Zombies From Beyond The Grave

RegnR8's Tournament Report for May 30, 2004

Newnan Sports Cards
Newnan, Ga
4 packs for 1st
3 packs for 2nd
2 packs for 3rd
Had about 32 people there this week. A good crowd.

We got to the store about an hour and a half early. We said 'wassup' to the regulars and started trading, tweaking decks and getting in some practice duels.

I wasn't sure which deck I was going to use this week. I hadn't won the tournament in a while because I've been experimenting with different decks. I had a friend of mine choose which deck to play with today. I offered him 4 deck boxes. He "eeny-meeny-miney-moed" my Fairy, Panda and Beatdown deck out of contention. He picked my Zombie deck. It's a proven tournament winner, and yet, it's something out of the ordinary. Good choice. My friend hates it because he runs Hand Control and he has never beaten this deck in tournament play.

Anyway, here's the deck:

x1 Vampire Lord
x1 Patrician of Darkness
x1 Despair From the Dark
x1 Ryu Kokki
x3 Pyramid Turtle
x3 Spirit Reaper
x1 Magical Scientist
x1 WotBF
x1 Sangan
x1 Kycoo
x1 TIV
x1 Fiber Jar
x1 Yata-Garasu

x1 Dark Hole
x1 Raigeki
x1 Creature Swap
x1 Snatch Steal
x1 Change of Heart
x1 Harpie's Feather Duster
x3 MST
x1 PoG
x1 Graceful Charity
x1 Painful Choice
x2 Call of the Mummy
x1 Monster Reborn
x1 Premature Burial
x2 Book of Life

x1 Call of the Haunted
x1 Imperial Order
x3 Waboku

x1 Despair From the Dark
x1 Ryu Kokki
x3 Fear From the Dark
x1 Mystic Tomato
x1 Cyber Jar
x1 Kycoo
x1 Creature Swap
x1 Card of Safe Return
x1 Nobleman of Crossout
x1 Heavy Storm
x2 Fissure
x1 Book of Life

The usual


Zombies VS A Whole Bunch of Stuff Thrown Together Deck

I got paired up with a small kid. The judge will sometimes pair me up with beginners to play teaching games with them. I don't mind. I actually enjoy it. I like to help younger players. They are the future of the game.

This kid was 6 1/2 years old. I am 43.

Game 1

He spreads out his official Yugioh play mat and sets his deck down. His deck is in brand new, shiny sleeves. I guess it's running at about 80 to 90 cards. He begins by playing trap cards from his hand. I explained to him about having to have the card set for a turn before he can activate it, etc., etc. Well, I could have Yata locked him on the third turn, but I didn't, and played the game out as long as I could, showing him how to play. He knew some of the mechanics, but was really inexperienced. This was his first tournament and I wanted to encourage him.

Game 2

Unfortunately, his older brother came up during the second duel. He started telling his brother how to play and talking junk. My daughter had mercilessly slaughtered him in the first round. She always totally kills kid's that are smart mouthed to her, and who act all superior because she is 12 and a girl. Hee. Hee. Good for her. She told me he was telling her he was going to teach her this "combo" and how it was going to be "over" for her and crap like a lot of egotistical testosterone filled geek boys tend to tell her, until they get crushed by a Tryant Dragon, CED and BEWD in one turn. Ahhh, I sure love it when she puts boys in their place. :)

I digress...The kid's deck started sliding off the table with half his cards spilling onto the floor. The kid kept setting 2000DEF monsters and I kept attacking them with Pyramid Turtles and the Witch and stuff, so I was killing myself while he was doing nothing. He actually tributed for Blue Eyes once and didn't attack.

When I attacked a set Ceremonial Bell with my Sangan I about fell out of my chair.

To top it all off, his mom was watching the duel. The pressure was on!

The aggravating thing about decks and players like this is, you know you are going to win, but it's taking forever to do it. He used cards like, Graceful Dice and Robbin' Zombies, Rush Recklessly and Warrior Dai Grepher. He erroneously played Thunder of Ruler in my main phase and did more stuff like that the whole duel.

He carefully looked at, and slowly read, every single card he drew. His deck continued to slide around, cascading across the table in a jumbled mass of new sleeves. He kept trying to play trap cards from his hand, even after I had explained how trap cards worked at least three times. I was losing my patience because his brother kept telling him how to play. I told his brother he was doing fine and to let him play his own duels. (He lost to a 12 year old girl, anyway so, he needed to shut up. Ha. Ha.)

About 40 minutes later, I finally manage to end the match with a win.

Afterwards, I helped him fix his deck. Out of all the cards he had, there was a somewhat predominate dragon theme running through it, so we went with that angle. I gave him a a couple of Lord of D., Flutes and Waboku to help him out. We cut the deck down to 40 cards. I told him to try it like that and if he didn't like it, he could do whatever he wanted to it. I talked to his mom a little bit. She was really appreciative.



