Subject: yu gi oh deck
SUBJECT:Skull Archfiends Deck Destruction-Luis Valadez,Sioux City, Iowa

Skull Archfiends Deck Destruction
Luis Valadez
Acme Comics and Collectibles
Sioux City, Iowa
June.7, 2004

A total of 8 people participated in this tournament

First off, the deck:

Mad Dog of Darkness(1900 atk)
Archfiend Soldier(1900 atk)

Skull Archfiend of Lightning-1
Cyber Jar-1
Magician of Faith-1
Spear Dragon-1
Giant Orc---2
Don Zaloog-1(Deck Destructor)
Tribe Infecting Virus-1
Spirit Reaper-1(Deck Destructor)
Witch Of The Black Forest-1
Penguin Soldier-1
Gravekeeper's Guard---2
D.D. Warrior Lady-1
Beserk Gorilla-1
Man-Eater Bug-1

Delinquent Duo-1(Deck Destructor)
Confiscation-1(Deck Destructor)
Giant Trunade---3
Swords of Revealing Light-1
United We Stand-1
Premature Burial-1
Harpies Feather Duster-1
Noblemen of Crossout---2
Graceful Chaity-1
Pot of Greed-1
The forceful Sentry-1(Deck Destructor)
Monster Reborn-1
Dark Hole-1
Change of Heart-1

Drop Off-1(Deck Destructor)
Imperial Order-1
Sakuretsu Armor-1
Magic Cylinder-1
Mirror Force-1
Ring of Destruction-1
Torrential Tribute-1

Total of 47 cards

round 1 Luis versus boby
He went first and he set a monster and then it was my turn and i used a grace ful charity and i drew 3 cards and i discarded skull archfiend of lightning and jinzo. then i used raigeki and i monster reborned jinzo and skull archfiend with premature burial then i summoned drillago and used united we stand and i attacked with all and i won.

round2 Luis versus paul

I gave drillago a lot of attack with united we stand while having 4 monsters on my side of the field and i attacked his lifepoints twice with one jinzo on his side of the field.

round 3 Luis versus steven

first turn he drew Exodia and he won.

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