RegnR8's Pandas Strike Back - Newnan Sports Cards, Ga - June 19, 2004
Newnan Sports Cards
Free to play
4 packs for 1st
3 packs for 2nd
There were maybe 30 or so people this week. Smaller crowd than normal. People must be on vacation. There weren't enough people for a third place finish.
We got to the store in time to do some trading. No spectacular trades that I can recall. A couple of people wanted to playin the tournament but, didn't have a deck. I let one person play with my beatdown and another person play with my zombie deck.
Once again, I decide to give the Panda's a try.
x3 Gyaku-Gire Panda
x3 Spear Dragon
x3 Enraged Battle Ox
x2 Berserk Gorilla
x2 Dark Driceratops
x1 WotBF
x1 Sangan
x1 Fiber Jar
x1 Magical Scientist
x1 Jinzo
x1 Graceful Charity
x1 Pot of Greed
x1 Monster Reborn
x1 Harpie's Feather Duster
x3 Mystical Space Typhoon
x1 Dark Hole
x1 Raigeki
x1 United We Stand
x2 Scapegoat
x1 Imperial Order
x3 Ojama Trio
x3 Waboku
x3 Secret Barrel
x1 Creature Swap
x1 Ceasefire
x1 Call of the Haunted
x1 Heavy Storm
x1 Berserk Gorilla
x2 The Fiend Megacyber
x3 Nimble Momonga
x3 Book of Moon
x2 Nobleman of Crossout
The usual bad guys
If you read my other tournament report for today, you know I replaced all my Nimble Momonga with Spear Dragon to give the deck a little extra punch. If you didn't read my other tournament report for today, you know that now. Ha. Go read it.
Pandas VS A Jumbled Mess of Stuff I Couldn't Figure Out What Was Going On
I had never played this person before so, I had no idea what to expect. He was older, maybe in his early to mid 20's, I wasn't really sure how old he was.
He won the die roll and chose to go first. He set a monster and ended his turn.
I summon Berserk Gorilla and attack his face down Mask of Darkness. He doesn't even have a trap card in his graveyard. He must not have another monster in his hand.  I set Ojama Trio and end my turn.
He activates Dark Hole and sets another monster. I activate the Ojama Trio.
I draw a Panda. It's at 2800ATK and I attack his face down card. It's a Man Eater Bug. He takes 2200LP damage but my Panda gets eaten.
He sets ANOTHER monster face down and ends his turn. I'm not liking this because so far, his deck looks like it's designed to stall for something, but he hasn't shown me enough cards to figure out what he's stalling for. He hasn't set one M/T card the whole duel.
I set Fiber Jar and another Ojama Trio as a bluff.
He sets his 4th face down monster of the duel!
I flip Fiber Jar and get a Panda, 2 Scapegoat, Harpie's Feather Duster and a MST, nothing really useful for a good, heavy attack.
I summon the Panda, attack him for a whoopingly humongous 800LP, set the MST and end my turn.
He sets his fifth monster. This is now offically beginning to annoy me. He activates SoRL and I chain with my MST. Poof.
I attack his f/d card with the Panda. Giant Soldier of Stone. Oh brother. What the heck is up with this guy's deck!?! I summon a Spear Dragon and end my turn.
He sets his sixth monster. He has not summoned one monster in face up attack position the entire duel and it's really aggravating.
I attack his face down card with the Spear Dragon. It's another Man Eater Bug. Crap! What is he trying to do?! This duel is practically boring me to death. I hate decks that do nothing but get rid of my monsters and annoy me.
The only damage he did was when he played Card Destruction and Monster Reborned a Red Eyes (whatever) and attacked my Panda. I promptly Dark Holed, summoned an Enraged Battle Ox and attacked.
Guess what he did on his next turn? You'll never guess. Go on, guess. Give up? He SET another monster. I know it's hard to believe, but it's true!
I tributed my Ox for a Dark Driceratops and Monster Reborn'd his Red Eyes. I attacked his set Manju of the Thousand Hands (?) with the Driceratops and followed it up with an attack from his own Red Eyes for the kill. I hate getting killed by one of my own monsters, but it's always a good chuckle when you kill somebody else with theirs, isn't it?
