Deck Name: The Arena of Lost Souls
"The return of the Ectoplasmic Fortification Zombie Deck"
Theme: Zombies
Name: Richard Day
Date: 6-19-04 (Saturday)
Time: 12:00-3:00
Entered: 16
Store: All About Sports
Location: Winston-Salem, NC
Entrance Fee: $7.00 (LOD or TP4)
Tournament Style: Swiss Gameplay

I have won 1st Place last week and I'm hoping that I can do it again with my Zombie Deck.  About 2 days after last weeks tourney, I went to my friends house (Zach) and I introduce him the Scientist/Catapult Deck.  He was amazed that its very fast and fun to play with.  Sometimes it can be game on the first turn.  So he decided to use that deck.  I told him if you do, you will have to pay me to enter and share 1 pack of AST if he wins (since he is using my DMoC and Fusions).  So we agreed and thats how I'm ended up with my Zombie Deck again.

I did a few changes but not nearly anything like last week.

-Remember, Ancient Sanctuary isn’t tournament legal until July 1st, so I couldn’t use cards like Vampire Lady, Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower, and Double Coston-

Monsters :16:
01 .:. Jinzo
02 .:. Vampire Lord
03 .:. Despair from the Dark
04 .:. Ryu Kokki
05 .:. Ryu Kokki
06 .:. Patrician of Darkness
07 .:. Spirit Reaper
08 .:. Spirit Reaper
09 .:. Pyramid Turtle  
10 .:. Pyramid Turtle
11 .:. Pyramid Turtle
12 .:. Breaker the Magical Warrior
13 .:. Magical Scientist
14 .:. Sangan
15 .:. Witch of the Black Forest
16 .:. Tribe Infecting Virus

Spells :19:
01 .:. Pot of Greed
02 .:. Graceful Charity
03 .:. Mirage of Nightmare
04 .:. Monster Reborn
05 .:. Snatch Steal
06 .:. Change of Heart
07 .:. Raigeki
08 .:. Dark Hole
09 .:. Harpie's Feather Duster
10 .:. Heavy Storm
11 .:. Mystical Space Typhoon
12 .:. Mystical Space Typhoon
13 .:. Mystical Space Typhoon
14 .:. Painful Choice
15 .:. Call of the Mummy
16 .:. Call of the Mummy
17 .:. Book of Life
18 .:. Book of Life
19 .:. Book of Life

Trap :5:
01 .:. Call of the Haunted
02 .:. Waboku
03 .:. Mirror Force
04 .:. Imperial Order
05 .:. Ring of Destruction
:40 in deck:

Our Tournament Judge is there, so it is time for a Swiss Tournament.

Swiss Tournament Match #1
[Me V.S. Matt]
Win Ratio: 0:0

~1st Round~
He played HD Spells like Confiscation and stuff and wasted my hand.  I couldn't fight back since my hand blew and you kept wiping out my hands to attack him with.  So it didn't last long for me.

~2nd Round~
I somehow came back.  He played Delinquent Duo and just in luck that Despair was in my hand.  So he discard my other card and I discared my Despair, which brings him out on the field.  My despair then, took the win for me at the very end.

~3rd Round~
I have taken no damage at all.  Soon it got 7300, then 6300 for which he played Confiscation.  Then I blast him with Patician with Scientist next to him so that way they won't attack Scientist thanks to Patician's effect so Matt now has 4300.  Then I sac both of them for Despair and Book of Life my other monster to attack for game.
Swiss Tournament Match #2
[Me V.S. Chris Conlan
Win Ratio: 1:0

~1st Round~
He is running a XYZ deck with Envoys.  So everything went well I guess.  Somehow, one of us ringed the monster and we both have 5800 LPs, he had Tribe on the field and ended.  Then I summoned Pyramid Turtle and attack to lose 200 LPs for a small price to bring out V. Lord.  Soon, he couldn't get rid of my V. Lord so it was game.

~2nd Round~
It went pretty close.  We were both top-decking and I somehow won.  I don't remember this duel clearly.
Swiss Tournament #3
[Me V.S. Stan] (Been waiting a long time for this...)
Win Ratio: 2:0

~1st Round~
Well was he prepare to face the mighty Zombie Deck?  Well lets see if he has guts to face me.  Well I drew a crappy hand first.  Then he CoH my monster and brought out his BLS and attack me for game.  He only had 2700 LPs and I almost had him.

~2nd Round~
Crap what happened?  I thought I was going to lose?  No way, he had 9000 LPs thanks to Snatch Steal and I had a ugly 2200 on my shoulders.  I thought this was it but no, I stayed focus.  I played Painful Choice and I think he let me kept something.  Then I top-decked a Book of Life to bring my Despair and attacked. Stan top-decked a Raigeki and end.  Then for some reason, I top-decked "another" Book of Life and brought out Despair and attacked for game.

~3rd Round~
Do I need to say more?  We both were at 2000 LPs left.  I won, but I don't remember how I beat him.  Looks like I broke his record to 2:1 while I got the 3:0
Swiss Tournament #4
[Me V.S. Zach] (Oh crap)
Win Ratio: 3:0

Well I've been hearly alot of things about Zach lately.  About it only took 5 sec. when he started and it was game.  So I hope his luck ran out.

~1st Round~
We rolled the dice and he went first.  He played Reasoning and I said 5.  Of course, it was Catapult so bye-bye Catapult.  Then he Premature Burial the Catapult and summon Scientist for game.  

~2nd Round~
This time, I went first.  I set Waboku and Spirit Reaper and end.  Then he played Painful Choice and brought out 3 DMoC, Catapult, and Gila.  I let him keep DMoC.  Then he played Monster Reborn to get DMoC, then he got Monster Reborn back from DMoC and played it again!  So thats 2 DMoC I have to deal with.  Oh wait a min... He then Monster Reborn Catapult and played Reload.  Then he got so lucky and summoned Scientist for game.  What the heck?!  I told the judge how long that took, and he said only 5 mintutes.  Geeezz
Swiss Tournament #5 (Final)
[Me V.S. Josh]
Win Ratio: 3:1

~1st Round~
This was awful.  I went first but I drew a terrible hand, Josh was surprised when I said that I end my turn.  He first played Confiscation and checked my hand and took out a card for me.  Then set f/d s/t and end.  Again, I drew a crappy hand so I end.  Then he did the same thing and end. Then for some luck, I drew Painful Choice and then Book of Life, Premature, CoH and summoned and attacked dealing more than 7000 damage.

~2nd Round~
I can't remember but I couldn't get though to attack him.  The only damage he took was Premature Burial and thats it.  So I lost that one

~3rd Round~
Crap, he got me good again.  So he won that one.
1st Place: Zach
2nd Place: Josh
3rd Place: Stan
4th Place: Richard

1) Traded Fiber Jar, United We Stand, Diffusion Wave Motion, and Mudora for Enemy Controller!
2) For Zach to win 1st Place.
3) Traded my some of my Fusions to get my 3rd DMoC today.

1) Crap, I came 4th.
2) Did not get my Des Counterblow back from Jason, but I don't give a.....

Better luck next time for me I guess. If you want to contact me online or send a E-mail to me, its