Zombies VS Equip Beatdown

I hate decks like this. No brainer beatdown. Throw any monster on the field and equip it with an Axe, more than one if you can, Mage Power and UWS. This crap ticks me off. Not only that, this kid's attitude rubbed me the wrong way. First off, he accused me of goofing off for 40 minutes and making him wait on me. Second, he reached across the table a took one of my calculators. I told him to keep his hands to himself. He said he wanted to keep track of his life points with my calculator. I told him I like to keep track of both players LP and he asked, "Why? So you can cheat?" I wanted to whomp him upside his little smarty pants head! I told him if he wanted to keep track of his life points, he should bring his own calculator. He said he was too poor to have one.

This kid is 10 years old and trash talking me!?!

Game 1

I set a Spirit Reaper on my first turn. He playes Raigeki and ends his turn without doing anything. What the? I summon another Spirit Reaper and attack, taking a Magician of Faith from his hand.

Next turn, he does it! He summons a Mad Dog of Darkness, lays down three MT cards and equips the Mad Dog with Mage Power and hits my Spirit Reaper.

Ohhh, he is going to get it next turn so bad, it'll make his head spin.

I can see he's feeling pretty cocky but doesn't know what's coming. He's nearly emptied his whole hand, just like nearly every other equip beatdown player tends to do with Mage Power. They get all excited, and don't even think about how bad a situation that can be, especially against a Hand Control or Zombie deck.

I'm at 4400LP and he's at 7700LP.

This is so sweet. On my turn, I activate Harpie's Feather Duster, getting rid of his Mage Power, Harpie's, Delinquent Duo and something else I don't remember. I Snatch Steal his Mad Dog, tribute it and my Spirit Reaper for a Despair From the Dark, Book of Life my Spirit Reaper, remove his Mad Dog from play and attack, taking a card out of his hand. It's a Giant Orc. What a surprise. He's top decking and can't do anything from that point on and I obliterate him. Stupid equip decks. Serves him right for being so smug.

Game 2

This one went in his favor. I had to pay for TER with the Scientist, just to get rid of a TIV equipped with an Axe (that is so LAME). Then all I drew were tribute monsters for a few turns and I couldn't get anything on the field.

Game 3

I side decked out a Call of the Mummy, a Book of Life and Creature Swap for 2 Fissure and Heavy Storm. More monster and MT removal.

The only damage we had was when he activated Ring of Destruction on my Despair From the Dark. A Dark Hole here and a Raigeki there, we were both top decking. Finally, I Book of Life'd my Despair From the Dark back and attacked his face down Penguin Soldier. He chose not to return the Despair to my hand. I knew he probably had Change of Heart or Snatch Steal, that's why he wanted to keep my Despair on the field. I had nothing in my MT zone, so I thought he was probably going to  win. I did NOT want to lose to this punk and his cheesy deck.

I was right. He activated Change of Heart and attacked me. He then set the only MT card he had and ended his turn.

I was at 800LP and he was at 2000LP. Hopefully I'll draw a MST.

I drew a Pyramid Turtle.

If I was going to lose, I was going to go out fighting. I thought his set MT card was probably Magic Cylinder or Mirror Force, since most equip decks use both.

I attack with the Turtle. He doesn't responed. I attack with Despair. No response.

I win. His face down card was a totally USELESS Mage Power. The Zombies relish that victory!



Zombies VS Burn Deck

I had to duel my friend Mike in this round. He, the judge, myself and several other people have been working on his deck for a couple of weeks. It is surprisingly fast and deadly. It can really mess you up. The key to his deck is Ojama Trio and Lava Golem. His secondary major burn card is Secret Barrel, which I know from my own Gyku-Gire Panda deck, can be extremely effective. Earlier in the day, I dueled Mike with my Panda deck and drew 3 Secret Barrel, handing him 6000LP damage in one turn. Oof!

Game 1

This wasn't even funny. He totally burnt me up. He stalled with Spirit Reapers while his M/T cards quickly burn my life away.

I side decked out 2 of my Waboku (he doesn't attack with the deck) and a Book of Life and put in my Nobleman of Crossout and 2 Fissure to get rid of the Spirit Reapers and Stealth Birds or any other card he may set. I'm wishing I had another Nobleman in my side deck now.

Game 2

More hilarity. I play very conservatively, trying to keep only one monster on my side of the field so he can't throw the Lava Golem at me. The Fissure comes in handy, killing off a Spirit Reaper, but he manages to activate Ojama Trio and uses the tokens to special summon Lava Golem to my side of the field. A special summon is not considered a tribute summon, so he can use the Ojama Tokens.

He manages to get another Spirit Reaper out and I can't get it off the field. I'm not drawing the cards I need to remove it.

I finally manage to tribute the Lava Golem for a Ryu Kokki, but by then, I'd already taken a couple of thousand LP damage from it and he still has that stupid Spirit Reaper on his side of the field. He burns the last bit of my LP away with an Ookazi. I lose. I give him his props because that burn deck is really running on all cylinders now! I want him to win the tournament!

Mike goes on to be eliminated in the semi-finals to a hand control deck which just picked him apart. Oh well. There's always next week, right?

That was that! We hung out, dueled and traded, till early evening. I got a second Last Turn and am probably going to try to build a Last Turn deck. We ate dinner at McDonald's and headed home, ready to face the week ahead and anticipating next week's tournaments!

Hope this past weekend found you all winners!

Keep dueling!