He chose to go first and unbelievably SET a monster! Here we go again!
I set Fiber Jar, 2 Secret Barrel and a Scapegoat.
He MST's my Scapegoat, which I activate, along with both Secret Barrel on his turn for 2400LP damage. That's sweet.
He sets a monster. Grrrr!!!!
I Fiber flip and get nothing really useful. I set an Ojama Trio and activate it on his next turn. Then it becomes painfully obvious that this guy really doesn't know what he's doing when he activates Reverse Trap in response to my Ojama Trio.
Later, he tributes a set Gemini Elf (what's up with that!?) for a Summoned Skull. I activate Scapegoat.
Next turn, I draw a Panda, equip it with United We Stand, jack the Panda's attack to 6800, and smack his silly Summoned Skull upside the head for the win!
RECORD 1 - 0
Panda VS Burn
Oh. Last week, I had a lot of trouble with a burn deck and lost in the second round. Deja Vu. Except this week, I face a different person with a different type of burn deck.
He chose to go first and hit me right off the bat with 2 Poision of the Old Man. He sets a monster and a couple of M/T cards and ends his turn.
I draw 2 Dark Driceratops (that sucks), Enraged Battle Ox, and Harpie's Feather Duster, then pick up a Secret Barrel. I activate Harpie's, which he Magic Jammer's. I attack his WotBF with my Battle Ox and end my turn. I forgot what he got with the Witch. It doesn't matter.
He sets a monster, activates Toll and ends his turn.
I tribute my Ox for a Dark Driceratops and he activates Nightmare Wheel. Here's where drawing the 2 Dark Driceratops proved to be a good thing. Soon, I drew a Monster Reborn. I tributed the Dark Driceratops that couldn't attack, for the Dark Driceratops that can attack, Monster Reborn'd the one I had just used as a tribute and attacked. He activated Negate Attack. NO!!!!
It didn't matter because he couldn't get rid of the 2 Dark Driceratops. Even though I kept paying a little here and there because of his Toll and Chain Energy on the field, I was doing more damage to him faster than he was doing to me.
This game was going along pretty much as the first. I felt I was in control the whole time. I was ahead with a good bit of LP when all of a sudden I saw Lava Golem on my side of the field with a Mask of the Accursed stuck on him!! I couldn't get rid of it and I was starting to panic! I was getting hammered for 1500LP damage each turn and if I didn't draw a tribute monster or an MST to slow the bleeding, I was a dead Panda!
I think I lost 4500LP when I finally drew a Dark Driceratops to get rid of the Lava Golem and that was pretty much the turning point.
RECORD 2 - 0
Panda VS Hand Control
This is going to be a challenge for sure. Joseph's hand control deck is one of the best one's I've ever faced. He's won the tournament with it several times and placed 12th in a Regional Event with it. It is a force to be reckoned with. The Panda's are up to the challenge! If I  win, I will consider it a major upset and officially declare the Panda deck as tournament worthy.
He won the die roll and chose to go first. He must have had a horrible hand because he set 1 M/T card and ended his turn.
I activate Graceful Charity, discard a Dark Driceratops and Monster Reborn it and attack. No response. I set a Waboku and end my turn.
He activates Heavy Storm and sets a monster.
I Raigeki his WotBF and he gets Exiled Force. I attack him again with the Dark Driceratops.
He Exiled Force'd my Dark Driceratops, but it was too little too late.
I had a set Sangan and a set WotBF when I activated Ojama Trio. He attacked both WotBF and Sangan. I got a Panda with one and Fiber Jar with the other.  I summoned the Panda and he conceded.
It was 6600 - 6000 in my favor when I managed to get a Panda on the field with a UWS and a previously activated Scapegoat.
One Raigeki and Yata-Garasu later and I'm locked.
This was really wierd.
