out I can indeed use it. I play Dark Designator. Declare the Exodia Head. And then I fire both of my Amazons at him! Pay the minimal cost of 1500 life points and take his Head. He gets steamed. Whatever. I set CoTH. He plays Emissary of the Afterlife. Attacks. I bring back Amazon Archer with CoTH, activate Amazoness Archers. He loses 300 more life points. He takes his Right Arm. I tell him I have no 3 star or lower Normal Monster, I offer him the choice of searching my deck. He is irate by now. And I love it. He says no! And ends his turn with a face down card. I play Amazoness Paladin, Attack with both. And then fire both. Game.

Me: 8000, 6500,

Him: 8000, 5600, 4400, 4100, 0.

We start our second duel, but he had to leave on account of his parents. I say good game but he "yeah-yea’s" me, and leaves. As I shuffle my deck I notice an unknown sleeve and see that the kid forgot to get back his Exodia head! I went outside to find him, but he was gone! See! That's why you never lose your cool in a duel. You may forget to take all your cards. So I place the card in

my deck box, to hold onto. And wait patiently. Wow! I am doing well so far.

David v.s. Chris? (Beatdown)

Oh no. A beatdown deck. Dang! One thing I was hoping not to see. I set Summon Dunamis Valkyrie set Mirror Wall and Shadow of Eyes, and end. He draws plays Hayabusa Night. Equips it with Axe of Despair. Goes to attack, I block it with Mirror Wall. He sets a card, ends his turn. I pay for Mirror Wall, summon Cyber Harpy, Elegant Egot-- Magic Drained! No! So I play PoG, get Rising Air Current out on the field. Play another Elegant Egotist. Attack for 6550! End my turn. He sets a Monster. I play, Shadow of Eyes! He turns over Cyber Jar in attack mode! HAHA! He plays Axe for it. Attacks my Valkyrie. Ends his turn. I summon Sinister Serpent. Attack his Cyber Jar with Cyber Harpy, and finish him off with Sinister Serpent! Haha!

Me: 8000, 6000, 5900, 3900

Him: 8000, 7250, 700, 0

He goes fishing through his side deck and tells me how he is going to beat me with the CED ~ Yata combo. I fish through my side deck. Put in two more Dark Designators for Scapegoat and Rising Air Current and two more Chain Wielders for Swordswoman and Amazon Archer. He plays Graceful Charity, discards a D.D. Warrior Lady and Sangan. Summons Archfiend Soldier, sets one M/T. I draw,

He plays drop-off. Well, there goes my Premature Burial. So I play PoG, get Chainwielder and Dark Designator! I summon Chainwielder, set Barrel Behind the Door! Haha! Switched it in for Mirror Wall. Play Dark Designator, why wait? Bring CED into his hand. Set SoE, end turn. He plays Witch, brings out CED. Pays 1000! NOOO! I play Barrel Behind the Door! He takes Yata! I pay my 1500, take it from him. Use it. Win.

Me: 8000, 6500

Him: 8000, 7000, 4300, -Yata Locked.

Haha! Isn't that funny? Using his own Yata against him! Haha! He gave me an interesting tip about the next duel. And gave me his Ax of D. for a great match. He says he has oodles of them, so I am like, What the hay! This next person plays a Water Beatdown! Scary.

David v.s. Roi de Leau [French 101: King of Water] (FINALS!)

I draw first. Hand is bad. Rising Air Current, Dark Designator, D.D. Warrior Lady, CoTH, Shadow of Eyes, and Elegant Egotist. I set D.D. Warrior Lady and CoTH. He plays A Legendary Ocean, sets one M/T. Summons Terror King Salmon. Attacks. I remove both. I draw Pot of Greed. Get Sinister and Cyber Harpy. Summon Cyber Harpy, Elegant Egotist, play Rising Air Current. And attack! He plays Gravity Bind. :’(No. His turn, he plays A Legendary Ocean, Summons Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness (SSWoD for reminder of duel). Destroys the Sisters. Sets another card. I draw Amazoness Paladin. I set her, switch Harpy to Defense. He plays Graceful Charity, discards Star Boy and Sinister. Summons a Star Boy, CoTH Star Boy. Attacks with the toy Star Boys, and then directly for 3000! I draw nothing good. End my turn. He summons another SSWoD. Attacks with his two SSWoD.

Me: 8000, 7950, 4950, 0.

Him: 8000

I have nothing to win against his deck! The next duel goes somewhat the same. Except I got Feather Duster one time and overwhelmed him after he had a cleared field. But he got me trapped again and played Toon World! Yes Toon World! Summoned three Toon Mermaids. And you know. Tha-tha-that’s all folks. So I lost in the Semi-Finals. Boo-hoo. But this story has a Happy Ending. Roi de Leau gave me his Tourney Entry Pack and I got the two ASTs. Sanctuary, Seal Master Meisei, and crap.


New location of duels.

Roi de Leau giving me his pack.

Chris and him giving me Ax.

Making it that far in a new dueling area.

KONAMI for their Female Cards! Humiliation!

Roi de Leau won the tourney!


Kids who get upset when they are losing.

Japanese Cyber Harpy, Dunamis Valkyrie, and Amazoness Chainwielder.

Bad cards in packs.

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