The Lighter Side of Chaos

Evan P. A.k.a. Solid Falcon

Phoenix Rising

Waterford, MI

Sunday, June 06, 2004


This is my first time going back to a tournament in 6 months. I’ve been kind of idle for a while.


I wake up at 9:30 today and realize my alarm didn’t go off. I run downstairs to ask my mom when she’s taking me to the tourney. She says she can’t today and she has to go somewhere. Here’s where I start to panic. My dad is off at my brothers’ basketball game and won’t be home until 12:40…The tourney starts at 1:00. My dad finally gets home and I rush inside the car. He drives like a maniac to try to get me there on time. I call the place and tell them I’m going to be late, they said they’ll hold off until 1:10. Lucky for me I made it on time. I realize 1:00 is just the sign up deadline, so I’ve got a few minutes to trade. I frantically look for someone who will trade me a Yata and Ring of Des. (2 Main parts of my deck that were missing, making it an entirely different deck). I didn’t find anyone willing to trade at that moment. Anyways, the first round started…Here is the deck I played with.



C.E.D. – Envoy of the End x1

Shining Angel x2

Royal Magical Library x2

Mystic Tomato x2

Magician of Faith x2

Mad Dog of Darkness x1

Berserk Gorilla x1

Skilled Dark Magician x1

Witch of the Black Forest x1

Sangan x1

Exiled Force x1

Injection Fairy Lily x1

Jinzo x1

Cyber Jar x1

Guardian Sphinx x1

Sasuke Samurai x1



Change of Heart x1

Mystical Space Typhoon x1

Premature Burial x1

Heavy Storm x1

Snatch Steal x1

Pot of Greed x1

Harpies Feather Duster x1

Dark Hole x1

Raigeki x1

Graceful Charity x1

Monster Reborn x1

Nobleman of Crossout x1



Spellbinding Circle x1

Magic Cylinder x1

Waboku x1

Imperial Order x1

Seven Tools of the Bandit x2

Mirror Force x1

Spell Shield Type 8 x1


Round One: Me vs. Eugine (A.k.a. The little snot with the big warrior deck)


Game 1 – Okay, I’ve faced this kid before…a lot…Every tournament I go to, I see him there, being a little snot. Thinking he’s better than everyone else. Well anywho…First game I can’t remember clearly. Come to think of it I don’t remember a lot of the games clearly. I remember him beating the living daylights out of me with Goblin Attack Force and D.D. Warrior Lady taking out my Sangan and Witch. He won this game. It was close though. We had a difference of LP lower than 2000, for each duel too.


Game 2 – Alright. This kid is talking smack about how much my deck sucks and how poor I am. I pummel him to death with Mad Dog of Darkness for a while. He’s still living, but barely. He’s got a lot of pressure on him right now with a small margin separating our LP. I pull just what I needed, my CED. I pummel his monster and use the effect. Eugine has a look like he just got smacked across the face.


Game 3 – He wins by 600 freaking life points. GAF…I’ve come to despise that card…


Record: 1-2


Intermission: Walk around looking for Yata and Ring some more. No luck. I find a kid with Yata, he says to wait until after the tourney and he’ll trade.


Round 2: Me vs. Heavy set guy with a D.D. and Vamp. Lord Deck


Games 1 and 2 – Not very close. I won both games using CED. He told me how much he hated CED. I laughed. This is the friend of the kid who had the Yata I wanted. His deck was really good too. I didn’t realize I still knew how to utilize my cards to the fullest, used that to a good advantage.


Record: 3-2


Intermission: Looked for more people with Yata, and still looked for Ring. Found a kid who was a regional champ come into the store selling cards. He switched to Duel Masters…Smart choice kid…Smart choice…(Sarcasm intended). Anyways he has Envoy of the Beg. and Ring. I wanted Envoy of the Beg. to try and make my Chaos deck. He said Envoy was $30. I had $15, he said he’d sell me the IOC Ring for $15, when all of a sudden the guy I just beat comes up to me and sells me the Secret Rare Ring for $10. The champ gets pretty P.O.’d. I slip Ring into my binder for after the tourney.


Round 3: Me vs. Another Heavy set guy with a 1900 Beatdown Deck


Game 1 – This guy is good. Really good. Geminis, Mad Dogs, etc. Any 1900 you can think of, he had it. He played Gemini first turn. I Harpies his face down trap he had set. Dark Hole…It was a setup for me to waste my HFD. I CoH’d his Gemini and played Lily, he paid for making me waste my Harpies. He set a monster face down. I Raigeki, play Mad Dog, and smash him for the win.


Game 2 – This game is a blur. All I can remember is beating him using CEDs effect. He had 2600 left; we had 10 cards all together. He takes 3000 and I win.


Record: 5-2


Intermission: I bought some pizza. The cheese was burnt pretty bad, but it still tasted pretty darn good.


Round 4: Me vs. Little kid with D.D. deck


Game 1 – Close game. Stupid D.D.s removed my Witch and Sangan; otherwise Injection would have ripped the field apart. Lost this one.


Game 2 – I didn’t even need Envoy this time. I tore this kid apart with Injection, Mad Dog, Berserk G. and CoH’d his D.D. Warrior Lady. Won this one easily.


Game 3 – This kid put his whole side deck in for some cards. He comes out strong ripping my hand to shreds with Donny Z. Don continues to tear me apart until I’m dead. I lost this one and my chance in the Top 8 finals.


Record: 6-4


After the tourney I go to the kid with Yata. He now says he won’t trade it…The nerve of him…So I sit down and am going through my cards thinking of improving my deck somehow. All of a sudden a lil’ kid in a yellow shirt says to me “You wanted Yata right?” I say “Yeah.” He shows the Yata he just got from the jerk who wouldn’t trade it to me. I trade Dark Balter, United We Stand, Tyrant Dragon and some other crap for it. I got Yata and pulled out my Sasuke and put it in. Oh and I replaced my Spellbinding with Ring of Des. So now I got the cards I wanted…Except now I don’t just want The End, I want The Beginning. So I go in search of BLS. I find a kid with one; he made it to the finals too. Now I really got ripped on this trade but I don’t care, I wanted BLS badly. I traded my DDS Exodia Head, 1st Edition Spell Steal (Forgot the exact name), and $5. Next week I’m going for DM of Chaos, my Chaos deck is looking good right now, hopefully it’ll do well next week.



-Making it just in time

-Getting Yata, BLS and Ring

-My dad for driving as fast as he does

-Ticking Eugine off for getting the Yata and BLS before he could

-Being able to play well coming off of a 6 month break

-CED for being there when I needed for the most part

-People laughing at Eugine when he claimed I cheated since the duels were so close



-Not making the top 8

-Getting crappy Shurikens in the pack I won and bought

-Not getting DM of Chaos

-CED not being there when I needed him (Think of it as a Like/Hate thing)


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