Thomas, atomic comics, phoenix, AZ.

Entry Fee: $3

Number of People: about 25-35

Itís a clown deck:

Monsters - 15

3x Dream Clown

2x Nimble Momonga

2x Penguin Soldier

2x Magical Hats

2x Mataza the Zapper

1x Sangan

1x Spirit Reaper

1x Cyber Jar

Spell Cards - 15

2x Messenger of Peace

2x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Pot of Greed

1x Monster Reborn

1x Raigeki

1x Dark Hole

1x Harpie's Feather Duster

1x Change of Heart

1x Graceful Charity

1x Premature Burial

1x Scapegoat

1x United We Stand

1x Swords of Revealing Light

Traps - 10

3x Gravity Bind

1x Magic Cylinder

1x Ring of Destruction

1x Mirror Force

1x Woboku

1x Imperial Order

1x Call of the Haunted

1x Zero Gravity (this thing saves me so much sometimes)


I got there about an hour late because my mom had to go to work, and the location was just down the street from her work. I walked around, did some trading:

His: IOC Ring of Destruction, Kaiser Glider

My: $5

FOOK YEAH!!! I love it when people are quitting and want to sell there cards. But that meant I had to walk it home instead of the bus, but thatís ok.

His: Injection Fairy Lilly, Spell Canceller

My: Magician of Black Chaos or somethingÖ (I forgot the name)

The Fairy was creased just a little in the corner, so he threw in a Spell Canceller.

His: Tinzo

My: Ceasefire

Not all to bad. The ceasefire was a little worn.

His: Spear Dragon, another Spell Canceller

My: Strike Ninja

I had two, so I said what the jello.

My: The End of Anubis (I pulled it THAT day, this card is great fookiní trade bait.)

His: I forgot what it was. I know it was two ultraís thoughÖ

My: Two nimbles (had one in the binder, and one in the deck, thatís why I only have two in there now)

His: Confiscation

He offered.

Also, I found a deck box full of Ultraís, Supers, and rares. I gave it to the general manager, and he said if no one claimed it Iíd get the box and cards. Welp, no one claimed it. So I walked home a happy binder kinda man.

I was dueling some kid that looked almost like me, except without glasses, and the tourney started. Tourney was single elimination , best two out of three. Not sanctioned.

Round One:

Me vs. the kid I was dueling right before it started.

I always let my opponent go first. I donít know why, just do.

Duel One:

This was a real slow duel. I got gravity bind up early, and the only removal cards in his deck was a harpies feather duster. So one of my g-binds were gone. Then he summoned Vampire Lord, with a Robbin Zombie on the field and hit me and chose trap. I discarded another g-bind. I eventually got my last g-bind out, and he couldnít do anything about it. I usually play Imperial Order on something big, and keep it up until I get a Mataza, United we stand, Scapegoat, Raigeki, Harpies Feather Duster, and a MST in my hand to finish him off in one turn.

Duel Two:

Yeah this was even slower. He didnít get his vampire lord out, so I had all my g-binds. He did manage to hit me with vampire lady a few times, he chose trap once. I used my HFD so I couldnít do my combo type thing mataza. We cleared each others field and I had Swords of Revealing Light out, but he had no monsters anyways. We were in top deck mode, his field only had a robbin zombie out and I had no monsters. He was at 1100 life points, and like I said it was a long duel, the LAST card in my deck was a dream clown. I drew it and he threw his hands up and was like ďI WIN!!!Ē and Iím like no. He actually called a judge over asking if I drew my card and it was my last card he wins. So I attacked and ended.

Round Two:

Me vs. kid with braces and HUGE teeth.

These were one of those kids that had there dad standing behind him watching everything and taking his life points and after EVERY move he asked me what I as at.

Duel One:

THIS WAS THE LONGEST F**KING MATCH OF MY LIFE. Fiber Jar was flipped 6 times during the first duel. He thought I was playing Exodia after seeing the G-bind on the bottom of my deck, so he side decked before we started the first duel. He got out Jinzo early which really screwed me over, and he kept NoCíing my Nimbles/penguin soldiers. He had like three Tribe Infecting Viruses, and kept naming warrior (dream clowns type).

Duel Two:

Yeah he got Jinzo out early again, but I got rid of it with Dark Hole and Monster Reborn it, attacked his Spear Dragon, with a United We Stand on Jinzo. This duel though, Fiber Jar only flipped four times. =D. (fast forward to the last turn)

He had about 4900 life points left, a D. D. Warrior Lady face up attack, which just attacked my WMH, which left me monster-less and one magic/trap down. My hand was premature burial. I had a coth face down and no monsters on the field. I top decked change of heart. I played it, along with premature (which brought me down to 300) I coth my Mataza the zapper, and premature on my other one 2600+1600+2600 = 6800.

Duel Three:

Time was called. BUT, right before time was called, He attacked a D. D. Warrior lady to a clown. So my life points were lower, and he won. Anus.

I stayed until 9, and no one claimed the deck box. It was mine!! I put them in my binder, and let one kid see it. He called over his friends, which called over there friends, which attracted people to my binder. It sucked butt, because it was hard to keep a watch on them with everyone shoving there deck in my face. I donít think any cards were stolen, I think.


-This is the hardest metagame tourney that I know of. You need a chaos deck to even fit in.

- all those sweet a$$ trades

- the deck box was mine = )

- all those ultraís I got

- some of the duelists that quit said there getting back into it!! I quit for two years, so I remember these guys. (they were the best in the store then) I dueled one after the tournament , and he was like ohhhhh youíre the kid with the clowns!! I remember playing next to you!!

- I got a lot of cards for the dragon deck Iím making.


- Had to walk home with two deck boxes, and Iíve only got one pocket, and a binder and my wallet.

- hairy chicks

- my girlfriend and I are fighting right now, which really got to me while dueling.

- no one had the cards I WANTED. They had the cards that were shiny, but none of them is what I wanted. (like, for example, Level Limit - Area B)

- no one had cliff the trap remover to replace with my WMH (these guys suck!)

- no one brings commons.

- when I used to go there two years ago, there were some of the best duelist there. Now thereís only a handful there, and itís been overrun with little kids and there blue eyes white dragons and burst streams of destructions.

- the first kid I played was ALWAYS looking at his deck when I was checking what my face down traps were. He was also drawing cards while I was doing this, as did other kids. I didnít call anything on him, because it was sad like.

- for some odd reason everyone brings there M:TG and Duel Monster cards to the thing. Itís a yugioh tournament, so youíd expect to see yugioh cards.

*note- for any of you that go to atomic comics near metrocenter mall, they wont hold any more tournies on Saturday. Itís been switched to Thursday, at 4:30(when it begins) but the entry fee is still the same. Mike will switch it back when it cools off out here, and will hold a grand tournament when it does.

Email me at, and if you do TRY to fix my deck, tell me why you did what you did, and donít tell me to drop my deck for some other deck. I get this a lot, and if I hear it again, Iím gonna eat someoneís face. And donít tell me to put in cards that wont work well with the clown theme/gravity binds. I KNOW don zaloog can replace WMH, but heís a level 4, so it doesnít work.