I go first and set Ojama Trio, Secret Barrel and summon a Panda. I activate the Ojama Trio and he activates Harpie's and I chain with the Secret Barrel. He attacks my Panda with a WotBF, taking 1200LP damage. He gets Vampire Lord with WotBF and ends his turn. Hmmmm.. What's he up to? He Snatch Steal's my Panda and tributes it for Vampire Lord the next turn. That's what he was up to!
I summon Magical Scientist and bring out a Dark Flare Knight to attack his Vampire Lord.
He Monster Reborn's his Vampire Lord! Go away! I activate Waboku to his attack. Whew. I have a Panda on the field but it isn't strong enough to take out anything yet. The Waboku saved me for a turn.
I tribute my Panda for a Dark Driceratops and bring out Ryu Senshi with the Scientist's effect. I negate his Waboku when he activates it in response to my attack.
Once again, he manages to Exiled Force my Dark Driceratops, but a Scapegoat saved me from taking any LP damage.
I draw a Dark Hole, play it and then summon a Berserk Gorilla for the win.
After the duel Joseph realizes he should have actived the Waboku as soon as I summoned the Magical Scientist. Oh well. Hindsight is 20/20.
RECORD 3 - 0
The Pandas are on a roll today! I've made it to the semi-finals!
Panda VS Beatdown
Brandon has a really nice beatdown deck. Last time I checked it was at 43 to 45 cards. That's a little big for me, but it works really well for him. He use to run a lot of equips in it, but he's gone towards more tech cards like Book of Moon, Kuriboh, Sasuke Samurai and other stuff. It works a lot better for him. He's been winning the tournament a lot lately.
Oh my goodness. This was the longest duel of the day. I think there must have been 5 Fiber Jar flips. Every time I thought I had him, he'd toss out a Kuriboh or activate a Waboku.
Late in the game he ended up with a Spirit Reaper on the field, but I ended up drawing a couple of Spear Dragon and finally pummeled him for the win.
This game wasn't going as well as the first. He quickly beat me down to 3800. Then he use Change of Heart on a Spear Dragon, summoned a Skilled Dark Magician and attacked me for 3800. Dead.
Well, it was my turn to get hit with the Spear Dragon this time. I had Scapegoat tokens on the field and he Monster Reborn'd one of my Spear Dragon, summoned his own Spear Dragon and started hammering away!
I was down to 400LP when I started to make a comeback. I hit a face down Sasuke with my Spear Dragon and that was a clue to tell me he was in trouble! Suddenly, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel! Then I attacked the next face down card he set, it was a Fiber Jar! No!!! I managed to get him down from 8000 to 3600 while I was still at 400LP! That was a feat in itself! I drew Harpie's, Panda, Spear Dragon, Secret Barrel and Waboku with the Fiber flip. I hadn't summoned on that turn, so I summoned a Spear Dragon and set a Waboku and Secret Barrel. I still have a chance to win. The Waboku is going to save me for the next turn.
He draws and I hit him with a Secret Barrel for 1200LP damage and that put him at 2400LP. He activates Dark Hole and summons a GAF and attacks. I activate the Waboku. He sets 1 M/T card and ends his turn. Yes! I'm going to Feather Duster whatever he has set! If I draw a Spear Dragon and that's not a Waboku, I will win and go into the Finals!
I draw and it's a Spear Dragon!!! Hot dog!! What?!! Wait?!! NO!!!! He activates Ring of Destruction on his GAF killing me and taking him down to 100LP!!!
Man, that was great! I congratulate him on his win and we are both relieved the match is over because he was worried he was going to lose and I thought he was, too!!! Ha! Brandon goes on to win the tournament but he faces a great deck in the finals!
All in all it was a great day for the Panda deck. I was extremely happy how the deck performed with the Spear Dragon in place of the Nimble Momonga. Next week, I think I will not make any changes to it at all unless I decide to go with 3 Gorillas and 2 Enraged Battle Ox, or 3 Enraged Battle Ox, 3 Gorillas and 2 Spear Dragon. Decisions, decisions.
By the way. Do you remember at the begining of the report, I loaned my zombie deck to someone to use during the tournament? The zombie deck came in second place. So, I sort of came in second place.
Go Pandas! Go zombies!
Until next week, may all your duels be victorious!!!
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